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Hey there! Was invited to be a replacement! Got a Calistrian Cleric ready to go, just have to get to the machine that it's saved to! Pleasure to possibly be sailing with you all. Avast!

I'm back! I'm not a big fan of turkey, so instead I cook a peaking duck. Had my friends and family over and it was a nice time. We like to mix it up from year to year, so other than sponge cake we really don't have a Thanksgiving classic!

Oh yeah, I don't envy you at all in that regard

Started a ruins game, but never got past the first few fights! I'll see what I can whip up.

Go ahead! Send me a PM if you need me!

I've made an Evangelist Cleric of Calistria to help boost the martials of the party and provide divine support to the party. Still gotta finish up the flavour, but the crunch is all there!

Calistrian support Cleric:

Calistriann evangelist cleric luck domiain varient channeling luck
[Name] CG Cleric of Calistria
HP:9|BaB:0|AC:15 T:11 FF:14|Fort:3 Ref:1 Will:6(+2 vs charm/compulsion)|Init:+7|Perception:+4| [Favored Class Bonus Humanx1]
Str: 8 -1
Dex: 13 +1
Con: 12 +1
Int: 10 +0
Wis: 16+2 +4
Cha: 15 +2

-Bonus Feat
- +1sp/lvl
- +2 Wisdom

Skills: Rank Stat Class Misc Total
Perform Oratory 1 2 Y - 6
Sense Motive 1 4 Y - 8
Profession Sailor 1 4 Y - 8

Cleric Evangelist
Diety: Calistria
Positive Energy
No medium armor or shields
Only 1 domain
Domain: Luck
- 3+wis/day, standard action touch someone and give them advantage on all d20 rolls for 1 round(Roll twice)
Perform as a class skill
-lvl+cha (5) to DC to hear me
Performance(4+cha rds/day):
-Inspire Courage
No channel energy increase at 1, 9, and 15+Varient Channel Luck
No spontaneous spells into healing, instead:
1st level command
2nd level enthrall
3rd level tongues
4th level suggestion
5th level greater command
6th level geas/quest
7th level mass suggestion
8th level sympathy
9th level demand

Reactionary: +2 init
Birthmark: Calisria's holy symbol on the hand, counts as holy symbol and +2 vs charms/compulsions

Human: Improved Initative
1st: Flagbearer
3rd: Bless Equipment
5th: Skill Focus?
7th: Eldritch Heritage? Lingering Performance?
9th: Improved Bless Equipment
11th: Discordant Voice
13th: Greater Bless Equipment

Chain Shirt (100)
Banner (10)

+1 to overcome the spell resistance of outsiders
Orisons: Create Water, Guideance, Light
1sts: Cure Light Wounds, 1 open slot [+True Strike]

Noting commitment here

Oops! She's CG. I tend to forget about alignment until reminded. I think it's a little silly Barbarian's can't be lawful, but Trer most certainly isn't, so that's a moot point.

Here is my submission! Trer the Barbarian! She's an excellent frontline tank, with decent damage, and good defensive abilities to give the party some additional resilience through damage sponging, and forcing bad guys to target her. Plus, who can argue with a 55ft base move speed barbarian with 24 points of DR and a big club?

I welcome feedback, both from the DM and from other players!

Trer: Half- elf Barbarian:

HP:210(+54 when raging)|BaB:17/12/7/2|AC:30 T:20 FF:20 (Reduced by 2 when raging) DR/8-(14 when raging, +10 when stalwart) (75% chance to ignore crits)|Fort:22 Ref:14 Will:13(+2 vs enchantment, immune to sleep, +3 to will, +4 more against enchantment when raging)|Init:+4|Perception:+23|Move:55[Favored Class Barbarian Elf speedx15, HPx1, Fighter HPx1]
Str:16+2+6+1+1+1+1 +9
Dex:12+6 +4
Con:14+6 +5
Int:13 +1
Wis:12 +1
Cha:8 +0

Half Elf:
+2 Str
Low Light Vision
Multitalented: 2 favored classes
Keen Senses: +2 Perception
Elven Immunities: Immune to sleep, +2 vs enchantment
Dual Minded: +2 to will saves (Swaps adaptability)

