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MorkXII wrote:
You can definitely do that. Just remember that if you do, you've already played an armor on the check - which means you can't use an armor to block damage if you fail the check to defeat.

IIRC, Sharkskin recharges for the effect, so that shouldn't be an issue.

Now, if you happen to have Boots of Elvenkind, however - THAT's where it gets interesting - a perfectly legal perma-bless on all your Monk weapons...

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bluestacks wrote:

- Examine Damiel's skills, powers, card feats
- Check off the equivelant totals on Feiya (and choose a role)
- Examine Damiel's deck and add up the total number of base cards, A1 cards, A2 cards, and A3 cards.

Sounds legit.

However, these number of AD# cards are the Damiel-ADEQUATE cards! So, he may have 1 AD3 item - but that could mean he has sifted through -and thrown away- 10 other non-compatible AD3 Items. In you example - if you draw two AD3 spells for Feya, and they're both Divine - would you really give her 1 of them, something that would NEVER happen in normal game?

So, what I'd do is: first, let the players select ALL the AD# cards they would actually want in their deck, then, from that selection:

- Most beneficial method: Let them *choose* the appropriate number of cards (this actually makes Step 1 irrelevant)

- Medium approach (closer to your idea): let them draw at random 2x number of cards needed from each AD and pick half of them for their deck

- Harshest approach: let them draw at random exactly the number of cards required per AD#

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Yewstance wrote:
  • Because when a character closes a location, they get to move somewhere else, it means they can be in helpful positions or move with their team to help support them (there's going to be a LOT more cards that can only benefit characters at your own location), making them feel like they're being more useful for more of the game even when it's not their turn, rather than being left in a useless spot.[/list]
  • While this is true, this is, in fact, in no way related to having to banish locations - the post-close move can just be a new rule and there is no inherent connection to the continued existence -or lack thereof- of the closed location.

    Yewstance wrote:
    This remains the only change I have heard of from the new Pathfinder which I do not like the sound of. Everything else seems quite positive except for this particular element, and I don't fully understand the rationale. I look forward to the changes being brought as a whole, but I just do not see the same advantages to this rule as I see in every other change that has been mentioned. I mostly see a smaller design space and a pretty radical unbalance of a very large amount of pre-existing powers.

    ^ QFT, that one. I don't usually resort to memes, but when I do - "I don't even..."

    The following two are perhaps the more egregious CONs against this mind-boggling change:

    Yewstance wrote:
  • This rule will be difficult to apply to older Adventure Paths... or have to be outright ignored. Not only do locations that have permanent effects when closed (or keep certain cards in play when closed) have issues, but virtually any card that says "shuffle this into a random location" or "display this next to a random location" have functionally changed a lot.

  • If a character wants to remain safe from area-of-effect attacks ("all characters at your location take 1d4 Fire Damage") and choose not to explore and stay at a closed location so they won't die (say, they have no cards left in their deck and there's no healing cards left), then they no longer have that option. If there's only 1 location left open, I assume they have to sit there and risk death, even if they explicitly do not want to explore or risk anything.

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    Hi again,

    So I just went through the AP again to look over the rewards. I would like to point out 2 "issues" though they may be up to personal preference:

    - Character Power feats: I think (I didn't really check, I'm working from memory here) you're pretty much following the S&S feat distribution. One particular issue I had with that set is that -while the feat total equals RotR in the end- it's very slow to give out post-Role power feats.
    This may or may not be desired, as far as "difficulty scaling" goes, but regardless of any benefit a designer sees in that, there's a drawback that much outweighs it (in my eyes) - players are getting a lot less "play" out of their character's coolest features.

    Compare RotR that gives you the 5th POwer feat just a couple of scearios after Role and 4th Power - to create a nice mid-game boost to characters and let them get a quicker scaling up some of the Roles new "upgrade paths.
    (btw, YOU are giving the 7th power feat at end of AD5 - which is LOT more sensible than (iirc) S&S which gave you only 1 or 2 scenarios to play with (!!!) - those might as well be non-existant)

    So, I'd prefer if the 5th (and, potentially, 6th) Power feat were moved a little earlier to get some more play out of them.

    - Raging Wave power feats: somewhat connected to the above, but I feel the Order is getting too little Power feats. Again, difficulty balance may very well be your main concern here, but since the Order has a price tag attached and is (imho) primarily intended as a contingency for parties that are under-equipped for a particular scenario's recquirements - I don't thing more power feats here would be over-powered, to allow characters to (sensibly) delve into more of the upgrade paths.

    More importantly - by limiting the use of the Order (only 5 feats VS a character's 7; I'm not counting the one-off AD6 reward here), I feel you're under-utilizing one of your "unique selling points" and I'd prefer I could get some more mileage out of that one.

    So, I'd recommend you at least give out a power feat for AD0 (consistent with characters also gaining a power feat) - the AD0 completion scenario is even called "Order of the Raging Wave" after all! - if not for 5-3 as well.

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    Doppelschwert wrote:
    Longshot11 wrote:
    Hiro Yamashi: “your check that lists Diplomacy” – either “Diplomacy check” or “check against a card that list Diplomacy in its checks to acquire or defeat” (quite the mouthful that)?
    I agree with you, but the main issue is that I want the power to affect the scenario check in 5-E regardless of whether you choose Diplomacy or Charisma.

    I see. In that case,"When you fail a Diplomacy check..." covers you for 4-A, but for Hiro (so he can service your needs for 5-E) - what you're looking for is:

    " may add... to your non-combat Charisma or Diplomacy check."

    Doppelschwert wrote:
    - The Hall of Champions has 4 weapons you can acquire (with the help of the Raging Wave if needed be) in order to close it, so if you don't have any, you can refuse to close after encountering the henchman to have enough opportunities to acquire one of those

    Oh, I totally forgot there're weapons in Hall of Champions, and spaced out on the "use Raging Wave" again.

    Doppelschwert wrote:
    I guess the bottom line is that as written, they do allow mass movement, but I'm fine with everyone deciding on their own if they'd rather disallow it.

