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Can you succeed where the Crusaders are failing?
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Hello there,

the crusaders with their rigid marching orders, dogmatic adherence have indeed held the Demonic invasion away, at the cost of most of their Kellid allies.

Here is where you come in:

--You will be a party of 5 characters.
--Whoever is closest to lawful good will be the Galfreys pointman
--You will, after coming to the Queen of Mendevs attention during the first book, act as the Crusades major black ops team. Taking out threats, engaging in plausibly deniable (or deniably plausible) activities and doing other things the Crusade does not publically want to be seen as doing.
--Surprisingly enough, this part will result in rather limited amounts of difference compared to the normal module, only that you dont do much mass combat, or are particularly focused on redeeming characters (some NPCs may be trying to redeem you, some of your less them seemly contacts will have interests in opposition to that)

Basic Build rules:
--You start at level 3, during the initial demonic strike, you have banded together, performed hit and run tactics against Demon and Cultist forces, and have now heard that a position of resistance exists in the Defender heart. The promise of supplies, support and numbers being quite a lure to you. On the way towards it, you managed to get the drop on a group of mutants led by a Cultist of Baphomet named Hosila, who had some pretty interesting information on her. Information that will probably ease your way into the Crusaders holdouts, and that arguably neccessiates you doing something about the Demon occupation of the grey Garrison.
--25 point buy,
--newest Elephant in the Room version is on
--Background skills yes
--First person Paizo only
--Milestone leveling
--Wealth per level for level 3.
--HP is max at level 1. Then roll, take half if you rolled lower then half.
--All Paizo classes are allowed
--I am open to making prestige classes that would be thematic less bad.
--Pragmatic villainy is allowed, but no worshipping of Deskari or Baphomet.

Mythic mutual disarmenent convention, as too high numbers bring in the outer gods:
All of these apply for both player characters and adversaries
--Mythic vital strike is banned
--Mythic improved initiative is banned, display of dexterity or display of charisma for a noble scion build does not apply to initiative.
--Foe biter is banned
--Mythic tier 3 characters (including the heroes) get the following mythic ability for free
Mythic resilience:
As an immidiate action, when reduced to less then zero hitpoints by an attack or spell, expend a number of mythic points. You heal back, with your HP being the number of invested mythic points *10 in percent, so someomone investing 5 mythic points is back with 50% HP, someone investing 10 mythic points is back to full. Note, you only have one immidiate action per round. You can take this even if flatfooted, paralyzed, stunned etc.
--No single damage instance can do more then 400 damage.

The aim of this is to make things less rocket taggy, and hopefully make it so that everyone gets at least a turn.
--The "Beyond morality" universal mythic power is selectable at tier 1. I would expect evil characters to take it. Note, the number of NPCs with this ability will be considerably greater as well.
This is both to make evil player characters not ping as evil during most of act 2, and because its a fun ability.


Some questions before I start devising my Arcanist:

-Two traits?

-Is it ok to use Metamagic Master and Magical Lineage on the same spell?

-Can we choose Good alignments?

-Are Mythic abilities similar to Wild Arcana subject to any change? As they are, 1 MP in exchange to cast any spell in your spell list as a swift action seems a bit too good.

The swift action to cast got FAQed to being a standard action, which I think makes it fine reasonable, giving you flexibility, but no doubled spell casting.

You can chose good alignments, I am kind of going for the reserve version of WOTR with one morally dubious character, WOTR with one good guy.

Two traits, one of these to be an campaign trait, one background can be picked for an extra trait.

I would rule that magical lineage and metamagic master do not stack.

Excellent! Let's do this, then!

First person Paizo only? Books you own or books we own?

Dotting in

I’m am SOOO interested in this. Would an Asmodeus-worshiping Hellknight Order member-in-training be a good fit? Or are we looking for stealth and spy craft?

If we’re looking for spy craft, how about a Calistrian Cleric who is built to cover the thief’s role? I would eventually head into the Evangelist PrC with her.

