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“The bounties of space, of infinite outwardness, were three: empty heroics, low comedy, and pointless death.” ― Kurt Vonnegut, The Sirens of Titan



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Right here’s the OOC thread for my forthcoming PBP take on the Dead Suns AP. Game launch will likely be toward mid September, so we have plenty of time to prep characters and digest the rules.

For the meantime we’ll utilise this thread to discuss character creation, concepts, backgrounds and the AP itself.

From my pov I’ve always been a fan of sci-fi as much as fantasy, both in terms of gaming and as a broader genre. 2000AD and Starlord were my weekly fare for decades with strips like Judge Dredd, The VCs, Nemesis the Warlock, Strontium Dog and Ace Trucking & Co shaping my imagination for decades. Traveller, SpaceMaster, Shadowrun & Judge Dredd RPG were all staples of my halcyon days rolling the bones. Dune is, to me, the zenith of sci-fi writing, but I’ve been inspired by Neuromancer and Ready Player One to name but two. Everything from Space 1999 through to Firefly and The Expanse have ticked my box on the box, and movies like Blade Runner, Outland and Alien(s) to the more recent Rogue One, Dredd and Guardians of the Galaxy have all driven this decision to run Dead Suns.

While I can’t say if this game will be my typical grimdark[star] fare yet - I will be striving to make the feel of the game come alive. From post styles, to use of languages to maps et al… I’m aiming to give the setting a futuristic feel and vibe.

There’s already been some verbal interest given from my freebooting shipmates;

Mark ▸ Ysoki Mechanic
Voodoo ▸ Ysoki [pilot] Mechanic or Android [Merc] Soldier
Scran▸ ????
JW▸ ????

Won't hold you to the above concepts folks as I know reading into SF and the plethora of other sources might throw up some new inspiration. Had a party of 5-6 in mind so we're pretty much there [you guys will get first refusal for the game] and I'll up-recruit from other games I'm in.

Okay now onto the nitty-gritty [will reprint most of this is under my Galactic Master Black Dow profile for ease of reference]:

Classes▸ All classes from the Core StarFinder rules. This game will not be a mass bug-hunt, so character roles covering all types will be highly desirable. You will ultimately get access to ship[s] as the AP develops, but those can be covered and developed upon as you see fit.

Races▸ Core races only please. Appreciate dropping the legacy races into the mix would be fun, but with a tonne of new racial options and flavours I’d prefer to go with the new over the familiar.

Starting Level▸ 1st.

Ability Scores▸ Standard 10 point buy. Flaws are allowed [HouseRule #1: For every 2 points you drop in one ability, you may raise another by 1]

Feats▸ Core.

Languages▸ All characters start off with Common, Racial Tongue and Planetary Language regardless of any additional from INT or Skill picks. Fair warning here I’ve been looking at some of the more colourful and odd language options in Google translate. Some of these may well be attributed to Pact World tongues [but I’m open to discussion on which - would we agreed on a default for Akitonian or Vesk than me imposing it].

Alignment▸ No Evil cheers. You’re heroes, albeit potentially hard-bitten ones lol.

Starting Credits▸ 1000CR

Background▸ The Adventure Path starts on Absalom Station - which is the massive space station that is the epicentre of the Pact Worlds, and now system’s primary home of humanity. The PCs have come to Absalom Station for any number of reasons, but they should have a connection of some kind [be it professional/personal/vague/familiar/convenient/desperate] with a Dwarven Starfinder named Duravor Kreel.

Through data transmissions you have arranged to meet Duravor on Absalom Station (Docking Bay 94) where he has promised to show you round the station, assist in your assimilation to your new home and hopefully recruit you to the Starfinder Society…

Male Daytona 500 DM / 12

I'll give the rules a quick read soon, and come up with something fun and scintillating.

I've got a concept I've played before as Lincoln Kennedy "The most famous man in the Universe", but he's been it 2-3 other games that failed, so might rethink using him.

Saluting. Will get to it tonight after the bairns are down. Will either do a rat bastard, or if Cap'n wants the Mechanic I may go Soldier...

Liberty's Edge

I still have to look at the rules. Probably something consciously different from Jim, though.

No rush gents - am still learning the rules myself (hence the 2 week gestation period)

I'll belay extending any further invites until Cap'n chimes in.

Male Daytona 500 DM / 12

Aiko Mack

Let me throw out a concept and see what you guys think. Still need to read up on the setting a bit to determine where she's from, but here is the concept.