    To me, the issue is not disallowing it, bu rather that the way the Scouts were written, I wasn't clear that you were allowed to mass-move with them in the first place. I'll understand if you don't want to bother, but I think a line of explanation to that effect in the Scout section of the Rules (the card is too crowded already) would only be a benefit.

    Thanks again for all your hard work!

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    Keith Richmond wrote:
    Please work with Customer Service to get any such deck addressed. In the meantime, the blog post contains all of the Reiko information and here are the two cards you're missing, if I understand correctly:

    Thanks, Keith. I'll reach out to CS and thanks for the item quotes. Hope not too many decks have been affected.

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    Thank y'all for the input!

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    Yewstance wrote:
    Longshot11 wrote:
    - the last(?) 4 items in the wrap were wrapped *at the front* of the deck, before the weapons
    I don't have my Ultimate Equipment deck yet (sometime this week, fingers crossed), but I'd just like to say that I've had that particular issue with the cards wrapped in such a way for at least 4 different class decks.

    I've had this too, with no missing cards either - but I thought I'd mention it in case it's related and/or helpful in tracking down the issue.

    Yewstance wrote:
    Secondly, there's Alchemist's Kit in Ultimate Equipment!? What the hell!? That means Skizza can use it and break the game again with "infinitely re-use any alchemical item he wants" from an empty hand whilst immune to damage.

    Could you elaborate on that please? From what I see - Skizza will discard the AK to draw 1d4+1 of his discarded Alchemical Items (potentially including the AK itself). While admittedly powerful, it's not what I'd call game-breaking (indeed, short of an "infinite explores" Twitch Tonic!) ?

    We do agree that you CANNOT discard AK to draw Items AND then using them during an encounter (so you can't use them "from empty hand" and you're not "invulnerable to damage"), right?

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    Oooh, I get it! She's a ninja, and so she's invisible and I never see her coming! Hahah. Hilarious, really. Seriously, though - where's my ninja?

    I got my Ultimate Equipment deck, and wouldn't you know it - no Ninja in sight! So I counted my cards, and it turned out - in the "first" (Weapons, Spells, Armors, Items) of the two plastic wraps there were only 50 cards!

    Since I don't believe I'm a unique snowflake, you guys might wanna look into that. If it's of any relevance:
    - the last(?) 4 items in the wrap were wrapped *at the front* of the deck, before the weapons
    - the last 4 or 5 cards in the wrap (2-3 armors and the *first* 2 items - Alchemist's Kit and Blue Star) were stuck together and required effort separating (incurring very minor damage to the surface/back of corresponding cards)

    So, before I can get to Customer Support - I would have to ask the community for assistance. While 3 of my missing cards are Token, Character and Role for Reiko, there's no deck list to confirm the other missing 2. Since Items were spread both in front and back of the wrap, I'd assume they're the missing entries. Here's what I got:

    - Alchemist's Kit
    - Blue Star
    - Compass
    - Fireworks
    - Noxious Bomb
    - Pheromones

    Which 2 cards am I missing?

    As a bonus question - can anyone confirm if they also got a Straitjacket armor in their deck? I already have 2 of this (arguably crappy) armor from the Occult Decks, so I'm almost hoping for a misprint here...

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    So, we hit SotR last week...

    For some time, I was in panic that I had actually lost one of my cards - a AD1 Goblin Rider henchman. Then, however, I downloaded and checked both the RotR Base Set card list (6 Goblin Raiders), and the RotR Add-on deck card list (0 Gob Raiders). So, it turns out I have the correct number of SIX henchmen in my box.

    Now, while the GR should ideally have been 7 all along (the first Burnt Offerings scenario needs 6 of them - BUT there's also a Goblin Raid barrier in the box!), that's not so crucial and is a minor boon for a party of 6 - if you run into a Goblin Raid and you don't have a Goblin Raider in the box - you get a free pass!

    OTOH, the Season of Runlords's first scenario (2-1A) DOES expect you to have SEVEN goblins to shuffle in locations! So yeah, a year and a half, and an order from DriveThru too late - here's the omission in that list up there!

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    Doppelschwert wrote:
    Please excuse the amount of inconsistencies and writing mistakes; I wasn't able to properly read through the whole document again after working on it for so long and just wanted to publish it :)

    Hah, I know what it's like to go over at a text to the point where you don't even want to look at it anymore :D But that's the good thing about having a bunch of eyes on the forum that can spot some of the stuff that slipped by :D

    Doppelschwert wrote:
    Longshot11 wrote:

    Hiro Yamashi: “your check that lists Diplomacy” – either “Diplomacy check” or “check against a card that list Diplomacy in its checks to acquire or defeat” (quite the mouthful that)?

    - Meeting the Locals: “Check that lists Diplomacy” => Diplomacy check

    I'm aware of the wording, but I want the bonus to also apply to using Charisma on a Charisma/Diplomacy check that happens before you act or that is imposed by the scenario rules.

    I get you. However, with this intent, I believe the wording is even more confusing, as Scenario/BYA checks never "list" anything - they're just spelled out as "Diplomacy check", for example. The "list" thing would only apply to CtA/CtD where you have *several* listed check, Diplomacy is one of those check, but you're attempting a *different* check (or a card manipulation that's not related to a check; say, a power "You may automatically acquire an ally that lists Diplomacy in its checks to acquire" - but I think this part obviously is not the intent for Hiro/Meeting the Locals powers).

    In all other instances, you're already attempting a straight-up Diplomacy check (including, say, using Imrijka's Strength skill for Diplomacy) - and that's already traditionally covered by the PACG template "on/to your Diplomacy check"

    Doppelschwert wrote:
    Longshot11 wrote:
    -> Starting this scenario with a displayed Curse of Flesheaters is incredibly punishing for small parties, and downright homicidal for solo play. You may want to consider introducing a way to remove this Curse before the end of the scenario
    Defeating a Witch Doctor henchman allows you to remove a card that has the curse trait; it's usually enough to quickly tear through one location to get rid of it in time.

