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Organized Play Characters

Acquisitives Weylin Stoneseeker

NG| Male| Dwarf | Mechanic| 1| Theme-Roboticist SP:7/7 HP:12/12 RP:4/4| EAC:12 KAC:13| FO:+3 RE:+3 WL:+1| +2 Poison, Magic| Perc:+5| Stealth: +1 Spd:20| Active Conditions: none (77 posts)
Vigilant Seal Dorian 'The Hammer' Gravendak

LG| Male| Dwarf (Ancient Blooded)| Fighter 2| 36/36| AC:18/20| FO:+8 RE:+6 WL:+4| +1 Circ to triggering save| Perc:+8| Stealth: +0 Spd:20| Hero Points:3| Active Conditions: none (204 posts)
Baron Hannis Drelev
Vigilant Seal Jardeth of Almas

Male 19/19| AC:??/??| FO:+? RE:+? WL:+?| (Versatile Heritage)| Perc: +3| Stealth: LG| Male| Human (??)| Champion-Paladin| 1 (3 posts)


Aleril of Trunau

Im a Bowyer/Fletcher and work/live at 21 meticulous and careful. expert archer. (4 posts)
Eviana Nirgassan
Ameila Ellindorr

Female, young template Half Elf 1st Warrior (8 posts)
Andru Cardei

LN| Male| Human | 1st Gearhead| Conditions: Human (Varisian) 8/8| AC:14 (FF12/T12)| FO:+1 RE:+4 WL:+2|Initiative: +2| Perc:+4| Stealth: +3 (97 posts)
Aubri Green

Female Human Chernasado Ranger and Priestess of Caiden Cailean (9 posts)
Kurvis Nurpico
Captain Barnabus Harrigan

I live and work at The Counting House Im mean spirited and despise Half Orcs. (6 posts)
Skywin Freeling
Cham Laringfass

Owns Ramble House/Ramblestones (#8) Halfling Woman.Im very friendly and am loyal to friends. I like to gather information. Im an escaped slave (17 posts)
Chief Defender Halgra of Trunau

lives at The Ivory Hall (#2) Im hard as nails and have been the Chief Defender for 20 years after adventuring for 20. (23 posts)
Baron Hannis Drelev
Corporal Harlon Grandon

One of the Corporals in town. I live at Longhouse Dedicated, honest and straight forward (6 posts)
Beltias Kreun
Corwin MacDugal

M Human of Azlanti ancestrage lived in River Kingdoms most his life Among Pathfinders he's called Corwin The Dislodged as an inside joke (16 posts)
Kaptra Dorethain
Councilor Agrit Staginsdar

Owns House of Wonders (#13) Lives at adjoining building with Sara Morninghawk Private Dwarven Woman from Janderhoff. Very active with military. Defends her life choices vehemently (8 posts)
Solveig Ayrdahl
Councilor Lessie Crumkin

Works and lives at The Countinghouse (#10) Priestess of Abadar. Inherited position and clout from father. Has more than passing interest in Jagrin Grath (7 posts)
Orc Seeker
Councilor Sara Morninghawk

works at Clamor (#14) lives at adjoining building to #13 with Agrit Staginsdar owns Morninghawks Fine Steel. Daughter to Shoanti Woman. Very Physical and blunt (13 posts)
Artemis Entreri
Daniel 'Trace' Tracelon

Male Human 7th Unchained Rogue/1st Trickster (7 posts)
Chain Mauler
Dargon Lake

Male Human 1st Rogue FO: 0 RE: +6, WI: +1. Init: +4. AC14 HP: 11/11 Per: +5 (64 posts)
Duke Leonard Centimus
Darrick Moonglow

works and lives at the Stable (#18) Darrick isnt typical Trunauan. hes Pessimistic and fairly cowardly. but hes good with animals. (4 posts)
Dorotian 'Doro' Andalar

Paladin 8 | HP 68/68 (0 NL) | AC 26 (T 13 , FF 25) | F +10 R +5 W +9 | Init +1| Darkvision, Perception +2 , Sense Motive +11 | Active conditions: None Male | Half-Orc | Immune to Fear, Disease, Charm (101 posts)
Aspis Agent
Edran The Juggler

