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OK. Trying this again..

New Map

F is for Fire Foe (flame bone tornadoes) S is Sarcophagus, P is portal. All elseis on your first names

Trying something new. Tell me if it works

As I don't have photoshop at hand, I am trying to use google to make maps. Crude, but they give some spatial info. Let me know if I need to move yup

>google sheet<



A couple of things: The numbers are just for me to track which ghoul gets what. The gold stars are tunnel openings. Also, I kind of goofed. This fortress has no gravity. There are also tunnel entrances top and bottom of the sphere. I'm going to adjudicate that there is LIGHT gravity, and you can reach whichever tunnel entrance you want, but we don't have to deal with zero-gee fighting penalties

So I decided to just put you on the map. I'll update the ghouls attacks soon

Map with everyone on it


I'll finish up the rest on the map soon

I'm working on a map. Ill need to know your entry plan

Sorry for the crude picture, but the included map is chock full of spoilers

I'm reposting this so you can see the first floor. You can call any room to examine. Or go to the second floor

>Lodge Fight<

H8 is the kitchen you found ten penny in

Updated map


Cartographer Monkey wrote:

Many of the sharkmen look very wounded. pale red blood squirts from their greyish hide


repost for convenience

Many of the sharkmen look very wounded. pale red blood squirts from their greyish hide


OK. I am working on this. I'm sorry but I picked up a lot of extra hours at work. Here is the redone map as she stands.

>Lodge Fight<

Two bandits and a skeleton are down.

And I have to remember to sign up for Adobe CC today at some point

Reposting map link


My map link placeholder

new map

I should have a map up by tomorrow

5'. I'm going to likely be updating Thursday. Apologies folks, getting to the laptop to adjust the map can be tough

OK. Crude start to map, but I'm beat. Take a look, give me an idea what you want to do


OK. Here is the map. I have assumed everyone is headed south to the bandit Tristan is on. The bandit in darkness can't really be seen. The girl in the middle is the one I mentioned tied up to a tree by the campfire unconscious. Past the tree line is heavy woods, i.e difficult terrain


OK new map!


The black shapes represent racks of clothes or props. The pathways are the only really clear areas. If you wish to go into the non path areas you can, but that will count as difficult terrain, and there will be dex checks not to blunder into something.

Check it out! Look who is back!

>Surprise round



I'll work on getting this straightened out soon

>Temple brawl

Karrin's opponent is on the ground now. Karrin missed with both attacks

Karrin misses her foe, but the command FALL! makes him drop to the fetid muck on the street. Ekuur's trikal connects and a puff of flame bursts from the wepon, searing his foe. Thelnarin is less lucky. His swing goes wide.


Those who have run upstairs are now on the top deck. There are two restrained crewmembers up there, but I haven't iconned them. I have arranged the lower deck people as best I could from action descriptions.

Vilya, Magnus, Felicia and Velrissa scramble up the cramped stairway up to the Green Lady's top deck. Selene is riding full and high now in the star-stuffed tropical sky, shining a bright oceanic blue in the diamond-speckled darkness. The howls of the two tied up crewmembers meet their ears.

"Those two are tainted!" Velrissa cries, pulling a wicked-looking dagger from a calf sheath. She runs over towards them and screams

"Get to the shoreboats! We have to get off this accursed ship!"

Meanwhile downstairs...

The tangle of fallen slime zombies squelch and squick as they struggle to regain their footing. Iz readies his next attack, a splatter of greenish muck stippling his face

Round TWO! Citali, I am going to move you upstairs unless told otherwise


The icon near y'all is Velrissa.

OK. After another long mess, I have returned..


Take a look and call out a position..



This is a tight fit. I put you in an approximation of where I thought you would like, let me know if I am wrong. The stairway leads down to another level, so you cant cross under it. The squares with boxes in it are considered difficult territory.

>>new map<<

>>New Map<<

Vilya is still up the mast, which is why she is off the deck map

>>New Map<<

You are all together, and now I just have to get the initiatives straight ..

>>Exploring the Green lady<<

OK, here's the map. The stairways lead to the fore and stern castles, which you can see. There are also doors to unexplored (shaded) aread beneath the respective castles

>Updated map<

I'll get some more done soon


Scribbles madly

ACK! I should be mapping!!!

>>Rough Map<<

Again, apologies for my tardiness

Actually I'd want to put on more clothes to tackle that mess *yug*

Abd then get to cleaning the garage. Maybe


If anything is awry, let me know. It's been a while, and I am sure I missed things >.<

>Top Rd 2 map<



Apologies all around for my absences. Looking back I should have posted to at least say hello more often.


Name a coordinate and we will get this mitzvah chugging along. The party is behind Karrin, so you can use a move action to get into the first part of the common room


Issac stares Death in the face, all 500 kilos of him. Beyond he can see some ripped-up common room furnishings and the voice he heard earlier

"Skargus! Deal with them! Hurrek, Birrek, and Ancalak! aid him!"

Everyone else is behind Issac and Phaumee on the stairs


Gimmie a holler if anything seems awry. Rhiannon in case you missed it, I had moved you to keep you out of the lightning bolt path

Rhiannon d'Deneith wrote:
Hoisting her shieild, Rhiannon takes a spot on the front line her sword ringing as it is drawn.Nodding to her friends she locks her gaze on the door, her resolute stare ready to declare death on whatever threatened them.

Sorry I missed this one Rhiannon. What coordinate do you want to start off in?

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