Skills: Ranks Stat Class Misc Total
Intimidate 17 9 Y - 29
Perception 17 1 Y 2 23
Survival 17 1 Y - 21
Climb 13 9 Y - 25
Stealth 17 4 Y 1 25
Craft(Calligraphy) 1 1 Y 2 7
Lingustics 3 1 N - 4


Class Features:
Barbarian 16
Fast Movement

- +3 to hit, damage, will saves, +4 stacking against enchantments, +3 Temp HP/Hit Die, -2 AC, fatigued for 1 min after

Rage Powers:
-2: Lesser Spirit Totem: Spooky but useless, no one cares
-4: Accurate Stance: Move action, +5 to hit
-6: Spirit Totem: 20% miss chance for any attack that originates more than 5ft away
-8: Increased Damage Reduction (1/3): +2 DR- while raging
-10: Increased Damage Reduction (2/3) +2 DR- while raging
-12: Increased Damage Reduction (3/3) +2 DR- while raging
-14: Imtimidating Glare: Use strength instead of cha for intimidate, can intimidate as a move
-16: Terrifying Howl: Any enemy shaken by me must make a DC 27 will save, or be panicked for 1d4+1 rds, once per creature per day

Damage reduction equal to 1/2 lvl (8, 16 vs nonlethal)
Endure elements hot, 5 points of fire resist

Unbreakable Fighter 1
Endurance and Diehard for free

Unbreakable: Endurance
Unbreakable: Diehard
1st: Combat Expertise
3rd: Power Attack
5th: Furious Focus
7th: Stalwart
9th: Combat Reflexes
11th: Improved Stalwart
13th: Dreadful Carnage
15th: Bodygaurd
17th: In harms way

Armor Expert: -1 ACP
Highlander: Stealth as a class skill and +1

+5 Mithral Restful Heavy Fortification Agile Breastplate (108,845)
+4 Furious Greatclub (32,005)
+6 Belt of Physical Perfection (144,000)
+5 Cloak of Resistance (25,000)
Winged Boots (16,000)
Torc of Lionhearted Fury (8,000)
Ring of Friend Shield (40,000)
+5 Ring of Protection (25,000)
Masterwork caligraphers tool (55)
Sling (0)

11,200 gp

Murder Table:
Power Smack: Bab+Str+Weapon=+17+9+4=30(d10+1.5str+1.5power attack+weapon+=d10+13+15+4+1 +30(d10+32)
Combat Expertise Power Smack: See above, -5 to hit: +25(d10+32)
Full attack power attack: +30/20/15/10(d10+32)
Combat Expertise Power Full attack: +25/15/10/5(d10+32)
Raging combat expertise power full attack: +28/18/13/8 (d10+36)
Raging Accurate combat expertise power full attack: +33/23/18/13(d10+36)
*If an attack downs, free intimidate vs all opponents within 30ft

Backstory, story, and other tales::

Trer and Splatter, have made a name for themselves traveling all across Scrithengard. Moving with a speed and tenacity that would be impossible for a lesser woman, and a casual disregard for social constructs such as national borders, she moves looking for foes to fight, treasure to accumulate, and great deeds to accomplish. Many have tried to kill Trer; indeed she has the scars to prove it, however all have found their untimely end.
Particular deeds of renown include, but are not limited to:
-Winning a giant's legendary strength belt in a duel to the first blood
-Fighting an entire army of orcs without taking any damage to her body
-Spending 10 days and nights awake and alert hiding in a dragon's hoard. Trer waited until the dragon eventually dozed off, and stole an incredible suit of armor from their horde.
-Earning a boon from the Chosen of Tria, which she took in the form of her greatclub Splatter.
Trer originally hails from Greengate, and took up living as one with nature. However she wanted more out of life than meditation and preservation of the natural order. She wanted to roam the land and see what it held. More than that, she wanted to fight. And fight she did. She has traveled wide and far, either alone, or with groups for short periods. Noting that most are far less sturdy than herself, she endeavors to protect those she considers to be "squishy friends." If someone has been dubbed a "Squishy Friend," and is in need of aid, Trer will find out, and will drop whatever personal quest they were doing to help.
Between being a veritable giant of a half-elf, being adorned with armor and furs, speaking plainly, and enjoying the simple things in life, many have assumed that Trer is stupid, or at the very least uncultured. While holding some truth in that Trer cares not for geopolitics, or formal education, she can speak several languages, and has taken up Neenian calligraphy in her limited free time. Although she is self-admittedly quite terrible, she finds a certain joy in creation as well as destruction. There is equal beauty in the strokes of a brush as the blows of Splatter.
Pale skin deeply tanned by days spent under the sun, blonde hair cropped short as to not interfere with battle, and piercing blue eyes, Trer could have been a great beauty. Instead she is criss-crossed with scars from old battles, and her mouth is permanently contorted into a slight sneer, something she is completely unaware of.