M Human 2nd Bard (4 posts)
Enzi of The Ilse

Jaguar 2HD Animal Companion.|15/15|AC:14, Touch:13 FF:11(+3 Dex,+1 Natural)|+4 FO/+6 RE/+4/WL|+3 Init|Low Light Vision,Scent| +2 Perception, +2 Sense Motive| (12 posts)
Cale the Calistrian
Eren Denollar

Male Elf 12th Wizard (Evoker) (32 posts)
Vane Oreld
Gallus Baradin

M Human 2nd Alchemist (12 posts)
White Grotto Student
(3,376 posts)
Gorkis Meeson

Works 'That and Such' (Meeson's Goods and Salvage) #16 and lives at adjoining building with wife Jess A very serious individual...a perfectionist. His wife brings out the best in him. (4 posts)
Jakardros Sovark
Gregor Kardoff

NG| Male| Human | 4th Ranger| Conditions: 35/35| AC:17 (FF15/T13)| FO:+5 RE:+7 WL:+4|Initiative: +3/+5 in Jungle| Perc:+9| Stealth: +8 (633 posts)
High Priestess Tyari Varvatos

works and lives at Sanctuary (#7) Idealistic and fervent She runs Sanctuary. She is in a relationship with Brantos Calderon (9 posts)
Almah Rovshki
Jess Meeson "Crazy Jess"

works at 'That and Such' (Meeson's Goods and Salvage) #16 lives at adjoining building with husband Gorkis shrewd businesswoman, and a bit of a hoarder. Shes eccentric and bubbly. (2 posts)
Jet of Phaendar

Female Human (Varisian/Shoanti Descent) Friendly and easily approached. Has an eye for detail (4 posts)
Alviana Shadowsworn

works and lives at Santuary (#7) as Cleaning Lady---Sick---Missing Katreza is an aging half-orc. she has a wasting disease that seems uncurable. Is known to have a lot of knowledge about the area and history friends with Brinya (11 posts)
Keth Longstrider

Male Half Orc Male 1st Druid | HP:12/10 | AC:13 (10 Tch,13 FL) | CMB +1 CMD:11 F: +3, R: +1, W: +6 | Init: +2 | Perc: +6, SM +3 | Speed 30ft | Active conditions: none. (266 posts)
Kilain Gravendak

Male Dwarven 1st Cleric 10/10; Init+1; Perception+6(+8); AC 15/14/11; Fort +4; Reflex+1; Will +5 (306 posts)
Kining Blondebeard
Kining of Phaendar

Dwarf Female ran Trading Post and Smithy Unpleasant gruff and smart mouthed (3 posts)
Smaar Janderfut

Male N Human Expert/Warrior 2 | HP: 11/11 | AC: 15 (12 Tch, 13 Fl) | CMD: 14 | F: +3, R: +1, W: +2 | Init: +1 | Perc: +4, SM +0 | Speed 30 ft | Active conditions: none (1 post)
Malcolm of Trunau

One of Halgra's children. I am a member of the Militia and live at Longhouse Im hard working and brash (2 posts)
Antero Ikonen
Master of Stores Kessen Plumb

Works and lives at The Longhouse (#8) Hes always worried and takes hisresponsibility to the utmost seriousness. Is convinced theres always going to be an Orc attack (4 posts)
Jeb Graden

I run the open bazaar at Barterstone (#5) and live at The Boarding House (#20) with my son he's friends with Jess Gorkis Meeson. hes amiable and charismatic always looking for a way to make money (7 posts)
Miss Ruby

I am the Daughter of Halgra and live at The Ivory Hall (#2) I am being trained at The Commons (#4) I spar with Amelia, and all the guards look out for me. I have a crush on Othdan (9 posts)
Gadka Burtannon
Morinn "Alskazi Du'Durazi"

NG| Male| Dwarf (Strong Blooded)| Rogue-Ruffian| 1 20/20| AC:18| FO:+5 RE:+8 WL:+6| Perc:+6| Stealth: +5 Spd:20| Active Conditions: none |Exploration: Scout (16 posts)
Vane Oreld
Oreld Vane

