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Demand for youthful humans to remove themselves from the cultivated section of grass in front of his domicile.


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Posts perfect Avatar with no response in the hope of getting at least 27 likes to justify his sad existence

Heavily disclaimered post.

Further heavily disclaimered post, positively oozing disinterested confidence.

Silver Crusade

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[url=]Incompetent attempt to share a link.[/url

Silver Crusade

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Incompetent attempt to fix link.

Points out mistake as if no one noticed in an effort to boost self esteem and ends with rude comment

Stupid catchphrase.

Impactful post with all the subtlety (or lack thereof) of a steam-hammer.

Coyly playful post.

Sanity threatening post.

Borderline nonsensical post made by poster certain that just because things might come back into fashion in a couple of years time that makes him/her/it avant-garde, commenting on them, now.

Well-meaning post, intended to educate the masses, which completely fails because the poster had massively over-estimated the learning capacity and attention-span of said masses.

Post peddling pseudo-religion like packets of poppy seeds to the masses!

Post shame-facedly admitting that poster's parents have discovered just what the poster is upto and that poster is about to be dragged away from the computer, leaving bloody finger-marks on the keyboard, screaming...


Late thread necromancy without reading the whole thread, thereby resurrecting it in an awkward, partially off-topic and inappropriate manner.

Mockery and insult directed toward necro-poster's obviously insufficient mental capacity.


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Reply to OP not acknowledging or likely even realizing the thread is 7.5 years old.

Disclaimer: You know I love pathfinder but..

Starts a rules bloat/sky is falling rant

Fatespinner wrote:

Opening statement.

Witty, sarcastic remark to endear the reader to the author.

Statement of opinion.

Anecdotal evidence to reinforce opinion.

Allusion to opinion as fact.

Inflammatory remark to engender hostility with other posters and prompt response.

Reply to the OP, not realizing that the thread is 84 pages long and the post is eight years old, or that another newbie did the same thing two posts up.

Mocking comment about repeated thread necromancy, inability of inferiors to use search engines, detailed description how to find search engine.

Erudite defense of the thread necromancer's necromancy.

Reminiscence about pleasant periods of time that were had debating in thread some five years ago.

Comments about where poster X, Y and Z, who participated in thread, have disappeared to.

Explains where they went.

X got tangled up in real life stuff and doesn't have time for games anymore.
Y ragequit the forums after getting involved in yet another (insert frequent forum argument of your preference here). Y has strained miniscule communication with a few current members, and has switched to playing 5E.
Z disappeared without a word and everyone wonders if s/he's okay.

Dark Archive

Joking insertion of self in thread with no intention of following.

Liberty's Edge

Thread necromancy when none was needed or wanted.

Pedantic pointing out that it's not necromancy if the thread isn't dead.

Statement of disbelief that thread is still alive (due to various necromancers).

Points out that poster's earlier post on this thread was one of poster's earliest posts on Paizo. (Looks around for cookies.)

Scarab Sages

Query regarding expectations as to the longevity of the thread in relation to previous similar actions by this messageboard's posters.

Summary of cogent points related to OP from the previous 84 pages.

Rebuttal to each of said points.

Re-statement of current argument including why each of the competing arguments is wrong.

Sock-puppet account agreement with above statement.

Paizo Employee Chief Technical Officer

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Korean gambling site spam.

Scarab Sages

Post urging an immediate extreme high altitude thermonuclear strike against spammers, in order to be certain of the elimination of aforementioned spammers.

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Post a query wondering why the witty comments about the spam disappeared when the spam was removed by the moderators.


Extremely late entry to topic with trivial statement only loosely connected to any previous topic brought up throughout entire thread.

Makes off-color humor about cannibalism and dead babies.

Scarab Sages

Opportunistic pun/pop culture reference in severely belated response to thread title.

Scarab Sages

Loud laughter, followed by statement declaring the poster's inability to comprehend the meaning of the previous post.

Scarab Sages

Political napalm.

Scarab Sages

Technical jargon.

Scarab Sages

Philosophy and metaphysics. LOTS of it.

Rebuttal with LOTS of religion that doesn't really address the metaphysical philosophy at hand. Assertaitons that The Good Book needs to be thrown at someone, followed by a lynching.

Assertion last post was off topic and request for return to topic at hand and/or taken to new thread. (Whatever that topic was)

Humorous non sequitur.

Dark Archive

Baseless Accusation

Threat to visit viking raid on the three above posters.

Weeabo screaming about how samurai minions would slaughter vikings, knights, and modern gunmen.

Scarab Sages

Wilhelm scream

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