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We're making critters, good, bad, and somewhere in the middle. We're also making player options, like spells and feats, just for you! But we need your help to make this book the best it can be. 8#/

Head over here and get the book at a discount and/or grab up a piece of things directly. Your monster, race, character, or more could be done up. We're going big! PF1, PF2, and 5E compatibility is the goal.

Let's do this, together. 8#/

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Everything's better, down where it's wetter, I'm told. We're ready to make a splash! Seas of Everglow will be a book all about the water. What lives in it, what lives on it, and adventure in either state. As a player, you get to enjoy new ancestries, spells, feats, equipment and more. As a GM, monsters, lore, and plot seeds to sink your teeth into, or into your players, we don't judge around here.

Get the book early, or even get input into what goes into the tome by grabbing up a tier before it's too late. Click here to pledge today!

As a bonus prize, the book will be fully compatible with PF1, PF2, and 5E.

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We reach in new directions. Let's take Pathfinder (1st and 2nd edition) and bring it both into the modern age and with anthropomorphic characters while we're at it. Tails of the City is a pulpy-adventure take with the system you already know and enjoy!

Are you a computer programmer that can bend reality to your whims or a schoolgirl that searches for treasure during spring break? It's all possible with Tails of the City!

Pledge Now!

We've reached our basic goal, but we could make the book so much better, so help us reach higher for more stretch goals that will enhance what is made for everyone to enjoy! This is also the chance to get this, and other books, for the lowest price they can be.

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Depths of Everglow

New ancestries!
New heritages
New spells
New feats
New equipment
New monsters
And plenty of atmosphere to use them in, written for PF1, PF2, and 5e, ready for you, now! Available in PDF and Hardback.

Get it now!

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You're in a settlement and you want to hit up the local wizard's guild and get a copy of magic missile. How much is that service? We know how much the scribing costs, but the access fee of borrowing an NPCs spellbook or time (since NPCs can just teach you verbally these days, I believe).

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You are Asleep or Unconscious. Can someone pick you up? How can people interact with you? Are you still considered a person, occupying a square and refusing others to pass? Are you effectively an object?

This is not really optional. Please. I have assumptions, as I'm sure most people who read this do, but it really should be in the book.

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So, playing through part 3 as a level 7 paladin.

I decided 'I will be a mountain. None shall assail me!' and I focused on defenses. Heavy armor, heavy shield, put the spirit in the shield, of course. I went with the lion shield, cause why not? It's like a durable one with an extra option.

I also have a hammer, and I used ancestries to be good at that dang hammer.

Fight! I'm accurate with the hammer. I keep my shield up. I'm blocking attacks at my friends, shield blocking for myself. I block some attacks entirely, those feel super great.

Oh no, my shield is dented, what will I do?! Oh yeah, master crafter, quick repair, give me literally a minute. Alright, back in working order.

The GM was annoyed at how hard I was to hit.

There was a sorcerer next to me. He was much easier to hit. Didn't stop me from thrusting my shield in the way 1/rd, but he was much easier to hit.

Just saying, for all the talk, there is a difference between 'guy who specialized in a thing' and 'guy who did not' in actual play.

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Does wearing armor mess with spells these days? Is that gone?

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Click here to peek at the rules I'm cooking up for inclusion in an upcoming book.

The basic idea is such: Martials, what do they do out of combat? Often, far less than their spellcasting partners. To make matters worse, many spellcasters aren't awful at making enemies dead either. Martials need a way to flex their martial ability to epic ends.

Why can't a hero slice an incoming spell or smash the ground so hard a wall erupts, or knock down enemies all around them in a terrific earthquake? Are you strong enough to grapple weather itself and make it follow your whims? Can you jump around like a popular hero with a bright color and little anger control?

Let's allow our martials to be magical, but still martial. I've watched enough anime to know this isn't impossible. Not all magic has to involve finger wiggling and invocations to various forces.

Read, enjoy, please give feedback!

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I have a playtest going on and would love more eyes on it.

It is here: Click me for the Google doc

It's Pathfinder, post-apoc. It also includes an addon for the ABP system.

It's actually Kickstarting right this moment, but I started early and plan to keep right on testing it.

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Hello! Not sure if I'm in the right place, but I'm working on a book that lets you customize your character in new ways. Want to be an elf that never saw a bow before? What about a gnome raised in an arena? Or perhaps a human raised by wolves?