    Oh, thanks! I had forgotten about that!

    On to the last portion of notes:

    -AD5/Epilogue: “vulcano” -> volcano

    -AD5: “etheral” -> ethereal, “it’s strength” -> its

    -5A is called “Smooth-…”, instead of “Brazen-…” (as it correctly appears in the scenario list for AD5); “trying to life up” -> live up
    -> Barracuda Aiger was examining the whole location, right? Otherwise, this is one very random condition for the Sidequest
    -> this scenario reminds me of the dreaded Siege of Drezen, but there beating an Army was closing a location automatically. Since here characters have no control over which locations to explore, there may be a bit too much for a single character’s “closing” turn – a typical Close Location would consist of 1) Defeat a ship (most characters won’t have Survival) 2) Complete “To Close” condition (most characters won’t be well-suited for their particular location) 3) Defeat a villain. Maybe consider a mechanic to allow another character to take on one of those challenges?
    ….Aaaand it just occurred to me, this may be the first time where using the Raging Wave seems almost mandatory. If that’s the intent – disregard my rambling.

    -5B – what is the point of Yamashi Scouts being anchored? Can I not use them at other locations? From your previous explanation, I gathered that they just display, and may be used by any player, anywhere?? (same note applies for 5C too)
    - “it’s difficulty” – its difficulty
    - The Blink Spider Trigger seems a bit counter-intuitive to me – I’ve literally done what the scenario told me, “stay on your toes”, and I get *easier* to ambush as a result?!? I think it would’ve been better if the Spiders were harder by default – but if you Trigger them, you get to ignore that difficulty boost.
    - “When you encounter Kaze…” – it is not clear if I should encounter Aquatic BEFORE or AFTER I’m done with the Kaze encounter

    -5C – Just to make sure, I only ever need to close 2 locations here – 1 character’s Murderhold, move him to Hall of Champions, then close Hall of Champions and encounter Takeshi?
    - it just occurred to me that Water Yai are disproportionately cruel towards Alchemists, but that’s probably OK…
    - I don’t have the card on hand, but just as a heads up – Murderhole and Hall’s “To Close” conditions shouldn’t be too restrictive for a wide array of characters (can’t remember what those are right now)
    EDIT: And I just checked them - this scenario seems to hit casters hard (3 consecutive combats to close a Murderhole!) AND it may turn out downright impossible for some of them to "win"(need 1 weapon for Hall of Champions); furthermore, it's still severe for more Melee/Ranged -oriented guys - they need to have on hand one weapon To Close HoC, one weapon (presumably) to fight the Honorable - and that's not including the need to possibly discard/recharge a weapon for the HoC Henchman fight.
    This, and a couple of other scenarios, make me think if maybe when you say "When you would close a location" you actually meant "When you would attempt to close a location"?
    Otherwise, could I suggest some alternative combat/To Close conditions for caster? (Say, a Seoni who hasn't taken a Weapon feat would just drag the party down in this scenario - she has no chance to close HoC and will just have to do "empty turns").
    Alternatively, maybe at least the Takeshi encounter shouldn't be forced On Closing, but rather "When Hall of Champions is closed, at the end of your turn you may summon and encounter Takeshi" - so that characters can "catch their breath" before the final encounter?
    At any rate, since you tested that with your friends, I'd be curious about how your experience went, as I'm theorizing here.

    -5-D: “it’s checks to acquire” – its checks
    - this scenario seems quite punishing for dedicated casters. Granted, it’s “thematic” but people will have to go through the same number of locations, with some of their party severely handicapped… It’s difficult to judge impact without a playthrough though.

    - 5E: “Masao’s henchman” – henchmen

    - AD6: “Masao and his henchman” – henchmen; “Sayaka and their henchman” – “and her henchmen”; some capitalization needed in the Scenario List (just to make sure, make another pass for this on all Scenario Lists/Names – there are different “style guides” in English on this, AFAIK, so I won’t presume to speak on all instances); the name of 6A features “anway” instead of “anyway” (also, where’s my Skill Feat reward for spotting Pirates of the Caribbean references? :D

    - 6-A: Reward – random plunder seems a bit underwhelming at this point, maybe add a “with AD# of 4 or higher” provision?
    6B: “by the islands guardian” -> “by the island’s guardian”; “tempering” -> tampering; on the back of Hirgenzosk’s Tummy: “ignore it’s powers” -> its
    - There’s something that bugs me about this scenario: on one hand, players want to spread as much as possible, or otherwise Hirgenzosk is going to take huge bites off the Blessings Deck each time he’s encountered (due to him being “auto-undefeated”). OTOH, the optimal strategy seem to be to get everyone ASAP in Hirgy’s belly, have them grind through all the card within, and remove his “invulnerability” – but this would currently require 1 “undefeated Villain” encounter per player!
    I think I would like to see (and also from a thematic standpoint!) the scenario power changed to “After you encounter Hirgenzosk, any player at your location may bury their discard pile to move to Hirgenzosk’s Tummy. I.e. – some of my buddies may be exploring the Shackles on foot, but those of them who are with me on the Shirofune when I fight the turtle are just as capable of jumping into its mouth as I am. Gameplaywise, thiswill offer the dilemma – do we spread out for temp closes and count on only 1 or 2 characters to gring through the Tummy, or do we bunch up – we’ll take a huge loss of timer the first time we fight Hingy, but we’ll also be able to take on the Tummy together (while minimizing risk of Hirgy encounter in his invulnerable state)

    -6C: “to enter Gannet Island” -> to approach; “if it’s location” -> “if its”

    - 6D: “from it’s prison” – its prison;
    - It strikes me as really odd that having beaten Masao’s henchmen MORE badly (completing their Sidequests) actually makes them STRONGER. Or is it a mistake, and they should gain a feat if I HAVEN’T completed both their quests?!?
    …Aaand I just saw the Reward, so turns out this is actually a blessing in disguise? So, disregard the above.

