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Full Name

Timerus A'Conal


Half Elf


7th Sorcerer {Destined Bloodline} [ HP: 52/52 AC: 17 T: 15 FF: 13 | Fort +4, Ref +5, Will +5| Init +3 Perc:+4]




5'10" 175 lbs (Medium)



Special Abilities

Concentration Check: 1d20+13 (+17 if Casting Defensively)








Common, Elven, Chultan



Strength 9
Dexterity 16
Constitution 15
Intelligence 12
Wisdom 11
Charisma 19

About Timerus A'Conal

AC 17/FF 13/Touch 15 (+3 Dex, +1 dodge, +1 Deflection, +2 Natural) HP 52/52 FO: +4 RE: +5 WL: +5
+1 to Saves and AC on surprise rounds or if unaware.
+2 to Enchantments Immune to Sleep
CMD: 15
FC Bonus: 7 HP

Init: +4 BAB:+3 +0 CMB:+2
MW Light Crossbow ATT: +7 Dam: 1d8 Crit: 19-20/x2 Range: 80'
+1 Dagger Att: +3 Dam: 1d4 Crit: 19-20/X2 Range: 10 ft Piercing/Slashing
Rays Att +7 Damage per spell
1xday on AoO gain +2 Trait Bonus


Varied Nature: +2 to Charisma
Mixed Race: Human and Elf backgrounds.
Languages: Common, Elven, Chultan
Elven Immunities: Immune to Sleep, +2 to Enchantment Saves
Adaptability: Skill Focus +3 to perception.
Keen Senses: +2 to Perception
Low Light Vision
Tactician {Combat Trait}: +1 Initiative. 1xday on AoO gain +2 Trait Bonus
Magical Talent {Magic Trait}: O level Spell cast as Spell Like Ability 1xDay. Spark (ignites Flammables)
Proficient with all Simple Weapons
Bloodline: Destined
Bloodline Arcana (1st): Whenever you cast a spell with a range of “personal,” you gain a luck bonus equal to the spell’s level on all your saving throws for 1 round.
Bloodline Power (1st):Touch of Destiny (Sp): At 1st level, you can touch a creature as a standard action, giving it an insight bonus on attack rolls, skill checks, ability checks, and saving throws equal to 1/2 your sorcerer level (minimum 1) for 1 round. You can use this ability a number of times per day equal to 3 + your Charisma modifier (8xday)
Eschew Materials (1st): You can cast any spell with a material component costing 1 gp or less without needing that component.
Feat (1st): Combat Casting: +4 to Concentration checks when casting defensively.
Bloodline Power:Fated (3rd)(Su): you gain a +1 luck bonus on all of your saving throws and to your AC during surprise rounds (see Combat) and when you are otherwise unaware of an attack. At 7th level and every four levels thereafter, this bonus increases by +1, to a maximum of +5 at 19th level.
Feat (3rd): Uncanny Casting: You do not need to make concentration checks when affected by vigorous or violent motion or by violent weather. You gain a +2 bonus on all other concentration checks.
Feat (5th) Skill Focus: Use Magic Device. +3 with Use Magic Device.
Feat (Bloodline-7th) Weapon Focus:Rays +1 to hit with Rays.
Feat (7th): Dodge +1 to AC

2 +1 for Int = 3/level
Total: 21 used-21

Acrobatics +2 (R:0)
Appraise[C] +1 (R:0)
Bluff [C] +8 (R:1) 1+4+3
Climb -1 (R:0)
Craft[C] +1 (R:0)
Diplomacy +8 (R:1) 1+4+3
Disable Device n/a
Disguise +4 (R:0)
Escape Artist +3 (R:0)
Fly [C] +3 (R:0)
Handle Animal n/a
Heal +0 (R:0)
Intimidate [C] +9 (R:2) 2+4+3
Knowledge- Arcana[C] +6 (R:2) 2+1+3
Knowledge- Dungeoneering n/a
Knowledge- Engineering n/a
Knowledge- Geography n/a
Knowledge- History[C] +7 (R:3) 3+1+3
Knowledge- Local n/a
Knowledge- Nature n/a
Knowledge- Nobility n/a
Knowledge- Planes n/a
Knowledge- Religion n/a
Linguistics[C] +1 (R:0)
Performance +4 (R:0)
Perception +6 (R:1) 1+0+0+3+2 {Skill Focus +3/Keen Senses +2}
Profession-Sailor [C] +4 (R:1) 1+0+3
Ride +3 (R:0)
Sense Motive +0 (R:0)
Sleight of Hand n/a
Spellcraft[C] +6 (R:2) 2+1+3
Stealth +9 (R:1) 1+3+0+0+5
Survival +0 (R:0)
Swim -1 (R:0)
Use Magic Device [C] +17 (R:7) 7+4+3+3 {Skill Focus +3}