We can also mix and blind physical aspects of a race. Be a goblin/dwarf, because why not? Feel sorry for that little mistake.

Point: I'm looking for races and monsters that you might want to play in whole or in part, as well as upbringings you'd want to see.

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So I'm cooking up a book to allow you to create racial hybrids. Want to be an orc/ooze? How about an elf/dryad? Or maybe a human/dwarf? You can also select your upbringing. Were you raised in a human settlement, maybe with elves, or were your formative days spent with the animals of the wild?

Does this sound interesting? Additionally, what sort of races and backgrounds would you like to see included?

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Available today!

We tried to keep them contained to their own strange world, but they have managed an escape. Everglow, their home rich in fey life, reaches beyond to the void to shake hands, hooves, tentacles, or whatever else will do with those of the wider universe.

We offer two new races
life ratings for all existing Ponyfinder races
some adjustments for existing races
New cybernetic and magic enhancements
New weapons and armor options
Set pieces to base your adventures in whole or part.
Organizations to work with or against you.
What do the Everglow gods think of all this? We answer that.
New spells, feats, and other options!

Grab it up today and remember that space does not belong solely to those with hands.

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So forget that 5e stuff if that doesn't work for you, that's fine. We've gone about half the Kickstarter expanding on the Pathfinder-compatible book, Tactics of Everglow. We'll be expanding the Everglow world with feats, traits, a new race, a new base class, pregens, monsters, and more to fill your adventure, whether they take place on Everglow or not.

We have less than a week to ago, and I'd love to have you fine folk as part of the journey, so hop in while there's still time!


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Our first adventure path continues! One thing that makes Everglow (Ponyfinder's campaign setting) different from many others is that our adventures and literature are all over the place, chronologically. This one takes place right around the founding of the empire. We have others set during the height and working on something something set after it all comes tumbling down.

Do you have a favorite time period?

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I hope this is allowable for this section of the forums, but here I am, creator of Ponyfinder, who has made the first book of his own adventure path, and he wants it tested, preferably by someone who is not himself so I can get a full measure of how it plays out from fresh eyes.

Any takers? You'd get a copy of the AP (both in its super-rough state and after polishing and if it gets printed, you get that too) and get playtest credit within the book. All I need is for you to gather some players and run the first book and tell me how it turns out.


Give a poke! Here or

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Our first 20 level base class! We look forward to hearing what people think of it and what interesting times are had with it. Though flavored strongly for Everglow, it can work in other settings just fine. It's not like some other worlds that start with G or F don't ever intersect with other planes.

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We have a stable of fine books now available here right on

Tribes of Everglow, indepth lore of the tribes of ponies that inhabit Everglow, including the previously unmentioned but entirely un-statted Tribe of Bones.

Forgotten Past, discovering what came before the ponies, and what marks they've left behind, to say nothing of new options for players and GMs alike!

Princess Luminace's Guide to the Pony Pantheon, learn more about the divine presences that watch over ponykind, for good or ill. We also cover the luminous dragons and pony satyrs as player options!

Griffons of Everglow, while dwarves rule the undermountains, the griffons control the space above. Looking down at the ponykind, they have a history all their own.

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I seem to recall that if you can have an ability sometimes, that's good enough to get a feat, but the feat is only active while you qualify.

For specific example, you take the brawler rage power, which makes it so you have improved unarmed strike while raging. Could you then take improved grapple(which would only work while raging)?

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With dragon disciple, you get a bite that specifically does str 1+1/2 damage. Does this override the general rule of natural weapons, aka, if you attack with a sword, then dragon disciple bite, is it still 1+1/2, or is it 1/2? It'd be -5 to hit either way, as nothing speaks otherwise.

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The chart for unusual armor says 'non humanoid', does it mean humanoid type, or bipedal?

By RAW there(the law of the land in PFS), humanoid type would mean aasimar and tieflings couldn't wear most standard armor. Clarification would be appreciated, thanks!

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Is the Megaraptor a valid target for druid wildshaping?

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Can you use a claw attack while wearing a light shield? You can't hold a weapon, but your hand is available. Presumably, you'd lose the AC bonus doing it, but can you do it?

Same question for buckler. The phrasing specifies weapons, how does it interact with a claw attack?

For sake of completion, heavy shields. I presume you can't claw while holding one, but am I wrong? I'd love to hear.

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Oracle 4, Sorcerer 1. Can you take craft wand?