    -7A: There’s no point in restricting the “Devil conversion” to Human monsters only (as in, why would a Half-elf not be a Devil? I imagine the “random monsters” here just represent various incarnations of summoned Devil creatures) Furthermore, they should most definitely gain the Outsider trait as well!
    - the Win condition would probably be better worded as “You win the scenario when the siege deck is empty…”
    - It is not clear if players are allowed to move between locations: there ARE “other open locations” besides the “Shrine of Sealing” a character’s at, but they’re ALSO “Shrines of Sealing”. So, it’s unclear if the ATL text means “other than THIS Shrine of Sealing”, or “other than LOCATIONS NAMED Shrine of Sealing” (this note also goes for 7B)
    - In the Henchmen table, Drowning Devil and Magaav Assassin are separated in way that’s not usual – why is that? I am unclear on how many of which henchman I’m supposed to shuffle in the Siege Deck.
    - To be clear: I’m NOT shuffling the banes from the Shrines into the siege deck, correct?

    -EPILOGUE: double “in in” in the first sentence; “extoic” -> exotic; “surrounding” -> around;

    I think that's about it for now. I'll probably skim a couple more times over it (just reading it made me feel like I was on an epic adventure!), so I'l write back if I come up with anything else. Cheers!

    EDIT: Also, this note applies to "The ARt of Shipping":
    - “You win the resource stack contains AT LEAST…” – since I will be adding those cards to the stack only 1 at a time, this leaves me unsure if I’m allowed to continue playing even after I have gained 3x Boon Type. If so, maybe something like “When the resource stack contains at least 3…. you MAY win the scenario”

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    This is my second portion on notes.

    First, Doppelschwert, let me say that this is a great work, and I regret that I'm in the middle of another campaign and can get it started immediately! The things you've done with the Shirofune, the Raging Wave, and the Sidequest are awesome, and deliver the level of diversity and innovation I would expect from the official products! (Also some of them are pretty close with things I've been tinkering with in my homebrew games, so if someday I muster the time to write an AP like this - I just might give you a holler for some tips :D

    One minor aesthetic gripe: the flat bright-green background can get too much at times. While it's something you can get used to in scenario headers etc., it's always jarring on the "cover" of the AP. If you can find access to a nice -and free!- "emerald" texture, you might consider switching it in on at least the front and back covers.

    On to the notes:

    -On the Villain cards and in the story segments we have “Yasuko the Righteous” and “Sayaka and Masao”. On the (probably earlier draft of the) Sidequests card, we have “Minoko the Righteous” and “Haruka and Masao Yamashi”

    Without being sure how phantoms and hobgoblins are treated in the RPG:
    -Masao may need the Incorporeal trait?
    -Takeshi may need a Goblin trait?

    -Ice Yai – you should update his power, to specify that he only need ANY check to be beaten with 3+ to allow you to close (if that’s indeed the intent).

    -AD2 Scenario List/Scenario Names - capitalization of some words (that issue seems to pop up through several of the Adventures)

    -Sea Devil in the Details: Your ship is anchored at Shipwreck Graveyard – but this location is not on the location list ?!?

    -Cloudy With a Chance…: Playing the PACG treatment of Sharknado I never knew I needed? Yes, please!
    “a number of Hurricane Winds henchman..” => henchmen

    -All Aboard the Wormwood: the List 1 stack always contains only a single Ice Yai, correct?
    - I’m supposed to shuffle the stack from List 2 into Shark Island – but this location is not listed for the scenario?!?
    - I don’t have the Wormwood card on hand; what’s the point of it being displayed next to a location?!? Does this prevent me from summoning it when encountering Elizmara or is there something else…?
    - “get’s wrecked” => ‘gets wrecked’ (or maybe better: “if your ship is wrecked, you lose the scenario.”

    -Ruins of Shark Island: “Masao’s henchman” -> henchmen

    -Otherworldly Reunion: “Masao’s henchman” -> henchmen; reveiled -> revealed
    - Viallain is listed as “Sayaka and Masao Yamashi”, while the card name is only “Sayaka and Masao”
    - Throughout the document, there’s inconsistent use of both “Magi” and “Mages” as the plural for “Ogre Mage”
    - Just to be sure what’s the deal with villain here: 1) I encounter it 2) I discard 1 from Blessing deck 3)I go through the CtDs to prevent taking damage 4)Villain can’t escape to his current location (it’s temp-closed); 5) I lose MORE blessings from Blessings Deck when the villain escapes. Is that all correct?
    - Displaying Umiko is purely “cosmetic” , right? Since I can never move to her location?

    AD4 overview: “finally meet him” -> met him; “back in the past, where” -> when; “hidden the Mwangi” -> IN the Mwangi

    - Meeting the Locals: “Check that lists Diplomacy” => Diplomacy check
    -> Starting this scenario with a displayed Curse of Flesheaters is incredibly punishing for small parties, and downright homicidal for solo play. You may want to consider introducing a way to remove this Curse before the end of the scenario

    -Yamashi Scouts: this card confuses me a bit – is it only a “placeholder” for the Raging Wave summon? Traditionally, powers on “ships” only apply to the person *commanding* the ship; OTOH, you never “command” a ship you’re not “on “ (and you never count as being “on” the Scouts). So, do I “command” the Scouts, even if I’m not on them (in which case – can I use them for ship “mass movement”?!?) . If not – maybe they should be reworded to the effect of “While displayed, when a character encounters a non-villain card, she may banish…”

    - Cyclops VS Dinosaur: The “return the baby” condition is extra cool, and I wouldn’t mind seeing it as a Sidequest

    -Turning the Eye / The Fall of the…- “vulcanoes” “vulcano”-> volcano/es

    -The Fall of the… - There are 7 locations and only 6 henchmen on the list; nothing tells you not to put a henchman in Eye of Serenity (which is probably the intent?)

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    Hey, Doppelschwert!

