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In the past I have spent a fair amount of time playing these games in person at my local game store. As with many fringe RPG's, there isn't a lot of interest locally anymore.

I have always felt the character creation system and mechanics of these games were top notch, and the setting is amazing.

Is there anyone with an interest in PBP? I am open to either the more urban-centric Iron Kingdoms RPG, or the much more wild Unleashed games (though they take place in the same "world").

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I really liked playing Iron Kingdoms...a fun game if a little obscure to many! I would look forward to a campaign, or even just an adventure. There have been a few games here on the site, but they, unfortunately, seem not to last...

I've played a one-off of Iron Kingdoms before and would be interested in a game.

Me as well...I quite like the setting

Hey, that's three! A fourth would be ideal, but I'm willing to get started on something. I'm a little rusty, but I'll break some books out.

Hand raised in steampunky interest :)

I'll need to drag out the books and brush off the dust, but parroting above the setting's been a real appeal for me. Personal inclinations lean t'wards the glorious nation of Khador... but can be convinced in any direction.

Hell yeah, I'm interested. Gun mages are cool!

Here's my vision: I don't want to do just a short one-shot. I also don't want to commit to a long campaign (though I won't totally rule it out). My thought would be a 3-month long PBP mini campaign. That way you can build a beginning level character and see some interesting advancement.

Were I to GM, I would want to go one of two directions:

1. Either an Iron Kingdoms game set in the Cygnaran city of Corvis. I'm familiar with this place, and there are loads of interesting people and places. You all would choose characters generally supportive of the nation of Cygnar (or at least, not an ENEMY of Cygnar).

2. OR an Unleashed campaign set in the Widower's Wood. Widower's Wood is a nexus of many of the odd races and tribes of the wilderness. Gatormen, Druids, etc.

I have a lot of work to do. I welcome the input of all of you who have shown interest, and feel free to begin conceptualizing a character.

I think I will try to set up a discussion area tomorrow.


At the moment, Drivethrurpg have a sale on a bunch of Iron Kingdoms pdfs. Do people find that there is much in the supplements or is the core book enough?

Edit: I would lean towards an urban adventure myself but would be fine with either.

Liberty's Edge

Urban for me as well...with maybe short stints outside the city just for a change in atmosphere.

I think we'll run with the Corvis-based urban campaign.

I've opened a discussion area. I posted some guidelines for character creation there.

I'm pleased I have found a few people that share my passion for this setting. I bought the original softcover Witchfire books way back in 2000, and I have been hooked since. I played lots of Warmachine and Hordes, and spent over 10 years as a "Pressganger"--a member of Privateer Press' demo team.

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Love this setting and have played / Ran it many times. In Fact I ran a Savage Worlds conversion of it on these boards in the past. I was excited when the new rulebook came out, and also enjoyed reading the rules... until I got to the Combat Chapter. Just don't like that much detail / complexity in combat, and not sure how it would play out in PbP gaming. I'll keep a watch on this to see how things work out... Good luck...

Yes, I have been worried about how combat will work as well. There may need to be some house rules to keep it reasonable. We're going to try though!

Grand Lodge

It sounds interesting to me as well. I have read the rules a few times, though not recently, and I am familiar with the setting, but have never actually played it.

If you're still looking for interest, I've always wanted to try Iron Kingdoms, though my own attempt to get a game started on the boards here didn't get very far.

Dotting for interest also - too many of my olde sparring partners circling this one not to take a nibble lol.

Have a trollkin that I'd love to resurrect in some shape for another tilt, by the same token the Farrow are also crazy fun.

Like Mark I'll need to crack open the tomes and see what pops.

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I'd be interested as well, although I don't have the Iron Kingdoms RPG rules and am loathe to drop $30 on a PDF on sale, sheesh. The 3.5 conversion of the Witchfire Trilogy was actually my first industry credit, so I'm quite familiar with it, although it's been some time since I cracked my old 3.5 setting books.

A Savage Worlds conversion would be pretty cool as well.

Why do I always arrive late to these things? IK is such a rare setting/game to be offered here for playing T_T

Not late...GM Quirk's opened up the discussion thread...he's going to take a bit to get back up to speed...

Yes. Not too late at all. We'll work this out for just about everyone that wants to play (within reason).

I'm pleased we have so much interest.

I have been doing some work with my old notes and an adventure set in Corvis that I wrote.

Somewhat perversely, I have not spent much time working on the rules yet. I have concerns about how they will transfer over to PBP. I guess we'll see.

I would encourage anyone who hasn't already to check out my first post in the discussion area, which has some advice for the character you may want to make for this pending adventure.

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Trying to resist temptation... trying...

Have you considered using the d20 rule set from the original Iron Kingdoms instead of IK core rules?

I have indeed scranford. Honestly, I LIKE the latest rule set, and all of the latest material and support went into it. I'd like to give it a try.

I don't rule out an eventual 3.5 campaign if this just doesn't translate to PBP very well, but for now, full speed ahead!

I have played that edition already (which blatantly smashes the MK2 rules into your face) and we only had one problem: all ranges and movement are in inches, which is fine for a wargame but no so much for a RPG.

What we did was use a hexagonal grid and ruled every hexagon was equivalent to an inch.

Obviously, in PbP that is not the most successful of patches, and there were still problems when "within" came about, but it might inspire you for a better solution. Maybe adding a grid to combat maps? Idk.

Is there anything that would prevent us from abstracting distance in this way: 1" game scale = 5 feet = one square on a map grid?

This way it would be easy to draw maps, scan them, and put them on google slides for a game. They might be a little crude, as I'll hand draw them, but I would think it would work reasonably well.

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What are the ranges for spells like in IK RPG?

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I can feel myself getting drawn into this mad experiment. I'll go through the book tonight, and see if inspiration strikes. Right now thinking about a Dwarf "Searforge Trader" / Field Mechanic but we'll see where that leads.

GM Quirk wrote:

Is there anything that would prevent us from abstracting distance in this way: 1" game scale = 5 feet = one square on a map grid?

This way it would be easy to draw maps, scan them, and put them on google slides for a game. They might be a little crude, as I'll hand draw them, but I would think it would work reasonably well.

We decided against squares because we considered hexagons better suited for a game where being attacked from the rear counts, in contrast with PF where you have no facing rules.

That said, it seems playable and easy. Would do for me.

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Hi Guys. I resisted the temptation. I'll be watching to see how this goes, but after looking through the rules tonight, I just don't have the time to learn this rules set, and not sure how it's going to play in PbP... so I'll watch and wish you guys luck and success.

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