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posts a question asking if popcorn is tier one

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thegreenteagamer wrote:
Are you trolling if you feed the trolls to see them counter-troll?

I recommend throwing an alignment question or three at him

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Brings up conversation on how wonderful faceplace is and...Oh wait wrong thread

Tells posters to man up or go home and write a story if you can't beat pathfinder

Calls out these corn arguments a classic example of an omars hatchet fallacy/discrepancy/arguement

Tom Carpenter wrote:
Has completely civil off topic discussion with posters who otherwise disagree on OP's post.

Rage response to a seven year old post

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Takes argument way too far calls posters homophobic racist commies

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Tequila Sunrise wrote:
Aranna wrote:

Idiot drivers... they totaled my Cavalier and my Neon.

There ARE countries which require far more rigorous driver training, more akin to the sort of training NobodysHome and I received. ALL countries should require such training.


You can have my gun when you pull it out of my cold dead tentacle

Feeds the fire with political diatribe

Hi Everyone, my mean DM had my paladin fall. I got magic jarred into a simulacrum of myself(Im a Paladin) and then I killed a bunch of goblin babies. It don't see anything wrong with this, I mean it wasn't me, it was just something that looked like me

Flamewar wrote:
Starts out post with "I know this can be touchy subject"...

Bumps thread every 20 minutes using a different alias.

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Points out obvious the fact that the past three posters are necro'ing a thread in a condescending manner.

Lesson 33; Trolls are a myth trust me

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Runs off to thread drooling in anticipation

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NobodysHome wrote:
Aniuś the Talewise wrote:
Cite the Most Important Rule at them

You really do want the internet to explode, don't you? :-P

I've seen it cited, and usually within 24 hours the thread is locked due to the hostility that ensues. I honestly want the OP to have fun, so I'm bowing out of the conversation rather than trying to argue.

Yeah, I'm a terrible, terrible troll. I just live in my dark, cold cave and am nice to people and feed them.

Must be a misbreed.

I live in my moms basement with nothing but a bare lightbulb to keep me warm...oh and hot pockets

Bumps thread, snickers and runs away

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Can we start crushing the unchained rogue yet?

How bout the fighter...and monk too also

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Can we start crushing the unchained rogue yet?

Angry rant directed at the IT team at paizo about constant problems with the site. Claims he could do the job more betterer

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Asks controversial question about RL politics on a fantasy game site.

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Accuses posters of being licorice lovers

Calls comic book readers losergeeks.

Is happy everyone is arguing, continues eating paste.

Message board troll wrote:
Farts in your general direction.

Replies to the wrong poster

Tells poster that he must ride the small bus to school as his rules knowledge is lacking.

Demands posters refocus on his question as it's much more important than OP's question

Thinly veiled racial slur

Blatant threadjack

Asks if you could put 2 online posters on a island to argue for eternity, who would they be?

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Easily Combustible Strawman wrote:
Is it safe?

Of course it's safe, come on in

Rambling post about how a small brewery that gets too large is not a microbrewery anymore and loses all credibility cites Sam Adams and Sierra Nevada as examples.....Oh sorry wrong thread

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Damn you to hell Freehold.

Disclaimer: You know I love pathfinder but..

Starts a rules bloat/sky is falling rant

Adds more tinder to the fire, Claims Simon rides the short bus to school.

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Demands that the old PFS icons are returned immediately...Does not play PFS

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Balance arguement that degenerates into a caster v martial disparity hate filled rant.


Points out mistake as if no one noticed in an effort to boost self esteem and ends with rude comment

Redonkulious "Devils Advocate" argument

Saruman the Wise wrote:

Polite response to previous post recognising poster as long-lost brother, last seen falling into a vat of scrumpy thirty years earlier. Filial salutations and cheerful remarks congratulating said poster on the size of his bank-balance these days.

Head explodes...spectaculary

Cruel reply calling previous poster a variety of colorful names while feeling safely hidden behing anonymous avatar

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Tells Kahn that rolling dice to taunt is sissy covered by a heavy layer of weaksauce.

Damn! This games hard[/whine] I was looking for a way to pay back the mob I owe 70 gold to, They will just cut me up and use acid or fire

number one gm wrote:

glad to such interest

for ability scores roll 3 d20s

first represents the point buy

second represents the base for all scores

3rd represents the maximum allowed score

to demonstrate:

3 point buy

all scores start at 4(looks good for a monk)

the max is 2 all scores must be bought down by 2 points which gives back 2 points per score for a total of 15 leftover points which can be converted to bonus feats at a rate of 5 points per feat

Point Buy: 1d20 ⇒ 10

Base Scores: 1d20 ⇒ 11

Max Score: 1d20 ⇒ 5

Gold= -70

Oh..Oh can I sell some of my body parts for money

Cash: 1d100 - 1d100 ⇒ (15) - (85) = -70

Looks like this troll is in the hole

Edition Wars

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This might be the greatest thread ever

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Matt Thomason wrote:

Spams the thread advertising black magic love marriage specialist services.

Spams the thread again.

Spams the thread some more.

Annoys the [redacted] out of everyone.

Replies to all threads and favorites each one, casts black magic on all who dare oppose him

I will not start threads when I have been drinking

What are you looking at?

Burning Straw man wrote:
Lights himself on fire in order to get attention.

Tells poster to stop sitting under a bare lightbulb in his moms basement.

*Resumes playing video games on god mode*

Come on, we all know guns have no place in proper fantasy

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