    Assuming you're again going to do an editing round or two, I'll try do go through it all and post my notes here as time permits. Here's the first portion of it:

    -Basic removal starts at AD1, and Elites – at AD4 – is that correct?
    -“parties weaknesses” -> “party’s weaknesses”
    -“can be considered as a swimming fortress … to reflect this with gameplay” => “can be considered a seaborne/floating/naval fortress … to reflect this within the game”
    -“none of the uncheck boxes apply” => “none of the unchecked/empty boxes apply”
    -“compromising of a description” => “comprised of a description”
    -“adventuerer” => “adventurer”

    Trial of Mind…: “You win the scenario once each character has AT LEAST…” – since I will be displaying those card only 1 at a time, this leaves me unsure if I’m allowed to continue playing even after I have gained 4 displays each. If so, maybe something like “When each character has at least 4…. you MAY win the scenario”
    Also, it bugs me somewhat that I will be required to banish non-Basic blessings that I could otherwise earn. So how about the 2nd Scenario power be something like “… you MAY display it next to your deck” ? That way, players can chose for themselves if they want to advance towards scenario win, OR to gain a blessing for their decks (obviously, they’d always chose to display banes)

    Art of Shipping:
    -same note on win condition as above
    -“ressource” => resource
    -“faculties” => facilities

    Order of Gentle Waves: “swimming fortress” => seaborne/floating/naval fortress
    “it’s stalwart crew” -> “its stalwart crew”

    Hiro Yamashi: “your check that lists Diplomacy” – either “Diplomacy check” or “check against a card that list Diplomacy in its checks to acquire or defeat” (quite the mouthful that)?

    AD1 Scenario List/Scenario Titles: “matter”, “usual” and “first” should be capital letters

    AD1 Reward: is it “Order of GENTLE Waves” (s it appears here and in the title of the AD0 scenario) or Order of RAGING waves (as in the card’s name and a bunch of other places). Also, “wave/s” is being used as singular/plural at different places.

    Surf War: “Broodbine Queen” => Brinebrood Queen
    -“…you MAY win” – since I can only explore the siege deck, and I gain all location boons anyway – is there a point in NOT winning after the Siege Deck is empty ?!?

    Ogre Mage: doesn’t seem to be a particular reason why its AD indicator is “B” instead of “1” ?

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    wkover wrote:
    Hannibal_pjv wrote:
    Just like above... you can use it at any phase, but if you use it to explore, it starts the explore phase.
    Huh. Another surprising answer (to me). Glad I asked. :) And thanks again.

    Just to be clear - all steps still happen, even if nothing happens IN them. So, if you're at a location that says: "Instead of your Move Step, move to a random location" - you can't play the CWB in your Start of Turn step, examine an Ally and say "I'm exploring, so I'm beginning my Exploration step" and skip the Location power in that way.

    The major rule to apply here is - "Ignore impossible instructions". So you can play CWB at ANY time, but whenever you play it outside your Exploration step - you just completely ignore any "exploration " powers.

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    eddiephlash wrote:
    Any thoughts on good class decks to use with him?

    Ahem. That's a "Her" there.

    Othwerwise, Monk CD sounds like the natural fit. Plenty of Acro weapons there, AFAIK.

    EDIT: Bwahahahhaa, of ALL the posts to get Ninja'd on, by LITERALLY a second... :D I should've seen it coming! Oh, wait....

    Pathfinder Card Game, Class Deck Subscriber


    (I don't know why you specify "a monster (one that doesn't have the Fire trait)" - it would work with ANY monster that deal you Fire damage; just as it would work with ANY damage dealt by a monster with the Fire trait encountered by you.)

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    A Paladin In Citadel wrote:
    I'm talking about encouraging public OP by having boons you can only get by playing public OP. And i'm talking about actual printed cards

    Тhis means cards that people like me (who can't attend events) will NEVER get.

    And this is exactly the sort of $%it that turned me off buying computer games. If I'm being penalized for my location, or for the store I choose to purchase from - then my business is not good enough for you. Which means *your* business is not good enough for *me*.

    Pathfinder Card Game, Class Deck Subscriber
    VampByDay wrote:
    I have a few class decks (ranger, inquisitor, alchemist, Occult 1+2, Magus). Any suggestions?

    Oddly enough, Goblin Decks may indeed be your best call for Finesse weapons, as Dogslicers don't require proficiency. (IIRC!)

    However, to be honest and from the cards I'm familiar - you're pretty much screwed with Finesse weapons is you don't have WP. Ultimate Intrigue seems to be the only deck where any of those are actually present in any significant number.

    So my recommendation would be to accept that Aric doesn't synergize with Red Raven's deck, that his combat's *always* going to suck, and to focus on the one thing the designers seem to have been betting on compensating this glaring discrepancy - Examines. And for that purpose, I can't recommend enough the Pathfinder Tales deck! Yes, it'll be an additional expense for you, but it is NOT a joke deck,and it's choke-full with great Examine allies and items! It also has a good splash of Evade to get your Aric out of tight spots, AND it doesn't hurt that it has a bunch of awesome Finesse weapons for RR!

    Pathfinder Card Game, Class Deck Subscriber
    Hawkmoon269 wrote:

    This was one of the scenarios a group of semi-fantastic goblins with an ultra-fantastic leader did in pbp last month. I'm not sure there is any trick to it, but you can read the session starting (previously broken link).

    I personally to a advantage of the promo armors that reduced fire damage as part of my strategy.

    Thanks! I'll check out the thread and I'm link-ifying it here, in case someone else is interested.

    I'm not sure however how the promo armors can help with strategy - given that annoying Cooking Eagle's appearance is entirely random...

    ...Aaand OK, going through that thread, I do see one cool trick they're using: as long as any 1 member of the party holds a Goblin card - they can just toss it around (adventure power) the players, and with some luck at least half the party will be spared the 1 Fire from the Eagle.

    Pathfinder Card Game, Class Deck Subscriber

    This is the 2-1 scenario from the We Be Goblins campaign.

