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Full Name

Patrick Curtin




Dwarf scaled to 5'10" size



Special Abilities

Able to grow plants well. Can also bake, sous chef, and run a decent PbP.


Neutral Zen


Gaia. انا مشركون




English, (some) Arabic, (bare bones) French. I am also good at faking Latin


Paralegal in an undisclosed agency of the Deep State

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Strength 16
Dexterity 7
Constitution 16
Intelligence 17
Wisdom 6
Charisma 9

About Patrick Curtin

My Love affair with RPGs (in chronological order):

1979: Introduced to AD&D via PHB and MM ... never looked back
1980: Found Dragon issue #45 at hobby shop ... never looked back
1979-1986: Played many a long sleepover game of AD&D with friends, geeking out and watching cheezy horror and 'blue' movies on the just-created pay cable networks
1986-1994: The low period. Inactive gamer, went to college where other priorities like partying and being a binge drinker were more important. Then graduated to marraige and hard work.
1995-2000: Joined Army, then was unexpectedly divorced. Ex wife ruins 50% of collection of RPG books. Finds several gamers while in Army, begins playing 2nd ed. AD&D solidly. Discovers Planescape ... never looks back. Discovers VtM and WoD, happily spends most of his Army paychecks on this and 2e D&D. Discovers eBay and is lost ....
2000-2007: Ends Army stint. Moves to Cape Cod where RPGers are scarce. Begins solitary love affair with 3rd edition. Becomes inactive gamer once again while cobbling new life together. Gets married for the second time. Gets sucked into the MMORPG scene first with EQ then WoW.
2007: Quits WoW after tiring of the same old thing. Learns that his magazines have been cancelled. Through all the years has kept subscriptions current. Devastated, ends up lurking to find out why. Learns of 4e and becomes grognardified.
2008: Decides to participate in first PbP game. Is transformed by experience. Now a happy player/DM once again, and eager fan of Pathfinder and Paizo.
2015: after the passing of daughter and some bad life things, gets a second divorce. Now transitioning into a new and hopefully more peaceful chapter of life
2016: Working three jobs and going to school in Boston. Life is indeed good.
2017 Achieved employment with the Deep State. Move to Washington DC
2018-2019 Rebuilding my life and enjoying the DC area.
2020: An interesting year - in the Chinese sense
2021: moving in with my girlfriend, starting my independent delivery job, working hard to be able to retire before I die.

R.I.P Club Calistria

R.I.P. The Monkey's Treefort

PS: Don't tease the monkey, he bites.