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At the end of a Tier 2 scenario, I picked an Ally 2 for my Tier 1 character. Nothing in the guide disallow this (this section is on page 10), but page 8 indicates “A character can never begin a scenario with any card that has an adventure deck number higher than her tier.”

What am I supposed to do:
- remove the Ally 2 from my deck while the character is still Tier 1?
- or there is a missing indication that you can not select an upgrade higher than your tier? in that case, how do I fix my character?

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You can always pick a lower card than the upgrade's AD ("...choose a card from your Class Deck box of the same type with an adventure deck number no higher than that of the chosen card.", also from p. 10) so when your Tier is lower you should pick a legal card. In this case, you should pick an AD 1 or B card to add to your deck instead of an AD 2.

You're correct; there's nothing saying you can't select an upgrade higher than your tier. But since you can't start a scenario with a card of a higher AD# than your tier, I would imagine you'd treat any as banished and replace them as per the Hierarchy (which is the fix, unless you can take back your choice, such as if you haven't started another scenario yet).

It's probably an oversight in the Card Guild Guide - not the only one - but it's reasonably well-defined.

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