Female Half Orc (2 posts)
Kalbio of Breezy Creek

I am merriman's son and help him at Barterstone (#5) and missing. barely 15 he takes an avid interest in his fathers business and he knows Amelia and likes Ruby. (5 posts)
Jakardros Sovark
Patrol Leader Jagrin Grath

I run Patrols out of Trunau alternating with Omast Frum. When not out, I live at The Longhouse (9) after losing his wife jagrin became very morose. he has thrown himself intohis work stopping orcs. Lessie is interested but hes oblivious (3 posts)
Duke Arvanoff
Patrol Leader Omast Frum

I run patrols out of Trunau alternating with Jagrin Grath. When in town I live at The Longhouse (#9) Oldest Fighter in town. his children have all left. looks out for all the kids in town as if theywere his own. prideful of his job (12 posts)
Infiltrator's Onyx

N| n/a| Tiny Construct| Hover Drone| 1| HP:10/10 | EAC:14 KAC:14| FO:+0 RE:+5 WL:+0| Perc:+3| Stealth: +3 Spd:30 Fly: 30| Active Conditions: none (38 posts)
Zokar Elkarid
Rabus Clarenston

Im The Bartender/Owner of The Establishment 'The Killing Ground' (#15) and reside the the adjoining building) A true sourceof rumors and information he knows the guards schedule better than the guards and looks out for them. (3 posts)
Neolandis Kalepopolis
Randal Tullmoor

NG| Male| Human | Brawler 1st| Conditions Human 15/15| AC:15 (FF12/T13)| FO:+4 RE:+4 WL:+2|Initiative: +3| Perc:+5| Stealth: +2 (42 posts)
Rhyna of Phaendar

Female Human 2nd Adept of Erastil (3 posts)
The Man of 1,000 Stitches
Samuel Gerradin

Im The Wainwright in town and reside at #17 A very grumpy and highly prejudice vs Half-Orcs individual. He wont hire them because he feels they are untrustworthy (5 posts)
Belkzen War Alchemist
Screed Gorewillow

Male Half-Orc 4th Alchemist (0 posts)
Sergeant Kurst Grath

Im The Youngest son of Jagrin Grath and live at The Longhouse (#9) I run the towns defenses during the day reporting to The Patrol leader in Town always in Rodricks shadow, he has a bit of a competition problem trying to prove himself to his father. (11 posts)
Sahuagin Baron
Shad Ogroshk'ik

N| Male| Sahuagin | 2nd Slayer| Sahuagin 20/20| AC:16 (F-20) (FF13/T13)F-17| FO:+5 RE:+6 WL:+2|Initiative: +7| Perc:+7| Stealth: +8 (75 posts)
Sidney 'Sid' Granger

Im a a baker working at #22 Im a personal friend of Imara. Im steady and cautious. friendly and honorable (4 posts)
Silvermane of The Thorns

resides at Hopespring (#11) mute, watchful. careful. friends with the Chief Defender and very few others. (7 posts)
Knight of Ozem
Sir Brantos Calderon

I live and work at Sanctuary (#7) gave up a good post at a frontier fort to follow Tyari Varvatos here. hes smitten and dedicated to furthering her dream (4 posts)
Friendly Fighter
Stave Rogars

Male Human 1st Champion (17 posts)
(6 posts)
Ekaym Smallcask
Timerus A'Conal

Male Half Elf 7th Sorcerer {Destined Bloodline} [ HP: 52/52 AC: 17 T: 15 FF: 13 | Fort +4, Ref +5, Will +5| Init +3 Perc:+4] (207 posts)
Veld of The Fang Wood

Male Orc 3rd Skald (2 posts)
Riding Dog

Male Wolf Male Animal | HP:16/15 | AC:14 (12 Tch,13 FL) | CMB +2 CMD:14 (18 vs Trip) F: +5, R: +5, W: +1 | Init: +2 | Perc: +8, SM +1 | Speed 50ft | Active conditions: none. (92 posts)