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While crafting, you can have other spellcasters on hand to help make items, providing the spell.

Does this work for scrolls? Does this work for wands?

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Looking for the PFS approved answer, but if you get a viper familiar due to serpentine blood line, then take improved familiar, you can then take any familiar you want that improved familiar allows, right?

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Does this feat give you the arcana of the bloodline?

If not, does anything?

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When you fall to -1 hitpoints and flop over artlessly, do you drop everything?

What of shields, which are more worn than 'held'?

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It's story time!

I was at a game last night at my FLGS. My paladin approaches a reach weapon wielding BBEG, takes the first hit, ow, but he's standing, I continue the approach. The GM announces he gets another AoO. Huh? I mentioned I'm pretty sure that you don't get two AoOs like that on approaching someone. He says he has combat reflexes and is sure that's how it works.

I feel that's pretty certain to not be the case, but the table is running late, so I let it drop. My Paladin is whallopped with the second crit, missing death by two points.

Luck is with us past that, and we beat the BBEG, yay!

I go home. I check up on the rule, and consult the forum here, yep, bad call. I send an email to the event coordinator(Who had supported the bad call, and is the owner of the store and thus there every week) letting him know, hey, the rule works this way, for the future.

He calls me a rules lawyer, and says GMs have the right to bend the rules to make for more exciting play, and to never correct him ever again, and that I wasn't cut out for PFS play.

Did I do bad?

Names withheld to protect the innocent, and people who aren't on the board.

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If you move through two threatened squares while approaching a single figure, can that single figure take two swipes at you? It has combat reflexes.

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I heard from my FLGS that 'evil' descriptor spells, including infernal healing, were PFS illegal. I saw no hint of this in the play guide. Is it legal?

Grand Lodge

Do they count as masterwork?

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When a summoner dismisses an eidolon, what action is that? Move, Standard, Full? Free? Swift?

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Does the smite evil/good that monsters get from celestial and related templates have the same DR piercing properties of paladins?

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I'm asking here because I'd prefer the PFS answer and not the 'Well, I'd allow it!' or 'Not in my game!' answer.

The flag used with this feat is literally just a flag, with no pole or anything else attached to it. Would putting the flag at the end of something you're not stabbing violently into people, like a rod, valid, presuming you're still holding it up with a hand and not propping it up in your backpack?

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Is it legal to sell off equipment/consumables gained mid game to pay for condition removals?

Does this affect end-of-scenario gold?

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If someone is pinned, are they considered helpless?

If someone is tied up after being pinned, are they considered helpless?

Grand Lodge

If a bard is singing, and a wizard fires acid splash, do they get the +1 damage?

Grand Lodge

If someone dies, but is revived, do you check the 'they died' box when reporting the session or not?

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First star, only a few more to go.

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Do wands suffer arcane spell failure?

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Does there exist a feat/archetype that expands your list of animal companions, say, to allow any magic beasts or fey to the roster, or is it always straight up animals?

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So, I saw a long time ago that someone else had done this, but, at the time, I did not play Pathfinder.

I thought it was amusing, then moved on. Now that I play Pathfinder, I took a fresh look, and decided, huh, this is way unbalanced and I would never allow it in any game I ran. Then the part of my mind that drives my insane creativity started harassing me. It said, Hey, man, you can do it better!

So I gave it a shot. Here is the pony race, suitable for Pathfinder.

My focus was on making a BALANCED race, that could stand alongside an elf, dwarf, human, or other standard race and not overpower them, or be a drag on any party they're included in.

Also a focus, try not to add more 'new rules' than absolutely required. New rules make DMs/GMs sad and/or angry. Pathfinder has enough rules, let's try to use them where possible.

RP stands for Racial Points, a construct introduced in the Advanced Race Guide, put out by Paizo, which has rules for making up new races. It helped a lot to make the base, and I went on from there.

Here you go: Link!

Good, bad, ideas, thoughts, do share!

I'm sure I've critically failed in places, but I won't spot it on my own.

* PS: Yes, this is based on a show that I shant be naming. I understand this is awful and terrible. My muse cares not.

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What element out of: Acid, Fire, Cold, Electricity is resisted/immune least often amongst monsters?

If it makes a difference, PFS games.

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I was glancing at gunslinger and looking over the prices.

Do I have the math right in that a gunslinger, under PFS rules, pays 1 gold and 1 silver for every shot they fire?

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