Race Human or android - Tian? features, female 17-18 years old

Theme Icon - One of the most famous video/holo game players in the universe. Grand champion of the infamous "Freebooters" Pirate based Video Game franchise. (Always plays the sorcerer in the game).

Class Technomancer - Many have related the characters skills at the holo-games to almost magical... and maybe they're not completely off-base.

She had signed a contract with the famous "Life Innovations Corporation" to help develop human / technology interfaces for purposes of controlling technology... especially as it relates to magic, when she found out a great and horrifying secret, and plotted her escape. Now she's trying to stay hidden from their spies and hired bounty hunters, which isn't easy considering her "Star Power".

GM - Black Dow


Don't want to hijack your ideas for the game, so this infamy can be as integrated with your stories as you like, or just an interesting side line. Perhaps She discovered that the research she was helping with to help humans control technology was actually a clandestine attempt by LIC to control the user instead.

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@Scranford: Very interesting concept... Like the tip of the nod to our current crew lol. My gut instinct is to have her human (Tian) like you suggest over android.

Having LIC agents/bounty hunters crop up at inopportune moments would make for an interesting dynamic and her holo-vid gamer fame will likely be a double edged sword...

Regards where she's from - the Pact World colonies are your oyster :) She would likely have been recruited through LIC sponsored tourneys of the Freebooters Holo-game (where as you said she bucked the trend playing as the serpentine sorcerer rather than the hugely popular pick of the cyborc Captain of the miscreant crew ;)

Musings on Aiko Mack:

The reversal of intent from LIC makes sense and sets up at least a division of the Corp as nefarious.

Perhaps some family connections within the Tian headed Golden League were able to secure her escape from their clutches - a precision hack of their systems with resulted in the dissolution of her contract. The hack was one that LIC could not publicly acknowledge, but privately seek recompense for the affront and loss of one of their most charismatic assets...

Have updated CHΔRΔCTER CREΔTIΘN guidelines on the CΔMPΔIGN INFΘ tab [basically as detailed above with some additional notes & clarifications]

Key encounter maps have all been created in Google Slides - just mulling some additional flavour stuff, but party makeup/hooks will likely direct these.


Male Daytona 500 DM / 12
Galactic Master Black Dow wrote:

Have updated CHΔRΔCTER CREΔTIΘN guidelines on the CΔMPΔIGN INFΘ tab [basically as detailed above with some additional notes & clarifications]

Key encounter maps have all been created in Google Slides - just mulling some additional flavour stuff, but party makeup/hooks will likely direct these.


For some reason when I hit the link in the Freebooters Discussion thread, it takes me to the main Forums page. Any chance you can start up the Gameplay thread so I can dot and delete?

No probs - Gameplay thread up and running - just dot and delete as necessary.

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Assuming the rat-bastard is a Mechanic I'd lean towards an Exocortex driven scavenger. Prone to keeping grenades and knives in his voluminous cheek pouches.

Initial thought is to have him hijack a transmission from Duravor to an off-station associate. Delete it, pose as the 'son' of the transmission target and use it as a means of elevating himself out of the hardscrabble he's currently in.

@Mark: Sounds a plan - presuming said rat-bastard would be Outlaw theme or perhaps Spacefarer?

Going Exocortex works for me [you're saving the hapless GM from having to track pesky drones lol]. More of a combat bent too...

Can totally see him starting with something like this...

Junk GL

Ending up packing something like this:

Fat Hammer GL


Like it - see's an opportunity and takes it. So would the ID he's assumed just be to get him to Absalom, then he plans to bolt - or is the ID you'll play his assumed persona..?

Morning all, GM thanks for the invite.

Thoughts are running towards an operative, somewhat along the lines, or at least as I remember them, of Thane Krios from ME2.

Began life on Verdes as a contract killer for one of the houses. Skills came from that early time. A contract was their bond, however with time the sense of self-worth caused the android to question their targets. And a failed contract due to morale issues caused them to leave Verdes.

Feel free to critique or offer suggestions.

Question to all about the android, between the charisma penalty, -2, and their sense motive penalty, -2, they effectively start at a -3 to sense motime correct?

Waves to CharlesJ - aye, you're about right with the Sense Motive.

He'll take on the persona as his own. Will be his own (real) first name, and just tack on the other behind it.

