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Is the Megaraptor a valid target for druid wildshaping?

The only source I can find for it is Monster Lore Compendium WOTC Community Forums - Monsters and Races. Copyright 2007-2008, Author: Evandar_TAybara .

Unless you can find somewhere else it comes from probably not.

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No unfortunately.

Unless otherwise noted, polymorph spells cannot be used to change into specific individuals. Although many of the fine details can be controlled, your appearance is always that of a generic member of that creature's type. Polymorph spells cannot be used to assume the form of a creature with a template or an advanced version of a creature.

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Any suggestions for a large sized dinosaur or reptile with multiple attacks?(3+ preferred)

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Allosaurus is the next choice of Dino after Raptor I believe.

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Ya beat me to it Mahtobedis... :) Since Saurian Shamans get Wild Shape at 6th and they count as 8th for dinos, they can immediately become a huge dino as soon as they get Wild Shape. Bestiary 2 has more dinos and the two I prefer (Allosaurus and Compsognathus).

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The Allosaurus looks pretty nice indeed, but, it's also huge, which means you can get gummed up in a lot of places where scenarios want you to fit into 5' corridors. Anything in the large range? Deinonychous is medium, Allosaurus is huge, just need something PFS legal that's in the large category and happiness will be secured.

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There doesn't seem to be any good Large dinosaur. However, you also have access to the Emperor Cobra; a level 6 Saurian Shaman will get the poison ability. It's not a lot of attacks, but it's got decent damage and 10ft reach, and the poison is nasty.

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The DC of poison, do you recalc it using your own stats?(10 + 1/2 HD + con bonus) ?



I believe it should be 10 + effective spell level + wisdom modifier. Wildshape functions as the various Shape spells which are polymorph subtyped. The polymorph subtype rules make abilities such as poison or trample have DCs equal to the spell DC. Admittedly, this seems to leave you determining the effective spell level based off of the wiz/sorc list since most aren't druid spells.

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That's an important thing to know.

This aside, I recall most PFS battles don't last long enough for poison to build up on any given foe, and those that do tend to be against things that don't get poisoned(golems). Man, what's a guy gotta do for some megaraptors.

Any lizards? There's the croc, but since his constrict got named 'death roll', I don't think you gain access to it?

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