Ray +1 to hit per Weapon Focus. #
Bloodline Arcana: Gain Spell Level as luck bonus to saves for 1R Spells marked with *
1st: Touch of Destiny (Sp):(8xd) +3 to attack rolls, skill checks, ability checks, and saving throws equal for 1 round. (7/8)
Trait:(1xd) Spark (ignites Flammables) (1/1)

(6)0 Level:[u]{DC:14} Detect Magic, Disrupt Undead, Mage Hand, Message, Prestidigitation, Ray of Frost#, Read Magic*.

(5)1st level:[6]{DC:15} Alarm, Grease, Mage Armor, Magic Missile, Shield*, Unseen Servant (5/7)

(3)2nd Level:[4] {DC:16} Blur, Mirror Image*, Scorching Ray#, Summon Swarm(5/7)

(2)3rd Level:[3] {DC:17} Dispel Magic, Fireball, Protection From Energy (4/5)


masterwork Light Crossbow 335 gold
40 bolts 4 gold
Travelers Outfit------Body--------5 lbs-----Cost: Free
Sorcerer's Kit--------various-----15 lbs----Cost:8 Gold
--- backpack,bedroll,belt pouch,flint and steel, mess kit, iron pot, soap, trail rations (5 days), and waterskin.
10 Candles------------Belt Pouch---n/a-------Cost: 1 Silver
Candle Lamp-----------Back Pack----1 lb------Cost: 5 Gold
Shaving Kit-----------Back Pack---.5 lb------Cost: 1 Gold 5 Silver
Scrollcase------------Shoulder----.5 lb------Cost: 1 Gold
Vermin Repellant(x3) 5gp each=15gp
2 Anti-Toxins 50GP ea= 100gp
2 Tanglefoot bags 50 each-= 100gp

Magic Items
+1 Ring of Protection 2000 GP
Bag of Holding Type II weighs 25lbs contains 500 lbs 5000 gp
+1 Dagger 2302 gold
Wand of Protection from Evil 50 charges.
wand of Cure Light Wounds 50 ch UMD DC20
Potion of Neutralize Poison 750 GP
2 Potions of Cure Moderate Wounds 300 ea. 600 gp
Cloak of Elvenkind. 2500 gp.
Amulet Natural armor +2 8000 gp.

Remaining: 4 Platinum 8 gold 4 silver


A Young Man with a look of curiosity and confidence in his eyes. He strides with a purposeful gait. he wears a white silk shirt with a high collar to shield him from winds. Black Linen Pants mark him as fairly well heeled. And High Black Boots gives him an appearance of someone who cares what others think of him. A Cloak of forest green hangs over his shoulder. Its hood down his back. Gloves of the same color are tucked into his belt. A dagger hangs on the right side of his waist, and a Crossbow rests on his back. His Light Blue eyes are constantly searching around him and his voice carries the timbre of one who believes what he says..one who those of lesser confidence will follow. His high cheekbones mark him as half elven, as do the slightly pointed ears underneath his hairline.

Here is Timerus, Sorcerer, and Explorer.


Born to a Merchant Marine Grazzi A'Conal from Baldurs Gate and a Sun Elven Scholar Lady Elverine A'Conal in The Gate, Timerus learned eagerly from both his parents.

From his mother he learned the finer intricacies of the arcane arts and about a desire to learn more. From his father the rougher life of adventure and danger.

About a year ago hed left The Gate to sail with his father. It only took 6 months before he realized that wasnt the life for him. Returning to the Gate, he joined a caravan travelling to Daggerford. There he availed himself of learning the history of the ancient kingdom of Illefarn and ended up exploring the ancient dwarven ruins.

Under Illefarn

Returning to Baldurs Gate, Timerus is approached to assist in the investigation of a Ring of Slavers bringing slaves from Chult.

The Investigation of Hydell

Returning to The Gate once again, he began pouring over even more old historical tomes and discovered a shrine In Chult. Traveling there he went searching for it and found it, explored it thoroughly beginning to make a name for himself as an adventurer...

The Hidden Shrine of Tamoachan

Within the ancient shrine, he found information about ancient races and a hidden city...now here is looking for folks willing to go investigate The Forbidden City.