And aye BD - running Outlaw theme. I'll bodge together the stuff into a uniform ish character sheet soonish.

Some Shopping:
Battleglove, cestus = 100
Knife, survival = 95

Semi-auto pistol, tactical = 260

Stationwear, flight suit = 95

3 x Frag Grenade I - 3 x 35 = 105
2 x Smoke Grenade - 2 x 40 = 80

Rounds, small arm (30) = 40

Space suit = 25

@CharlesJ: Androids are pretty stymied regards SM checks with the cumulative -3... but they do get +2 DC on checks against them (and a bunch of other very cool racial features. Remember as an Operative your |Operative's Edge class feature gives a blanket +1 on skill checks so don't dwell on the -3 too much :)

@Mark: No worries, sounds a plan.

Just leaving work, so will mull on the commute and post musings on character backgrounds when I get settled at home.

Was just making sure I was reading correctly, granted I'm not fond of negatives so he got points back from the 10 bonus......course just one of those to Int and I have a 14 for +2 and no bonus to the charisma skills. Choices choices :) will iron things out another skill point can be out to good use I believe.

Mark: Musings on Shopping & Background:

Like the background... plenty of fodder for some fun rp'ing. Really looking forward to seeing the rat basterd in action.

Regards the shopping - as I read it the Stationwear: Flight-Suit functions as a space suit? So you can save yourself 25CR there :) Still think a Grenade Launcher would be sweet (if you can afford) - GM's caveat: You will earn some digital corn relatively early on so this is something you could purchase later.[/ooc]

@CharlesJ: No worries dude. Know you're not fond of negatives but do remember my first house ruling that if you opt for a Flaw you can drop an ability below 10 and for every 2 points dropped on it you can add 1 to another of your choice.

Re: Your background the former hitman/assassin works nicely. Am a little confused with the Verdes reference - is that made up? Can't find any reference of it in any of the setting materials.

CharlesJ: Couple Of Questions:

What was the circumstances of the moral questioning?

When faced with a kill-situation will your android opt for incapacitating/maiming over a clear kill [thinking T-2's T800 modus operandi] - or will the deciding factor be your Operatives newly discovered moral compass?

Will flesh out more, so in short yes it's made up. On a quick perusal of the planets it somewhat fit with what I had in mind. Will write something for it up better later this evening, I'm at work right now.

Feel free to shoot it down if it doesn't make any sense at that point, right now it falls to an idea from this section tied to an idea from that section to a character in a game. Hopefully the long version is better written.

lol - sort-of follow. You seem have a plan so I'm interested to see where you take it :)

Liberty's Edge

So, clicking on the Gameplay tab above takes me to a place from whence all my attempts to actually post to the thing have been fruitless. (Though interestingly enough I'm on the Characters tab. Go figure.)

Mmmm. Just tried to post in the Gameplay thread and it disappeared into the ether...

Fecks sake. See what Systems Admin can fix...

F Human; SP-5/5, HP-9/9, RP-4/4; Spell Slots (3/3+1) 1st Technomancer / 1; PER+0, INI+3, EAC-14, KAC-15, CMD-23, F+0, R+3, W+2

Yeah. I posted there three different times yesterday. I'm on the player tab, and it's in my favorited games, but no post.

Mmmm. Not sure what in the Nine Hells is going on...

I've raised it with system admin - we can truck along here in the meantime.

Worst case I close down this pbp and start it anew. We can think of this as the Beta test if that happens!

Still somewhat annoying...

@CharlesJ: Credit just dropped... you meant Verces. My bad... Verces works (just noticed auto correct is Verdes lol)

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That one I can blame on my cellphone's autocorrect, other times it is more my fat fingered typing and lack of typing skills :)

Finally off work will see if I can get a PC into digital form this evening along with a bit of backstory

Liberty's Edge

I'm thinking to be the party muscle--Vesk soldier with the Armor Storm theme. No subtlety here.

@JW - Sounds a plan - very different from Jimmer :)

Waiting on Voodoo's thoughts re: his PC - he had mooted an Android Soldier, but I'm hoping he'll look at another race/class combo if possible.

On the subject of PC building just want to clarify my house-rule on the ability scoring:

The Flaw option allows PCs to have scores below the starting 10. As the rules stand if you drop an ability below 10 there is no reallocation of points dropped, it is purely a mechanical choice to reflect a characteristic or some such (say a character who spent too long in stasis and has irreversable muscle wastage - which is reflected in their STR score of 6).