    This scenario doesn't have any Henchmen/Villain. Looking at it, it seems that we (a 6-player party) are expected to grind through 63 cards (assuming no failures!) in 7 very punishing (monster/barrier heavy) locations, all the while being bombarded with nasty Summoned Barrier+Henchmen combos when we encounter a location barrier.

    I just wanted to ask - are we missing some crucial "catch" here? Can anyone who has played through this scenario give us any clever tip, or is this exactly the obnoxious chore it appears to be?!?

    PS: Also, is it just me or the PACG Society forum isn't working? I would post this question there, but the link only opens Paizo's main page...

    Pathfinder Card Game, Class Deck Subscriber
    Jacob W. Michaels wrote:
    Anyone who has been employed full-time as a designer for a game company is ineligible.

    I have to ask - does this limitation refer only to RPG Game companies, or does it extend to tabletop, computer games, toys, whatever-else...?

    Pathfinder Card Game, Class Deck Subscriber
    Frencois wrote:
    During the encounter, what card is the top of the blessing deck and what card is the top of the discard?

    The top card of the Blessings DECK is unknown, just like it always is. (Even if you have examined it - it's still, for all intents and purposes, "unknown". I can't think of powers that care what the top of the B-DECK is that don't *also* make you examine/discard that same top card).

    The top card of the Blessings DISCARD should be the card you just discarded and are now encountering (so there is no "top Blessing in the discard" - just as if you played Holy Candle on Turn 1 in response to a Lycantrope).

    There ARE some powers that let you rearrange the Blessing Discard - if they DON'T use the "examine" language (which they probably wouldn't - the B-Discard is a face-up pile, after all) they *should* be able to change the order of the encountered card in the B-Discard. Most of times, this would be 'irrelevant" to the encounter and thus - unplayable, but it *can* come into play for purposes of playing blessings with "If the top card of the blessings discard pile..." instructions. IMHO.

    Pathfinder Card Game, Class Deck Subscriber
    cartmanbeck wrote:
    Hawkmoon269 wrote:
    Longshot11 wrote:
    cartmanbeck wrote:

    Great discussion, guys!


    Cartmanbeck, can you recommend some strategy for pre-role Aric - when he can't ostensibly examine before every explore, but must be ready to deal with a henchman in the location deck?

    I'm not Cartmanbeck, and I've not played Aric/Red Raven in any form before, but my guess is that you are going to want to be Red Raven unless you know a boon is coming up that you can acquire. I'd start as RR, then at the end of his turn I'd use his power to examine my location deck. If it is a boon I feel good at acquiring, I'd switch to Aric on my next turn. Acquire it, examine my location deck. If the next card is a boon and I'm going to explore again, I'd stay Aric. If it was a monster or I wasn't going to explore again, I'd switch to Red Raven.

    I'm also kind of expecting there to be cards in the deck that let him examine, such as that Blessing of the Spy we see up there. His Mask of the Red Raven will help too.

    But that is all just theory since I haven't played him yet.

    Yep, Hawkmoon has it right as always. Until you get the power feat allowing you to change when you examine, you'll be relying more on boons that let you examine to set yourself up for the next turn.

    Thanks, guys. So, basically, it's "stay in RR persona by default" for the early game. I figured as much, but it seemed thematically wrong for the character, so I was wondering if perhaps I'm missing some twist.

    Otherwise, a couple of power feats in, I figured pretty much the same sequence as Sarcastic JAzz Hands above, and after 1 power feat into Roles - it looks like relatively smooth sailing from there. Guess Aric is just a late bloomer :)

    Pathfinder Card Game, Class Deck Subscriber
    Sithobi1 wrote:
    Looking at this mostly because of Zibini's ability to look at the top card of a location deck when damage is taken. Examined cards are explicitly not part of their decks, but the same does not appear to be true of explored cards, which seem to remain on top of their decks. Unfortunately, this means that Zibini's ability is often pointless, and leads to some other weirdness like shrieking plant triggering itself. Can someone point me to a rules citation regarding this?

    MM Rulebook, p.14:

    "If there are any faceup cards on the deck, ignore them
    when determining which cards you are examining."

    This means "encountered cards".

    Pathfinder Card Game, Class Deck Subscriber
    cartmanbeck wrote:

    Great discussion, guys!


    Cartmanbeck, can you recommend some strategy for pre-role Aric - when he can't ostensibly examine before every explore, but must be ready to deal with a henchman in the location deck?

    Pathfinder Card Game, Class Deck Subscriber
    Yewstance wrote:
    ...In truth, he does seem EXCEPTIONALLY strong, even playing Devil's Advocate as I am.

    Post-role, with the mandatory "when a henchman/villain is encountered"/"when you defeat a monster" switch upgrades? Maybe.

    But pre-role ARIC seems near useless. A PACG mantra is that you send your characters to location you can *close* - and while Aric has some pretty useful non-combat skills, guess what - he usually has to COMBAT a henchman for the opportunity to close! And he doesn't know (and is not able to learn!) his way around a weapon or even an armor to literally save his life. That Backsword and Diviner's Blight armor up there are good examples of cards that both Aric *and* Red Raven can use, but generally - either you'll cripple Red Raven's card potential so you can have cards that Aric can use, or half the time Aric will be caught with sub-optimal cards in hand (weapons with -4, armors that banish...) - I don't expect this character will be very playable with any other class decks out there.

    Also, you're pretty much funneled into building your deck around examines, though that is not necessarily a 'bug' - IF you have access to the needed cards.

    Finally, RR's "examine at end of turn" (and switch to Aric) seems mandatory, if you don't want to spend your whole time in that persona - having to discard 2 cards (hand-size difference) is a pretty big penalty.

    I'm really interested in some tips from people who get their deck early on early-game (pre-role) Aric play - as what I see seems ...troublesome.

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    Pathfinder Card Game, Class Deck Subscriber

    1. For the remainder of the Adventure Path
    2. Yes, you can. This should be obvious by the "If defeated, you MAY immediately attempt to close..." text on the Henchman. If, for some reason, that "MAY" is missing - then you will *have* to attempt the Close (but I can't recall such Henchmen in existence)
    Also, make note that some Armies in WotR say "You MAY CLOSE" - in that case, you directly close the location, without need to meet the "When Closing" requirements (such as taking Fire damage from the Molten Pool, etc.)