Thanks for the clarification! Glad to get it all cleared up before I apply with anything. Time to make a difficult decision...

That's true, but imbue arrow has been a hotly debated topic for a long time, especially when used to apply effects that can normally only be targeted on oneself, such as Anti Magic Field. Is it centered on the square/creature the arrow hit? The arrow itself? If it hits a creature does the AMF move with them, or is it locked in the space that the arrow originally hit? I totally get it if the DM would prefer not to open up a decades old can of worms.

Oh. Uh... well that certainly incentivizes me to go with the barbarian build!

Arcane Archer wrote:
At 2nd level, an arcane archer gains the ability to place an area spell upon an arrow. When the arrow is fired, the spell’s area is centered where the arrow lands, even if the spell could normally be centered only on the caster. This ability allows the archer to use the bow’s range rather than the spell’s range. A spell cast in this way uses its standard casting time and the arcane archer can fire the arrow as part of the casting. The arrow must be fired during the round that the casting is completed or the spell is wasted. If the arrow misses, the spell is wasted.

So if I cast an area spell with a duration of longer than instantaneous, the arrow would break and my spell would end?

Oh! Quick question, do you allow for changeling racial stat heritages? If not, I can swap the race out, I just happen to like Annis hag flavoring for my barbarian.

Have two functional builds whipped up between a changeling invunerable rager type with a whole lot of damage reduction and some ally shielding potential, and an Arcane Archer/Eldritch Knight/Wizard/Fighter type who can shoot anti-magic fields at bad guys. Do either of those sound particularly interesting to you GMDQ? Or do you favor one over the other? Working on backstory for both of them now.

I will dot in, although there are already so many excellent ideas floating around!

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Dotting in!

I'm sorry, +2 to 3 stats? What's that for?


I mean I'll take it, free stats is free stats, just curious as to why?

I have here a character I've drafted up, Nikola Vujičić: 18 year old Montenegrin transfer student with something of a witchy vibe. I know we're a few levels off from getting real class levels, but I was thinking of maybe running an Unchained summoner with a psychopomp familiar reskinned as a Shinigami. Or if the DM doesn't like summoners, I'd make a pretty cool ectoplasmic bloodline sorcerer. Cribbed CucumberTree's character writeup, happy to answer more questions as needed!

Nikola Vujičić, NG 18 year old human
HP:9|BaB:1|AC: T: FF:|Fort:-2 Ref:0 Will:4|Init:0

- +2 Cha
- +1 SP/lvl
- Focused Study: Gain Skill focus at 1st, 8th, 16th

Rank Stat Class Misc Total:
Knowledge Arcana 2 2 Y - 7
Knowledge Religion 2 2 Y - 7
Perception 2 1 Y - 6
Sense Motive 2 1 Y - 6
Bluff 2 4 Y 2 11
Diplomacy 2 4 Y - 9
Intimidate 2 4 Y - 9
Athletics 2 -2 N - 0
Stealth 2 0 Y - 5
Culture 2 2 Y - 7
Craft(Glassblowing) 2 2 Y - 7

Ancient Armaic

Combat Advice: Move action, give +2 competance to hit
Deceitful: +2 to bluff/disguise, +4 at 10 ranks
5th: Feign Curse

Drawback: Oppressive Expectations: when I fail a skill check, -2 on that check until I succeed, or I fail a different check
Heirloom Weapon: Longbow proficiency
Power of Suggestion: Does Very Stupid Things
Forbidden Knowledge: Can use knowledge Religion instead of Knowledge Planes

Short Description:

Nikola is quite tall, towering over even the average Japanese male at a little over 5'7". Back home, she's only a few inches taller than the national average for women. She has long meticulously layered blonde hair that she usually wears in front of her face, eyes that are slightly too large for her, and is almost painfully thin. She favors dark eyeliners, which compliment her blue-grey eyes. Nikola gets winded from even mild exercise, such as going up a flight of stairs.

