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Full Name

Kilain Gravendak of Clan Quarrymaster of The Hammer Halls




1st Cleric 10/10; Init+1; Perception+4; AC 17/11/16; Fort +3; Reflex+2; Will +6




Medium (4'5" 206lbs)


60 years

Special Abilities

Dwarven Racial Traits- 60' Darkvision, Stonecunning + others


Lawful Good




Dwarf, Taldane (Common)


Acolyte For Temple of Clan Gravendak & Relic Recovery

Strength 18
Dexterity 12
Constitution 12
Intelligence 9
Wisdom 18
Charisma 10

About Kilain Gravendak

AC 17/FF 16/Touch 11
+4 Dodge Bonus vs Giant Subtype (Ogres, Trolls, Giants)
HP 10/10.
FO: +3 RE: +2 WL: +6
+2 to resist Poisons, Spells, and Spell-Like Abilities
CMD: 15/19 vs Bullrush or Trip

Init: +1 BAB: +0 CMB: +4
Warhammer Att: +4 Dam: 1d8+4 Crit: 20/x3 Bludgeoning
Light Crossbow Att: +1 Dam: 1d8 Crit: 19-20/X2 Range: 80 ft Piercing
20 Bolts
Dagger Att: +1 Dam: 1d4+4 Crit: 19-20/X2 Range: 10 ft Piercing/Slashing
Acid Dart Ranged Touch +1 1d6+1 Crit: 20/x2 Range: 30 ft. Available: 6 used-1
Artificer's Touch {vs Constructs/Objects} Melee Touch +1 Hit 1d6+1 damage Bypassing Hardenss/DR 1 (Cl Lvl) Available: 6 Used-0
+1 to hit Humanoids of the Orc and Goblinoid Sub-Type.


Darkvision (racial): 60 feet in black and white
Stonecunning (racial): +2 to Perception vs unusual stonework. Can make search check if walking within 10 feet of such. Can be used against Traps & Hidden Doors.
Weapon Familiarity (racial): Proficient with Battleaxes, Heavy Picks and Warhammers. Weapons labled as Dwarven are martial weapons.
Stability (racial): +4 on checks to avoid bull rush or tripping if both feet are on ground.
Hardy (racial): +2 to resist Poisons, Spells, and Spell-Like Abilities
Slow and Steady (racial): 20' movement. This is not lessened by encumbrance or armor.
Hatred (racial): +1 to hit Humanoids of the Orc and Goblinoid Sub-Type.
Defensive Training (racial): +4 Dodge Bonus vs Giant Subtype (Ogres, Trolls, Giants)
Lorekeeper (racial): Gain +2 Racial Bonus to Knowledge (History) that pertain to Dwarves and their enemies. They can make untrained skill checks with this skill. This replaces the Greed Racial ability
Languages (Race): Dwarf, Taldane --Common
Guardian of The Forge {Religion-Torag Trait}: Sacred Duties are to protect the faithful, take lessons from the great craftsmen and strategists of the past, and prepare against dark times. Receive a +1 on both Knowledge Engineering and Knowledge History. Since Knowledge History is already a Cleric Class skill Knowledge Engineering will be a class skill as well.
Deft Dodger {Combat Trait}: +1 to Reflex saves.
Weapon Proficiency (Cl1): Proficient with all Simple Weapons and with the Warhammer (Torag's Weapon)
Armor Proficiency (Cl1): Proficient with all Light & Medium Armor and Shields, except Tower Shields
Aura of Law and Good (Cl 1): Faint aura of Law and Good per CR page 266. At 2nd goes to Moderate.
Channel Energy (Cl 1): Can Channel Positive Energy in a 30 foot burst to heal the living or injure the undead. This can be done 3xday Used: 0 (3+ cha mod). Heals 1d6/injures 1d6 with will save DC 13 for half.
1st Domain (Cl 1) Earth: Kilain has mastery over earth, metal and stone. As standard action can unleash an Acid Dart targeting any foe within 30' as a Ranged Touch (+1 to hit) damage is 1d6 +1 (per 2 levels of cleric) Can be used 7xday (3+4 for wis) current- 6 Used-0. Domain spells 1-Magic Stone
2nd Domain (Cl 1) Artifice: Kilain can repair damage to objects. Artificer's Touch (Sp): Cast Mending at will using Cleric Level (Current-1st) as caster level. In addition can cause damage to objects and constructs by striking them with a melee touch attack. (+1 to hit current) Objects and constructs take 1d6 +1 for every 2 levels (Current 1d6+1) This attack bypasses damage reduction and hardness = to Cleric Level (current 1st) Can be used 7+ wis mod (+4) xday = 6/day Domain Spells 1st: Animate Rope
Orisons (Cl 1) Can cast 0 level spells prepared unlimited times.
Selective Channel (1st): Can exclude 1 living creature from healing bursts.
Favored Class: Cleric - 1st level- skill rank