Now I thought this was pretty draconian, and hearkening back to old school D&D, I've used the houserule that if you drop an ability below 10 - for every 2 points you drop, you may reallocate 1 point elsewhere.

Note - Racial penalties do not net the +1 balancing bonus.

Just if you decide to drop a starting ability from its base of 10.

So if a character has a starting INT of 8 this would net them a +1 on another ability of their choice. If a -2 Racial Penalty dropped this further to INT 6 there would be no further +1 bonus netted.

The houserule is really just a mechanic to allow some levy of balance should your character want to have a starting ability score below 10.

Clear as mud?

F Android Operative [Outlaw] 2 | 16/16 HP 14/14 SP 5/5 RP | Speed 30' | Init +5 | Perception +6 [Darkvision 60'] | Stealth +12 | Acrobatics +12 | SOH +11 EAC +15 KAC +16 CMAC +24 | Fort +1 Ref +7 Will +3 | Trick Attack Damage 1d4 |
Other Skills:
Piloting +10, Computers/Culture/Engineering/Medicine +8

Still no one home in the gameplay thread :)

Say hello to Kris, comments concerns, critique all welcome.

something along these lines

Have asked the Systems Admin techies to look into our game thread woes.

Will have a shufty o'er Kris-7 this afternoon.

F Human; SP-5/5, HP-9/9, RP-4/4; Spell Slots (3/3+1) 1st Technomancer / 1; PER+0, INI+3, EAC-14, KAC-15, CMD-23, F+0, R+3, W+2

Ok. Finished Aiko's Character sheet tonight except for shopping. I'll list the skills she's good at here, if it helps others for planning.

+10 Computers
+ 8 Profession: (Vidgamer)
+ 7 Culture, Engineering, Mysticism, Physical Science, Piloting, Slight of hand.
+ 3 Acrobatics, Life Sciences, Stealth

Everything else is +1 or less.

**I'll work on getting the character profile edited and finished today. BD... any chance you can PM or email me the profile you created so I can just fill in the blanks**

Aye no bother Scran - email is probably easier as the coding will stay "open".

PM me your email or send one through to my account


F Android Operative [Outlaw] 2 | 16/16 HP 14/14 SP 5/5 RP | Speed 30' | Init +5 | Perception +6 [Darkvision 60'] | Stealth +12 | Acrobatics +12 | SOH +11 EAC +15 KAC +16 CMAC +24 | Fort +1 Ref +7 Will +3 | Trick Attack Damage 1d4 |
Other Skills:
Piloting +10, Computers/Culture/Engineering/Medicine +8

Not a bad idea Aiko, here's Kris's info

+11 Acrobatics, Stealth
+10 Sleight of Hand
+9 Piloting
+7 Computers, Culture*(12), Engineering, Medicine, Profession(IT professional)
+5 Perception, Survival
+4 Disguise

*culture gets a DC reduction on culture checks vs info about the criminal underworld of 5

The skill breakdowns are a good shout

Here's how the party are shaping up thus far:

Aiko Mack [Scranford]: Human [Icon] Technomancer
Kris-7 [CharlesJ]: Android [Outlaw] Ghost Operative
???? Mark: Ysoki [Outlaw] Exocortex Mechanic
???? JW: Vesk [????? Theme] Armour Storm Soldier

Cap'n Voodoo isn't sure about committing to a full AP so may well just join us for the 1st Part [with potential "guest appearances" thereafter]. Should he join us he'll likely be running a Shirren Starshaman Mystic [which will fit the "walkabout" potential should he dip in and out of the AP].

Will see if I get any other interest before we settle on the group's final makeup. Envisioned 5-6 PCs but might just stopper the bottle as/is?

You'll be a little short on social skills, but will likely buzzsaw opponents...

Stick (with 5) or twist (and get 6)??

On a separate note the Gameplay thread's been fixed.

Once you've got an alias set up can you post a "reporting in" or something just so I can see the threads working for not just me.

Re: Campaign building I'm having a blast creating news reports and message boards for Absalom Station... Trying to get a real Mega City One feel to the place (sans Judges... sortof...)

With regards PC profile I've uploaded a word doc of the formatting - link is below:


Know CharlesJ is using this, and Scran requested it :)

Don't have to run with it - but if you don't can you still use the Pact World Profile section as I'll likely host a version of all of these onto the Campaign Info.