Short Personality:

Nikola cultivates an aura of being unaproachable. Her almost fanatical obsession with the supernatural coupled with her fierce glare caused some of her classmates to half-jokingly call her a witch, something that Nikola has done nothing to curb. Being familiar with many different forms of folklore, she carries in her wallet small pouches of salt, iron shavings, rice, and even a small omamori. Nikola's keen innate sense of what makes people tick make her invaluable for advice, further compounding her status as the local spiritualist.

Quirks and Flaws:

Nikola has a habit of glowering when focusing on something. Many think that she's constantly irritated, but that's more of her default expression. She is deeply asthmatic, and almost comically weak. It is one of her closest guarded secrets that she is dying.

Background Story:

Nikola is the firstborn child of Montenegran oligarchs. Being somewhat old fashioned in their views, she was viewed as a constant disappointment for not being a male heir to the family buisness. Nikola was outspoken, which sometimes brought the family disappointment, but was tolerated as long as she continued to excell in both athletics, school, and archery.
That all changed 2 years ago, at age 16, when Nikola was taken very ill. It turned out she had a form of muscular distrophy that manifested in her teen years. The change was shocking, the girl became more withdrawn, less brash, and within a few months completely unable to participate in sports. The medication that she was on further ravaged her body. When it she was finally given a prognosis of probably not making it much past 20, her parents decided to ship her off somewhere for her final years; as to avoid the embaressment of having to explain that their daughter had a congenitive disease, a sure sign of weakness. Best to have her death explained away by travel, or an accident abroad.
In Japan, Nikola lives with her caretakers. They provide far more company and support than her parents ever did. Faced with mortality at such a young age, Nikola turned to spiritualism. Her parents allow her a generous stipend, which she uses to buy large ammounts of esoterica from all around the globe.

Hooks: Nikola brought with her 2 items from Montenegro: her great to the umpteenth grandfathers hunting bow, something that gives her a great deal of pleasure to be able to relate to, and a book from her parents library written in a frustrating combination of several dead languages and cyphers that seem to detail apocrypha. She's been able to puzzle out the Latin and Aramaic parts, but several still elude her.

Why Japan? Nikola doesn't know exactly why her parents sent her here. Perhaps they have unsavory connections? She was never entirely sure what the family buisness exactly was, and was always a little too scared to ask.

Roll: 4d6 ⇒ (2, 2, 3, 1) = 8 7
Roll: 4d6 ⇒ (2, 2, 4, 6) = 14 12
Roll: 4d6 ⇒ (3, 4, 2, 3) = 12 10
Roll: 4d6 ⇒ (6, 3, 6, 2) = 17 15
Roll: 4d6 ⇒ (2, 4, 2, 1) = 9 8
Roll: 4d6 ⇒ (6, 2, 5, 3) = 16 14

Interesting. Lots of good, lots of bad. Might take 1 from the 8 and put it in the 15 for fun. Unbalanced stat spread characters can be neat.

I'd be interested. Gimmie a little bit to draft up some stuff!

Eager to escape the baleful eye of the prince, Jack follows Edwin very closely.

I'm in Massachusetts in the US at the moment, and it's gotten to us as well. Nova Scotia is far enough away that it's not that bad, but we've got an air quality warning.

Ah see, I had just made a muscle wizard with a focus on grappling! But if we've already got a white haired witch, we really don't need two of the same type of applicants!

Best of luck everyone!

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While I appreciate it Grumbaki, I already discarded my pacifistic shield-bashing ranger in favor of a conjuration wizard that is coming along nicely. I'm a fan of trying new things, and a pbp wizard would certainly be new to me! Grease for everyone!

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I'd rather not play yet another low level sorcerer, because waiting until 4th level to get my second level spells feels... bad, and was thinking about rolling up a tanky fighter-type of my own, but if arcane is what we need then arcane is what I'll play!

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Hey there folks! A lot of familiar names here. I'd be interested in making a character as well but it'll take me a little bit to pour over all the documents. Dotting in!

I've finished the crunch, working on writing up the fluff!

I got tremere and ventrue mixed up in my head. We don't have a dedicated mind bender, and charisma is my favorite stat in PF. I'd be happy to roll up with one of the more dominate/presence flavored clans as well, especially if it would help avoid overlap with feyrial!