    Pathfinder Card Game, Class Deck Subscriber
    Brother Tyler wrote:
    why should characters be able to split sequential checks against banes/boons

    Wow. I read that and my mind was blown - "Why didn't it occur to me that I can split checks against boons!?!"

    Then I read Yewstance' quote from the Reference Sheet :(

    Now, FWIW, I do believe that the Reference Sheet text is legacy all the way back from RotR - when there were NO boons to require sequential CtA - so essentially the Rulebook and Reference Sheet were telling you the exact same thing.

    Nowadays, though, these two sources are directly contradicting each other, telling you either "This rule works against ANY (encountered?) card" <Rulebook> OR "This rule *only* works against Banes" <Reference Sheet>. Now, for some reason you may chose to apply one over the other (to "apply the more restrictive rule"), but short of a FAQ - there IS no way to know what is *intended*.

    On the OP itself, I do believe the *intent* is only a single character can attempt the To Close checks, but I can also see Brother Tyler's argument being correct (because, that 'sequential checks' part was *also* written way back when only Banes -i.e., cards that could only be encountered- had sequential checks - and that paradigm has certainly changed since). Personally, I'd prefer if 2 people could tackle the Precinct, as it encourages teamplay and presents alternative strategies to "solving the problem".

    Pathfinder Card Game, Class Deck Subscriber
    Frencois wrote:
    you must take the decision to act a certain way before knowing what the random outcome will be.

    While I agree on the Fasciculus , the above seems to not always be true (and does not follow from any explicit rule, I think?)

    Aa example would be (iirc) Corruption Demon (with Curse-like display power), where you roll 1d4 *first* and *then* decide if you want to bury that many cards (though I believe it was FAQd to be more explicit in that regard, but I be damned if I can find the FAQs with the new site layout...)

    Pathfinder Card Game, Class Deck Subscriber

    "This is especially true for Attack spells, which are represented in every single adventure deck number. "

    This was just beneath the Pyrotechnic Blast. So... is PB *really* intended NOT to have the Attack trait?

    Pathfinder Card Game, Class Deck Subscriber

    I'm not sure exactly what your issue is, re: fitting text on cards. Your new approach however suggest that I , for example, choose Arcane - and then I go through all Spells, Items and Allies with that trait to choose a boon, right?
    (EDIT: Disregard the above, I misread. The stuff below stands though.)

    So, what' wrong with keeping the old method, but simply omitting the "spell with the(Arcane)trait" part? Would that work?

    Otherwise, Irgy's categories seem fine IF you manage somehow (not sure how) to add cards with the Swashbuckling trait to the most problematic category (Acro/Disable/Stealth).

    Pathfinder Card Game, Class Deck Subscriber

    Single location scenario, all random AD5 & 6 Henchmen. Theoretically, it's possible -and even likely- that *both* HH and IM are shuffled in, AND that HH is above IM. Then, HH says:

    "BYA, summon and defeat Inger- Maggor, or Herald's Heart is undefeated."

    In the above setup - does that mean I CANNOT defeat HH until the deck is shuffled an Inger is on top, defeat and sent to the box - so he can finally be summoned when HH comes around again?

    It would seem so by the rules, but we hope someone can come up with a reason otherwise...

    Pathfinder Card Game, Class Deck Subscriber

    Pillar of Light allows characters to heal "instead of your first exploration for the turn". OTOH, Minotaurs have nasty "If it is your first exploration of the turn" powers. So, if a player heals with PoL, and THEN runs into a Minotaur - would that be his "first" exploration?

    I seem to remember a similar case with Kyra and face-up barriers, where it was ruled that even after she heals - she still has to encounter the barrier. Still, I'm not sure if there were any differences in language (maybe "encounter this barrier AS your first exploration.."?) that *could* make a difference.

    Pathfinder Card Game, Class Deck Subscriber

    Hah. Thanks! That was my reasoning as well, but then this weapon becomes ridiculously good against Armies. I'm not sure it completely makes thematic sense (the idea is that you bleed out a singular monster, weakening it for a follow-up, I suppose - and how can you bleed out an *army*?!) , but I can't help but think it says "bane", and not "monster" for a purpose...

    Pathfinder Card Game, Class Deck Subscriber

    The Sawtooth Sabre says:

    "If you succeed at your first check to defeat a bane that requires sequential checks to defeat, the difficulty of checks to defeat during this encounter is decreased by 5"

    Now, checks against armies are by their very nature "sequential" and they're most definitely NOT "alternative".

    Still would you say beating a Combat 40 with Allain's Sawtooth Sabre will drop Adowyin's Acrobatic 23 check down to 18? Rules support pro and con?

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    Mike Selinker wrote:
    Ranzak's parrot is officially named "Magic Bird."

    Nice try, Mike, bur you are fooling nobody. Not a single person on my party who has known the awesomeness that is Cap'n Bloodfeathers is reverting to a mere "Magic Bird"!

    I mean, the fact that *Ranzak* doesn't know his (her?) true name doesn't prove anything.

    Pathfinder Card Game, Class Deck Subscriber

    Cap'n Bloodfeathers as official as anything Goblin-related is.

    (I just made my DriveThru card of him yesterday :)

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    Nohwear wrote:
    Since the Craft skill seems to be used a lot in Skulls and Shackles, but not really elsewhere

    You *would* think so, but let me tell you - our party made a lot more Craft checks in Mummy's MAsk, than ever in S&S.

    I would honestly say I think you don't need Craft for S&S (now, *Survival* - that's another matter entirely.)

    AFAIK, there are no 'substitute skill' rules like the ones you ask for, but if you really want to do it - I'd substitute Knowledge for Craft on any character.

    Pathfinder Card Game, Class Deck Subscriber
    Brother Tyler wrote:
    Master_Grabnar wrote:
    I usually stay at a location until I've gone through its entire deck.
    This, I think, is a key tactical error. It may be THE key tactical error you're making.