Oh, and is experience with the Wrath of the Roghteous AP be a problem? I’m playing in a VERY GOOD team elsewhere…

I meant first party Paizo, so, no third party unless you can really convince me.

Prior Experience with the AP is no problem whatsorever.

Hell knights, Callistrian spy masters, assassins, probably led by a token Paladin all fit excellently.

@Dark one: My current plan is that Eiseth the Erinnye queen takes a more active role, as closing the worldwound or killing Baphomet would likely increase her status to full archdevil. A character thats worshipping her fits excellently, but ideally dont be a fanatic, you are still to work alongside and cooexists with the "naive do-gooders" on occassion.

Asmodeus is still an excellent choice.

Dotting :)

Thinking of a PC


LN Nanoshade (Ninja; Android) [L2] / Investigator [L1]

She is an investigator by trade and other things...

When the World wound spat its spawn, she was fast to band with the others. Ones with the wit and skills to keep themselves alive.

Three-word description.
Professional, Planner, Adaptive
I well dressed female-looking Android. x She tends to wear normal clothing and hidden weapons. She rides and tends to sue mounts when she can. She follows no god and thinks that those who do, enslave themselves to them. As a 'made' being she has a dislike of slavery in all its form. But she is not full, she respects gods because anything that powerful should not be antagonized. She works well with others, her view being "one lives long as part of a pack". Well, read she likes poetry and philosophy.

This is probably a stupid question, but I'm fairly new to the forums. The "Elephant in the Room" refers to the homebrew feat taxes system of the same name, correct? Also, do background skills refer to traits, or am I missing something?


Its this Mokmurian the Great, I think this one is the lastest.

GM_Panic wrote:


Its this Mokmurian the Great, I think this one is the lastest.

Thanks so much!

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Background skills is an alternate skill rule that essentially splits skills into standard and background. You get 2 additional skill pts per level for background skills.

Background Skills

Exactly, background skills give some more skill points to play around with, but you can typically use them for "less useful skills", of course, Bards/Skalds are fun and that list just happens to include the perform skills :).

Thank you so much. Sorry I'm not as well-up on the forum rules as I should be.

lvl 2 Health: 1d8 ⇒ 5
lvl 3 Health: 1d8 ⇒ 2

Free radical has 8+5+4=17 class hp! Well, one extra hp compared to normal!

Lvl 2 Health: 1d8 ⇒ 4
lvl 3 Health: 1d8 ⇒ 5


Wouldn't those fours be fives? Since the average of a d8 is technically 4.5, it's been my experience on these forums that it's generally accepted that "half" of a d8 is 5.

My current character concept is a rotdrinker vishkanya rogue - it seems interesting to me, and while I understand that many opponents in Wrath of the Righteous (or Wrath of the Not-So-Righteous, in this case) are immune to poison, the rotdrinker archetype, found on page 12 of the Pathfinder Player Companion Potions and Poisons book (or HERE on AoN) allows rogues to use poisons in a significantly more unconventional way. If it doesn't work with the campaign, I can easily change my character concept, which is why I'm posting it now to check.

Lvl 2 Health: 1d8 ⇒ 8
lvl 3 Health: 1d8 ⇒ 8

With a Ninja/Investigator applying I think I will work on the Hellknight wannabe. Now to decide how to build him...

What mythic tier do we start at?

Ive never played with Mythic stuff, what level does that start at and how does it overall work?

I will have to do some fiddling. But I'd like to do Don Guy. A totally not Doom Guy from DOOM. Paladin who rip and tears.

Lvl 2 hp: 1d10 ⇒ 3
Lvl 3 hp: 1d10 ⇒ 3

GM PANIC here, Still working on this but, This is the alt I am working on

Sapphire Rose
Race: Android
1:Ninja [L2]
2:Investigator - Psychic Detective [L1]

You will become mythic 1 at level 5 to level 6.