I'm assuming that we don't need to have anything in stone yet? I've been pouring over the rules, but there's a bit to take in!

In terms of experiance, I've only been playing RPG's since 2012. Incidentally, that means I've been playing since I was 12. I'm 23 now, so I feel like that's a long time, but I totally get if that makes me the newbie! Systems I feel I have a strong mastery of are Pathfinder 1e, Mutants & Masterminds, and D&D 5e. Systems I've played before are GURPS, Call of Cthulhu, AD&D, a couple of completely homebrewed systems, Villians & Vigilantes, Edge of the Empire, and probably a few others that I've forgotten about at this point, so I like to think that I'm well rounded.

As far as character concepts go, I must admit that I am rather partial to the intelligent fighter type. However, we've already got a Brujah, who probably will have a lock on brawling and the like, and I do not want to step on anybody's toes! I'd like to play a nosferatu information broker who is capable of throwing down if the need arises. I like to emphasize that the Nosferatu are some of the most understanding/empathetic of the canites, due to their hideous physical nature. As far as predator types, I'm looking at bagger, consentualist, and blood leech. Looking forward to seeing where this goes!

I think my experiance was 20th anniversary edition? I have a copy of the 5e rules, but I don't think I've ever played it.

Apologies for the delayed response, I lost my window where I keep my recruitment page open, and forgot about it because it wasn't in my active campaigns tab.

Still interested in a Nosferatu, I'll try and hash out a few more details shortly!

Made a few Nosferatu, never got a chance to really play. Wouldn't mind actually giving World of Darkness a shot.

Not married to the Sigrat name, and haven't made enough posts yet to lock in the alias, I could change it if it'd help keep things organized :)

Spizz from Caldovan Marches here, only played Starfinder the once, but I wouldn't mind taking another crack at it!

Good luck everyone!

Hi there DM! I know it's been a bit since I pinged in, but I had time at the airport to write up this here backstory! I know you said you'd like submissions in by the 20th if at all possible, and I don't know how long this flight will take, so here's mine! All feedback from both GM and other players is welcomed :)


Sigrat LN Level 3 Human Fighter (Mutation Warrior) Favored Class HPx3
HP:36|BaB:3|AC:23(25) T:10 FF:23(25)|Fort:5 Ref:1 Will:4(5 vs chaotic outsiders/spells)(+1 vs fear)
Str: 18+2
Dex: 10
Con: 14
Int: 10
Wis: 14
Cha: 8

Human stuff:
-1 feat
-+2 str

Ranks Stat Class Misc Total
Acrobatics 3 0 N -5 -2
Ride 1 0 Y -5 -1
Climb 1 5 Y -5 4
Swim 1 5 Y -5 4
Survival 3 2 Y 0 8
Profession Soldier 3 2 Y 0 8
Craft Weapon 3 0 Y 0 6

Class Features:
Bonus Combat feat at even levels, and at 1st
Bravery: +1 to will saves vs fear
Mutagen: 30 minutes, +4 to a physical stat, -2 to corosponding mental stat, +2 natural armor
VMC Order of the Staff:
Must help spellcasters if they ask, unless they are going against my goals, or would go against existing duties
1/day Challenge: Swift action, +1 to damage against target, -1 to saves vs spells vs target when self damages it, -2 to self AC vs everything else

Human: Bodyguard
Fighter: Combat Reflexes
1st: Shield Focus Heavy Shield
2nd: Shield Brace

4th: Weapon Focus?
5th: Cut from the Air
6th: Stunning Irruption
9th: Smash From the Air
10th: Spellcut

Adopted --> Halfling ---> Helpful: Aid another gives +4 instead of +2
Defender of the Society: +1 AC when in Heavy or Medium Armor
Hells Reject: +1 to will saves, 2 vs chaotic
Overprotective or Attatched: TBD

Mithral Heavy Shield (1020)
Masterwork Fullplate (1650)
Masterwork Halberd (310)
20 gp

Murder Table:
Any attack may be increased by 2 when mutagen is consumed
Regular Halberd: Bab+str+masterwork+weapon focus(d10+1.5str)=+9(d10+7)
Power Arcane Halberd: +8(d20+11)

Future Stuff:
(Ever ready, Impossible Speed, Always a Chance, Wallbreaker)
(Mythic Combat Reflexes)
Benevolent Armor, Ring of Tactical Percision, Defiant armor? Demon bane Gloves of Dueling?


