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Looking for the PFS approved answer, but if you get a viper familiar due to serpentine blood line, then take improved familiar, you can then take any familiar you want that improved familiar allows, right?

you don't get access to the non-celestial/infernal/etc animals from the 'normal' familiar list.
but everything from improved familiar is fine (including celestial/infernal/etc versions of every animal familiar - without 'special bonus' of course)

1/5 Venture-Captain, Germany–Hannover

What does special bonus in this case mean?

i just meant the minor bonus all the base animals get, e.g. +2 init, +skill, +hp, +save, etc.
only the base familiars get those, not improved familiars including celestial animals.


I belive that the improved familar feat opens up the range of available familars to what is PFS legal and removes class/etc restrictions --

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