Here's my submission. Bengi is a Human archer Ranger with the Tanglebriar Demonslayer and Transporter archetypes.

She's a Sarkoran Kellid who specializes in getting people safely into and out of difficult, dangerous places.

I'm holding off on doing her background until I get an answer about using the Tanglebriar Demonslayer archetype. It's description is for Elf characters, but generally GMs here seem to be okay with using archetypes outside their race or place fluff. Is it alright for me to use it with a human character? If not that's fine, I can readily convert to Elf.

HP 2: 1d10 ⇒ 6

HP 3: 1d10 ⇒ 4

Alright, so I've got an idea developing that I want to make sure isn't going to stink of limburger...

Oracle (Godclaw Mystery, Dual-Cursed, Deaf (advances) and Wolf-Scarred (doesn't advance) Curses, leading to Hellknight Obedience (Godclaw Order), Warrior Priest, Hellknight Signifier. I will need an opportunity to defeat a higher-HD Devil to qualify for the PrC at some point before level 6.

The intent is to become a melee/tank monster on the battlefield using spells to buff himself and control the fight. He'd worship Asmodeus but would be an outcast from Cheliax due to his deformity (curses). He's devoted to Law and is accepted to the cause (because he's useful and still alive) in the Worldwound area.

(If that Dual-Cursed pairing is too cheesy I would probably swap to a female gendered Hell-Bound (advances)/Legalistic (static) pairing and still go for the same overall approach, just without the Silent Spells.)

I'd likely spend several feats on Extra Revelations (the Godclaw ones are good, the two Dual-Cursed Revelations are awesome, and one extra Revelation from Dual-Cursed before taking Hellknight Signifier won't satisfy the PC's needs!) and always be a bit short on feats as a result, but I think the PC would work well mechanically.

In the RP sense, I think a Godclaw Oracle that worships Asmodeus would be one of the most favorable types of LE Hellknights to work with a Paladin leader. The PC will be capable of healing, give respect to several LG deities, and generally be capable of working well with others. However, they would not be very nice...

Does this sound like a decent fit for the game, @Liliyashanina? Which pair of curses would you be most positively inclined towards?

Grand Lodge

Grappling monk for your consideration. Abandoned at an Irori temple, raised to beat people up. Dislikes bullies and uses intimidate. :)

@ Darkone
Legalistic encourages talking a lot and making committments, wolf faced is the opposite, meaning I prefer I greatly the version including legalistic.
Deaf also, generally speaking, discourages talking, so I am disfavored to it.

Tanglebriar demonslayer got its serial numbers filed up and turned into just demonslayer anyway, go nuts!

Hello, I'm not entirely sure what the process is for applying to a campaign. I'd like to pitch a lawful neutral invested regent. What should I do in order to do that?

Olivine1226 wrote:
Hello, I'm not entirely sure what the process is for applying to a campaign. I'd like to pitch a lawful neutral invested regent. What should I do in order to do that?

Create a character as a Paizo forum alias, fill it with backstory and numbers and post it here.

I added 4 additional possible campaign traits, several more will follow.

In line with the original campaign traits (for wotr), they are stronger then normal traits and basically worth a feat in several cases.

Liliyashanina wrote:
Olivine1226 wrote:
Hello, I'm not entirely sure what the process is for applying to a campaign. I'd like to pitch a lawful neutral invested regent. What should I do in order to do that?
Create a character as a Paizo forum alias, fill it with backstory and numbers and post it here.

Sounds good, I have a basic backstory. I'll try and fill out the numbers relatively soon.

Liliyashanina wrote:

@ Darkone

Legalistic encourages talking a lot and making committments, wolf faced is the opposite, meaning I prefer I greatly the version including legalistic.
Deaf also, generally speaking, discourages talking, so I am disfavored to it.

Message received - I will work on the PC with Hell-Bound/Legalistic today.

Edit: I really like the "Hell's Reject" trait! Totally taking that one!