Sigrat was deeply devoted to his Lordship, Arret Fal. It was the most honorable moment of his life when he was selected from all the men at arms in the Fal household to serve as the young lord's bodyguard. He was content to do his job, and do it well. He was a simple man, and took simple pleasure in a job well done.
Arret Fal was not a simple man. As he grew up, he lashed out at the world for his sickly disposition. Sigrat, spending all his time living at the young lord's side endured the worst of it. He tried to raise him like he was his own child, to reassure him, train him if he ased, but nothing that he did satisfied the younger Fal. As the child grew into a teen, he started experimenting with diabolic practices to stimulate his growth.
Sigrat was the only one that Arret confided in. He often sent Sigrat out to collect materials, and Sigrat gladly complied, happy to provide any satisfaction to his ward. He personally didn't really know all that much about that whole devil thing, but he didn't really care much either. He was a good worker, and that satisfied him.
Lord Fal was not subtle about his practices. It was inevitable that he would be discovered. He was a cruel and cowardly man, but he had a fondness for his patient manservant. Sigrat had an idea to save his charge from the inquisition; he would sacrifice himself by claiming to be the devil worshipper.
He allowed himself to be caught during one of his missions for his lord. Under torture, he refused to implicate his charge, and claimed the whole time that he was acting under his own volition. He fully expected to be executed. But Sigrat's ward still had fondness for his faithful manservant, and managed to convince the magistrate to exile him to the Worldwound again. Sigrat was touched; the little boy he had cared for had cared for him after all, despite his dreary disposition. He resolved he would survive the Worldwound to return to his ward. After all, Arret was the closest thing Sigrat had to a son, and Sigrat was the closest thing Arret had to a father. Twisted as it might be, Sigrat would do anything to return to the young lord's side.

Adopted by halflings for helpful +2 instead of +1! Wait until I get cut from the air/smash from the air, then I can really do some effective bodyguarding.

Do you allow for variant multiclassing?

I just wanted it to scale so I could use gloves of arcane striking with bodyguard + mythic combat reflexes to bump up AC by a sizable amount. If that doesn't work, I think I'd probably prefer the extra feats at 1st, 4th, and 6th back.

I don't mind though! I'm having a lot of fun workshopping this character! It's been a long time since I played an actual fighter, so that will be neat!

Hey DM! Thinking of playing a bodyguard/magebreaker type character. I have a question about the Dragonheir Scion fighter archetype, does the arcane strike scale based on character level, or is it always stuck at +1? If it's always at +1, I probably won't take the archetype, but I'll have my crunch completed very soon either way!

Level 2: 1d10 ⇒ 8
Level 3: 1d10 ⇒ 9

Anyone feel like their character was important enough in their pre-crusades life to need/want a bodyguard?

What mythic tier do we start at?

Dotting in

Best of luck to everyone!

I just assumed GM, but I should check in: template DR does NOT stack with class DR, correct? If it does, I will want to take a template that actually grants me some.

Any insight for me? No is perfectly ok :)

I uh... did something very similar actually Ardran. I can remake it so there isn't too much competition for the same role? After all, we may be evil, but I don't want to step on anyone's toes either!

Felthún is a NE barbarian samurai. Instead of having AC, he has damage reduction. In fact, his combat plan is to use order of the flame to reduce his AC to 0 as a fight goes on, surviving off of DR alone. At this level he can have DR7/- At 6th that goes up to DR14/- In addition, every time he fells a challenged target, he can immediate action glorious challenge something else, so his damage keeps scaling the more things he kills in combat.

He's also got a pretty decent int, which he mostly uses for art purposes. When he hits 10th level, he gets pounce, which will go well with the two weapon fighting he gets from his samurai archetype.

The build only works with the sheer number of feats, and gestalt that we've been given. However as mentioned, I don't want to step on Ardran's toes, especially since you finished your character first!