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F Human; SP-5/5, HP-9/9, RP-4/4; Spell Slots (3/3+1) 1st Technomancer / 1; PER+0, INI+3, EAC-14, KAC-15, CMD-23, F+0, R+3, W+2

Should be able to get my finished profile up sometime today.

It appears that I am smack dab in the middle of the hunting grounds of an angry Air Elemental named Irma, so if communication stops for a while be aware that I'm probably hiding in a hole somewhere, but will pop my head back out when it's safe.

Stay safe matey

With regards gameplay I will give opportunity for some roleplay and character development on the shuttle journey to Absalom Station.

Some of you may have hitched a ride on a bulk carrier or the like before linking up with the Okimoro - one of the circuit shuttles which collects transit passengers bound for Absalom.

Most likely your contact - the dwarf Duravor Kreel, will have arranged the connect and collect service.

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F Android Operative [Outlaw] 2 | 16/16 HP 14/14 SP 5/5 RP | Speed 30' | Init +5 | Perception +6 [Darkvision 60'] | Stealth +12 | Acrobatics +12 | SOH +11 EAC +15 KAC +16 CMAC +24 | Fort +1 Ref +7 Will +3 | Trick Attack Damage 1d4 |
Other Skills:
Piloting +10, Computers/Culture/Engineering/Medicine +8

I'm tasked with the clean up from that angry air elemental, working with the local power company in the Carolinas will let you know if/when I get called away.

Keep your head down Aiko

+2/W +3 (+4 vs. fear effects)

Going to reuse an old alias, since the name isn't too far off some of the other Vesk names.

Retsiji will have the Mercenary theme, and here are his skills, starting with the ones he has ranks in:

Profession (Mercenary) +4
Athletics +8
Acrobatics +6

Piloting, Stealth +2
Bluff, Diplomacy, Disguise, Intimidate, Perception, Sense Motive, Survival +0

ETA: Even though I have a post with the correct alias in the Gameplay thread, it's still not showing my alias as a character. Also, when I first posted it came up with my regular ID even though I'd selected the alias. There may still be a few hiccups to be had in the way the boards are treating your game, mate.

M Shirren Mystic [Pilot-Sensate] 3 ll Blindsense perc+10 ll EAC 14 l KAC 15 l CMAC 23 ll HP 24/24 l SP 21/21 l RP 3/4 I Spells: 4/4 l Ammo: 20

Oh, here y'all are. I kinda apologize for the name. I couldn't help myself :

Just call me Ed.

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M Shirren Mystic [Pilot-Sensate] 3 ll Blindsense perc+10 ll EAC 14 l KAC 15 l CMAC 23 ll HP 24/24 l SP 21/21 l RP 3/4 I Spells: 4/4 l Ammo: 20

I'm unclear, are level 1 fusions available? I wanted to stick a returning fusion on my starknife. I figure Ed is a wannabe Desnan. Someday this lowly bug will be a butterfly!

Also, took the pilot theme

@Retsijii: Aye chief - clocked that you'd not "stuck" as a PC... like you say you are as JW but not Retijii. Will get the web techs to have a gander as it might stymie Mark's attempts to "go live".

No worries... tis a suitably Vesk name and evocative of the setting...

Speaking of which...

@Ed: Shirren are known to shorten their name, so I'm willing to allow the pun as long as his formal name is Shirrenesque. Was hoping for a Expanse meets Riddick meets Rogue One meets District 9 kinda vibe as opposed to SpaceBalls...

However in the interests of fun I'll let it stand. However if Mark's Ysoki is named Rizzo or Templeton I'm shutting this game down for the good of humanity :)

RE: Fusions - don't see why not if you're willing to pay the credits. Your tactical starknife c/w returning fusion would set you back 231CR by my reckoning (110 base + 121 for the fusion). That's a fair chunk of your change so I've no issues with that.

Update on the game:

Am building up a bank of resources - downloadable news feeds, images and even a corporate presentation... ;)

Combat maps are all done.

Shuttle intro is almost written. Just need to smooth it out and nail down some sequencing (and brush up on them rules thingys)

Appreciate the patience - good things (and some bad ones) will come to those that wait...

+2/W +3 (+4 vs. fear effects)

I still have to finish character setup, so no worries.