    ^ This, 100%.

    Brother Tyler gave you some sound advice. In addition to always closing your location when you beat the hencman (which also means - never send a character in a location they CAN'T close, except if you already have figured out the scenario - you've scouted the villain and you're now boon hunting since you have lots of timer...) , I'd also recommend you outfit Seoni with Father Zantus and or the promo card Poog of Zarongel - both are excellent back up heals.

    EDIT: Also, since you're playing the app - there're are bunch of useful play-trhough videos on YouTube. You can watch a few of them to see how those guys (often also first-timers) manage it, and to identify any other possible mistakes you could be making.

    At any rate, fear not - once you get the hang of it, you won't be able to get away from the game :D

    Pathfinder Card Game, Class Deck Subscriber
    Master_Grabnar wrote:
    I feel that I cannot play until my party feels "right."

    Well, what "feels" right is entirely subjective.

    However, you already had a suggested 4-char party that *objectively* should do great in RotR. (elcoderdude gave some play suggestions above). Still, you say you "cannot win" - so to us that suggest you're probably doing something "wrong" during the scenarios themselves.

    I'm sure plenty of people will gladly chime in to help you, but we'll need to figure out where exactly are you failing. In addition to Brother Tylor's questions above:

    - do you fail from time-out, or from characters dying?
    - if time - how often are you exploring each turn? Do you regularly use Blessings and Allies for extra explores?
    - if death - how much resources do you throw into supporting a character's combat? do you have any "odds" number (say, 75%) that you're content with before rolling?
    - do you have difficulties with a particular bane, location, villain...?

    In brief, if you give us an example of how a game went bad for you -maybe we'll be able to figure out what the problem is. Your characters however are NOT it.

    Pathfinder Card Game, Class Deck Subscriber

    We're playing it "mixed": we don't add any CD's to the *box* itself, but let's say the party has acquired an AD3 weapon that nobody else wants - now, our Gunslinger can either take *that* weapon, or "exchange" it for an AD3 Weapon from her own Gunslinger CD. (In some parties, if "exchanged", we will also remove the Set weapon from the game - so the number of total boons between characters and the box remains unchanged)

    Pathfinder Card Game, Class Deck Subscriber
    spinningdice wrote:
    Ranzak fell and fights no more

    Zarongel bless his nasty little soul. He is survived by his Pirate parrot, Cap'n Bloodfeathers.

    ...Too bad, since Ranzak could at least be built for a decent flat Survival bonus. I hope your team is rocking both of those Worn Leather Caps or there can be even nastier troubles ahead....

    Pathfinder Card Game, Class Deck Subscriber

    I wish this was on a platform where I could heap like a ton of likes upon it! And subscribe it, or whatever :D I'll definitely keep checking it though!

    Now, go and play faster through those scenarios!!!

    Pathfinder Card Game, Class Deck Subscriber
    elcoderdude wrote:
    Longshot11 wrote:
    True story: people at my table would mostly prefer BotG for its versatility over BoTorag, BoSarenrae or even BoIrori - as these only add to non-combat checks that are mostly used to acquire boons
    In honor of the currently-absent Calthaer, I repudiate your group's disdain for things primarily useful for acquiring boons. Although yeah, that's totally my playstyle too.

    Oh, don't get me wrong - when the d4 STR Gunslinger encounters Flaming Ranseurs +3 - you better believe we'll be throwing blessings at it like it's going out of fashion. And we're all fans of MM's "double-headed snake" blessing (+2d8 to acquire boon). But we're 6-p - so we can often afford to bury a boon CTA in blessings; we just don't find the "this blessing *only* adds 2 dice to acquire Melee weapons" very appealing :)

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    Pathfinder Card Game, Class Deck Subscriber

    Since the Collection ships with the Add-on Deck include - it could really benefit from being described "for 1-6 players".

    Also, the Base Set + AD1 should probably be included in the description, instead of it saying "Skull & Shackles Collection" - the Collection is the *whole* package, so it can seem unclear what the bulletpoint item actually represents.

    Pathfinder Card Game, Class Deck Subscriber

    Since the Collection ships with the Add-on Deck include - it could really benefit from being described "for 1-6 players".

    Also, the Base Set + AD1 should probably be included in the description.

    Pathfinder Card Game, Class Deck Subscriber

    Since the Collection ships with the Add-on Deck include - it could really benefit from being described "for 1-6 players".

    Also, the Base Set + AD1 should probably be included in the description.

    Pathfinder Card Game, Class Deck Subscriber
    Tatak wrote:

    Is it intended that this Blessing adds a die to Strengh combat checks during exploration?

    Please consider adding the answer to FAQ. Thanks for answer

    Well, if the answer is YES, there's no really need for a FAQ, no?

    To me, it looks in line with the power-level of similar "stained-glass" blessings. Yes, 'thematically' maybe it'd be more 'correct' to only add to non-combat STR; however, when you consider the applicability of it (90%+ of its target being Weapon cards' CTA) - it becomes so situational that its near useless. So, 'theme' for 'usability' seem like decent trade-off, considering the 'staind glass' blessings are supposed to be awesome.

    (True story: people at my table would mostly prefer BotG for its versatility over BoTorag, BoSarenrae or even BoIrori - as these only add to non-combat checks that are mostly used to acquire boons)

    Pathfinder Card Game, Class Deck Subscriber
    spinningdice wrote:
    are we insane?

    In only the best ways possible...

    ...though, of course, you're just a faker. A real goblin player is supposed to post in the form of (an off-rhyme) song, where at least half the lyrics would either irk PETA or violate the Geneva Conventions!

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    Pathfinder Card Game, Class Deck Subscriber
    eddiephlash wrote:
    "Henchman" should be Henchperson

    I find this quite restrictive and under-representing. How about "Henchentity" - given how we have mindless undead, demons, outright deities, not to mention statues (!) whose whole "person" status is somewhat ambiguous?

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