Felthún Thriceslain:
Felthún Thriceslain NE
Invunerable Rager Barbarian 4/Brawling Blademaster Samurai 4 [favored class bonus barbarian HPx4]
HP:53|BaB:4|AC:13 T:11 FF:12|Fort:11 Ref:1 Will:3(5)(-2 vs charm)|Init:-1|DR-2[7]|Resist 2 Acid/Elec/Fire/Cold/Sonic
Str: 18+2
Dex: 8
Con: 17+1
Int: 16
Wis: 12-2
Cha: 16-6

+2 strength
Heart of the Sea: +2 to swim, profession sailor, can hold breath twice as long

Broken Soul(Full Cha penalty first):
-Endurance, Diehard, Great Fortitude
-10ft to speed (Washes with Barbarian Fast Movement)
-+1 Natural Armor
-Acid/Elec/Fire/Cold/Sonic Resist 2
-DR-1 (useless)
- -6 Cha, -2 Wis
-+4 intimidate, -4 concentration
-Tortuous Touch 3/day (DC 12) 2d6 slashing, 1d6 dex damage, become dazed for 1d4 rounds (save negates stat damage and dazed)
-Agonized Wail 30ft (DC12) Standard action, save or be shaken

Rank Stat Class Misc Total
Acrobatics 4 -1 Y - 6
Knowledge Local 4 3 Y - 10
Intimidate 4 3 Y 4 14
Climb 4 5 Y - 12
Swim 4 5 Y 2 14
Handle Animal 4 0 Y - 7
Craft Painting 4 3 Y 2 12
Craft Caligraphy 4 2 Y 2 12

Class Features:
Unahained Barbarian(Invunerable Rager)
DR-2 (Doubled vs nonlethal)
Fast Movement 10 (Washes with template)
Endure elements heat, +1 fire resist
-Grow claws that deal d6
-+2 to hit and damage, and will saves
-2 AC
-+2 DR-
-2xlvl temp hp
Rage Powers:
-Lesser Beast Totem
-Reckless stance
8th level take increased damage reduction. Take it a bunch

Challenge 2/day
-Swift action: +lvl to damage to a target, -2 AC towards everyone else
-Order of the Flame
-When downing an enemy, can immediate action glorious challenge, Increase damage by 2, decrease armor by 2. Stacks ad naseum
Order of the Flame: When at max HP or higher, add +1/2 lvl to intimidate
-Foolhardy Rush: Immediate action when rolling initiative, move speed if I rolled 11 or higher (Don't use)
Resolve 2/day: Recoverable when you defeat a challenged foe
-Standard action, remove fatigue, shaken, sickened
-Immediate action roll twice on a fort/will save
-Immediate action diehard(Useless)
Free IUS, and count as a monk for damage(d8)
Gunslingers nimble at level (+1 dodge)
Two weapon fighting, ignore dex pre-reqs for more two weapon fighting feats with samurai bonus feats
Ignore two weapon fighting penalties, as long as one is an unarmed strike

Human: Weapon Focus Unarmed Strike
1st: Dodge
Samurai: Improved Unarmed Strike
2nd: Crane Style
Template: Endurance
3rd: Racial Heritage Half Orc
Template: Diehard
Samurai: Two Weapon Fighting
4th: Stalwart: -2 to hit, +DR5/-
Template: Great Fortitude
5th: Tenacious Survivor
Template: Toughness
6th: Improved Stalwart
Samurai: Improved Two Weapon Fighting
7th: Tenacious Survivor

Cautious Warrior: +1 bonus to fighting defensively
High Treason: +1 to Will saves
Bruising intellect: Int to intimidate
Drawback: Lonely: -2 perception and sense motive vs disguise, -2 vs charm

Automatic Bonus Progression
+1 resistance
+1 weapon Unarmed Strike
+1 armor

Traveler's Anytool: 250
Hat of Disguise: 1800
Ioun Torch (75)
Silk Rope (10)
Mirror (10)
Masterwork Manacles (50)
Raven(Stephan) (2)
Wand of Infernal Healing (750)
1288 gp

Murder Table
Move action to reckless stance for +2 to hit and -2 ac for the rest of rage
Str+Bab+weapon focus(d8+str)(Claws get +1 from weapon focus, and +1 from attunement, third / is from two weapon fighting
Punch: +11(d8+5)
Stalwart Punch +9(d8+5)
Raging Punch*: +13(d6+8)/+13(d6+6)
Raging Stalwart Power Punch*: +9(d8+12)/+11(d8+8)
Raging Stalwart Challenge Punch* +11(d8+12)/+11(d8+8)
Raging Stalwart Challenge Power Punch*: +9(d8+16+/+9(d8+12)