2 per level

Acrobatics- Armored: -3 /Unarmored: +1
Appraise[C]- -1
Bluff- +1
Climb- Armored: -3 /Unarmored: +1
Craft[C]- -1
Diplomacy[C]- 0
Disguise- 0
Escape Artist- Armored: -3 /Unarmored: +1
Heal[C]- +4
Intimidate- 0
Knowledge- Arcane[C] n/a
Knowledge- History[C] +3 Dwarven History: +5
Knowledge- Nobility[C] n/a
Knowledge- Planes[C] n/a
Knowledge- Religion[C] +3
Linguistics[C]- n/a
Perception- +4
Perform- +1
Profession- n/a
Ride- Armored: -3 /Unarmored: +1
Sense Motive[C]- +4
Spellcraft[C]- n/a
Stealth- Armored: -3 /Unarmored: +1
Survival- +4
Swim- Armored: -3 /Unarmored: +1
Use Magic Device- n/a


Concentration: 1d20+4 Overcome SR: 1d20+1
0 level Orisons 3+ Domain
Mending (Domain)
Detect Magic
Create Water

1st Level Spells 2+1 domain
*Cure Light Wounds
(*can be spontaneously cast from non-domain spells)
Cause Fear
Divine Favor
Magic Stone (Domain)


Light Crossbow--------Back--------4 lbs-----Cost: 35 Gold
20 bolts--------------Quiver hip--3 lbs-----Cost: 2 Gold
Warhammer-------------Left Hip----5 lbs-----Cost: 12 Gold
Dagger----------------Right Hip---1 lb------Cost: 2 Gold
Scale Mail------------Body--------30 lbs----Cost: 50 Gold
Light Steel Shield----Left Arm----6 lbs-----Cost: 9 Gold
Clerics Vestments-----Backpack----6 lbs-----Cost: Free
Explorer's Outfit-----(room)------(8 lbs)---Cost: 10 Gold
Spell Component Pouch-Right Hip---2 lbs-----Cost: 5 Gold
Wood Holy Symbol------Neck--------1 lb------Cost: 1 Gold
Back Pack-------------Back--------2 lbs-----Cost: 2 Gold
Belt Pouch------------Rt Hip------.5 lb-----Cost: 1 Gold
10 Pieces of Chalk----Belt Pouch--n/a-------Cost: 1 Silver
Flint & Steel---------(room)------n/a-------Cost: 1 Gold
Mess Kit--------------Backpack----1 lb------Cost: 2 Silver
1 Bedroll-------------Backpack----5 lbs-----Cost: 1 Silver

20 Copper
6 Silver
8 Gold


Kilain is a very straightforward Dwarf. He has a stubborn streak a mile wide and does not take kindly to anyone besmirching his or any other dwarven name. He is a dwarf among dwarves. But no firmer friend has there ever been. Get on his good side, and he will move mountains for you.

Among his trademarks is his use of a subvocal "Hurrrm" which can be a question, a swear word, a statement, a voice of displeasure, an epitaph, a battle cry and whatever else comes to mind. Kilain is a master of the understatement.


Kilain, 3rd born in House Gravendak, of Clan Quarrymaster of the Hammer Halls, in The Five Kings Mountains. As is normal, The First born carries the Family Name as heir, 2nd goes in the military and 3rd goes to the church. Kilain went to the church. He has been training in his prayers to The Soul Forger and follows the tenants of the Dwarven Faith as close as possible. He is eager to serve the church and awaits their first assignment.

The Church Elders determined that Kilain was to travel to the area near Falcons Hollow and explore the old dwarven ruins in the vicinity for any relics or heirlooms to be brought back