F Human; SP-5/5, HP-9/9, RP-4/4; Spell Slots (3/3+1) 1st Technomancer / 1; PER+0, INI+3, EAC-14, KAC-15, CMD-23, F+0, R+3, W+2

Basically finished shopping. Now just have to fill out the character sheet. (Never mind about giving access to edit. I just copy/pasted it into Word), and update the profile. Wanted to read up on the setting a bit more, but basically.

  • From Absalom Station
  • Won Freebooters Grand Champion at age of 14
  • Found out about dark secret at age of 16
  • Was able to escape the grasp of LIC after finding out secret
  • Been on the run ever since, but now just before her 18th Birthday, she's returning to the Station for the first time... under a false ID if possible.

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Will be working on Mr Rat tonight...

@Aiko: Only gave access to edit so you could copy and paste from the document - right to view did not permit this.

As previously can easily send you it by email - just fire me one to and I'll reply with the sheet coding etc.

Have no issue with a fake ID [makes sense she would most likely have one of decent standard - DC18 Computer check to flag it up as counterfeit]

@Kenta: No worries Mark. As/when chief... Shuttle intro is done and ready to go, so I'll kick things off when we've ironed out all the PCs and questions.

Prepping by watching Guardians of the Galaxy 2 last night, tonight's a glut watch of Expanse Season 2. Peppered betwixt online watches of my favourite Dune scenes. ..

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Primary Choices:
Ysoki Mechanic (Exocortex) 1
Outlaw Theme; 2 HP

Str: 8
Dex: 16
Con: 11
Int: 16
Wis: 12
Cha: 10

BAB +0, Fort +2, Ref +2, Will +0
HP 6 +2 = 8
Stamina 6 + Con mod
Resolve: 1 +3 = 4

Skills 4 +3 = 7
Athletics; Computers; Engineering; Medicine; Perception; Physical Science; Piloting; Profession

Computers: 1
Engineering: 12 (1 +3 Class +3 Int +3 Focus +2 Scrounger)
Medicine: 1
Perception: 1
Physical Sciences: 1
Sleight of Hand: 1

Survival: 1

Cheek Pouches: can store 1 bulk in cheek pouches, transfer single item as swift action. Disgorge contents as move action.
Darkvision: 60ft
Moxie: can stand as swift action. When off-kilter, no penalties to attacks and not flat-footed.
Scrounger: +2 racial to Engineering, Stealth and Survival

Proficiencies: Light armor, basic melee, grenades, small arms

Barricade: as move action, can create temporary cover.

Theme Knowledge: reduce DC of Culture checks to recall knowledge about criminal underworld by 5. Sleight of Hand is class skill.

Artificial Intelligence (Exocortex)
Combat Tracking: Proficiency with heavy armor and longarms. As move action, designate foe. Act as though BAB = Mechanic level.
Memory Module: 1/day can reroll failed skill check. Gain Skill Focus (Engineering)

Bypass: +1 Insight to Computers and Engineering
Custom Rig: installed in arm. Count as always having tool or basic kit for Computers, Engineering skills. Counts as Mk I Comm Unit

Surprise surprise he's good at Engineering... with a side order of Medicine, Physical Sciences and Computing.

Copy that Rodent Leader.

So to recap we have...

Aiko Mack - Female Human [Icon] Technomancer [Scranford]
Kris 7 - Female Android [Outlaw] Ghost Operative [CharlesJ]
Retsiji - Male Vesk [Mercenary]Armour Storm Soldier [JW]
Ed Shirren - Male Shirren [Ace Pilot] Starshaman Mystic [Voodoo Chili]
Kenta Gushiken - Male Ysoki [Outlaw] Exocortex Mechanic [Mark]

Think we'll run with this pack of 5 miscreants...

You lot seem mighty good at stealing stuff, shooting stuff, building stuff, computer stuff, piloting stuff and healing stuff. People stuff? Not so much...

Not sure what Aiko's CHA is... but it's above 10 she'll likely be the defacto face of the group lol.

F Human; SP-5/5, HP-9/9, RP-4/4; Spell Slots (3/3+1) 1st Technomancer / 1; PER+0, INI+3, EAC-14, KAC-15, CMD-23, F+0, R+3, W+2

Aiko's CHA is 12. She's pretty and nice, but is more used to dealing with machines and computers than people. I had to have High INT and DEX for her video game prowess or I would have made it higher.

Should be able to finish her profile tonight if I still have power and internet.

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