Strong. Vital. Handsome. Intelligent. Those were all words that used to be used to describe Felthún. It seemed that anything he put his mind to learning, he could do easily. Martial arts, painting, long jumping, you name it. While Felthún delighted in training his body, as well as practicing high society arts, he did not exercise his willpower in the same way. Felthún enjoys food, carnal desires, wine, and other creature comforts, and dispite his rather modest living conditions, often partook in them.
Felthún considered himself beneith a standard job, and typically made his money off of selling his paintings. When money got short, he would paint more and more debaucherous things for more and more unsavory clients. If that didn't work, he would borrow money. That would lead to be his undoing.
Felthún's parents, being long since dead, and having no relatives that he thought particularly highly of, meant that no one except for local bartenders and brothel owners noticed when Felthún went missing. His habit of borrowing money finally caught up to him. First they beat him. And still Felthún laughed at them, for he hardly felt the sting of their kicks.
Then they tried hanging him. But there wasn't enough room indoors to break his neck with a drop, and so after 5 minutes of Felthún's disapproving gaze, they cut him down.
The return to beating finally took some of his cockiness away from him. Using cudgels and knives, they carved and beat at him for what seemed like hours. And still his baleful eye stared back at his assailers. He had yet to cry out in pain.
So they burned him. Finally, he began to scream, as his flesh began to sear, and the room that they were holding him filled with smoke. His beauty melted away with the fire, melted like the fat under his skin. He knew in his heart of hearts that he was no longer beautiful as the flames licked at him. And that hurt more than the endess cuts and bruises, hurt more than the rope around his neck. Straining against the bonds that held him, he raged as he had never done before, breaking them, and tumbling from the pyre. His captors, who had abandoned the smokey room long before, did not see him tumble, and as such did not know that he lay in wait for them behind the door.
His hands became as claws that day, the phlangies scraping at the meat of their frail bodies. Staggering out into an abandoned street in the werehouse district, the first person he came across screamed and ran when he tried to ask them for help. The moneylenders hadn't succeeded in killing him. But they had humbled him, and broken his spirit.
It was in the underground churches of Asmodeus that he found respite. They were the only ones willing to take him in, who recognized his physical might, who praised him for his artwork. They still saw his potential for greatness, his tennacious grip on life, the anger at the society that had cast him away. Filled with anger, self-loathing, and a burning desire to return to how he was before, Felthún swore allegiance to the Asmodaen uprising. His former glory may have been lost to him, but he could find new glory amongst these compatriots. Glory as an unpeered warrior. Glory in serving until death.

Felthún is tall, and broad. His patchwork of hair is brown. There are charred patches of skin that refuse to heal properly. He could best be described as a giant callus, often with a raven on his shoulder. However, he is also very vain, and purchased items to make him appear more normal. When those are taken from him, he flies into a blind fury, especially when confronted with his own true reflection. When engaging in sexual activities, he insists on keeping up the illusion of handsomeness. He can still fight with the grace that he used to have as a martial artist, but now prefers to rely on his absurd pain tolerence to fight like a berserker, approaching an almost superhuman level of punishment taken. He wears no armor, and takes a superhuman glee in inflicting injuries that resemble his own, spurring him to greater and greater heights in battle. Outside of battle, he's kinder, gentler, and enjoys creating beautiful things.
Felthún takes a new joy in being around animals. They don't seem to judge him the same way that people do. He has a Raven that he is particularly close to that he named Stephan. Stephan is Felthún's closest companion.

I think I'll take the broken soul template, to try and mitigate some of my high rolling on stats. Before I get too deep in the weeds of backstory, should we assume that we do have a crime based campaign trait, or not? I'd like to know if I'm guilty of high treason or not :)

1d10 + 7 ⇒ (9) + 7 = 16
1d10 + 7 ⇒ (9) + 7 = 16
1d10 + 7 ⇒ (10) + 7 = 17
1d10 + 7 ⇒ (5) + 7 = 12

Hm! Not bad at all!

Hi there! I'd be quite interested in playing! Any idea how long the recruitment will be up?

Spizz has 9 hp when full, he did not take any hits. He will not chase after them, but will wave his fist in a menacing fashion.

Any updates?

Dotting in! And I don't mind if you have a PC, as long as they aren't overshadowing anyone else. Looking forward to seeing what you decide on for build rules!

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