Added another fae specific trait. Really likeing the flavor of that one actually. It may be too strong, but its once per day and should make for great stories.

Note, 2 traits, "Stabbing contest" and "First World, last Word" are probably stronger then the others, but they do require bookkeeping that the players have to do "Stabbing contest" and a pretty reasonable sense of humor for the Fae one as you will have occassionally come up with realistic but humorous descriptions of the traits result.

This will be the character I use, an Inquisitor of Calistria that worked as an enforcer and protector of the temples, having been taken in as an orphan to the faith.

Something along the lines, she is here due to her more recent methods being far more than the faith can handle, and for atonement, set out upon to crusade.

I'm withdrawing my prior submission Bengi in favor of Wyneiss. Still a Ranger (Tanglebriar Demonslayer/Transporter), just a change from Human to Elf along with the associated details.

Haha, liking the "other guys" vibe. Maybe a hardline Inquisitor of Iomadae, go LN, anti-Chaos more than good-vs-evil.

Here's my submission - a Mendevian scholar of the church of Iomedae who volunteered for the Crusades on the basis of his religious conviction, but is now suffering a crisis of faith. Gave him the rogue class with some skill ranks in Linguistics and Knowledge (religion), as I think that best represents a scholar who took neither the path of the wizard nor the path of the cleric.

Hey DM! Thinking of playing a bodyguard/magebreaker type character. I have a question about the Dragonheir Scion fighter archetype, does the arcane strike scale based on character level, or is it always stuck at +1? If it's always at +1, I probably won't take the archetype, but I'll have my crunch completed very soon either way!

Level 2: 1d10 ⇒ 8
Level 3: 1d10 ⇒ 9

Anyone feel like their character was important enough in their pre-crusades life to need/want a bodyguard?

raw it stays at just +1 forever, although you do get a +d4 of your chosen energy type at level 4.

It could still be value as you qualify for mythic arcane strike at mythic 1, and mythic arcane strike can be used to add any weapon quality, including training, so its kind of martial flexibility.

The bigger problem I see with non-Bloodrager builds using arcane strike (bloodragers have a feat that lets them arcana strike for free during a bloodrage) is that everyone suddenly has highly desireable swift actions in mythic, mythic arcane strike makes arcane strike last a minute, so that helps of course.

I just wanted it to scale so I could use gloves of arcane striking with bodyguard + mythic combat reflexes to bump up AC by a sizable amount. If that doesn't work, I think I'd probably prefer the extra feats at 1st, 4th, and 6th back.

I don't mind though! I'm having a lot of fun workshopping this character! It's been a long time since I played an actual fighter, so that will be neat!

If you are going for Bodyguard, I recommend the "helpfull" trait, it is an easy way to increase the bonus by 1.
I am waving the thing where, raw, the person you are bodyguarding against (the one attacking your ally) has to be AoOabble (he often wont be, because of there probably being cover between you and him, typically whoever you are protecting), there just has to be no cover between you and whom you are protecting.

Adopted by halflings for helpful +2 instead of +1! Wait until I get cut from the air/smash from the air, then I can really do some effective bodyguarding.

Do you allow for variant multiclassing?

Honestly, if the party pissess of a certain someone, someone with cut/smash from the air will be quite important. Note though, you cannot always assume that your friends are next to you, and you cannot always assume to not be grappled, or otherwise prevented from doing AoOs :).

@Liliyashanina: How long will you be keeping the recruitment open?

I am to make selection about the 24.01. This will give people plenty of time.

It would be ideal, and favorably received, if builds were completeled before the 20th, to give me time for review and ask back questions.

THe module has been altered, and making a level 3 character, with homebrewed background traits and an eye for mythic, is a bit more complicated then the making of a typical level 1 character.

@Liliyashanina Is there any issue with my PC purchasing a set of Hellknight Plate at level 1? It's 2K GP, so more expensive than I'd expect, but such a purchase is likely not going to be possible after we start play and is pretty central to my PC...


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