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Of those (names might need some adjustment):

* Primitive/Prehistoric Adventures. (Stone Age and the like, maybe with Dinos)
* 'Antique' Adventures. (Antiquity, duh! ... "Time of Myths and Legends", Ancient: Greece, Rome, Egypt...)
* Steampunk Adventures.
* Future Adventures.
* Space Adventures.
* CyberPunk Adventures.
* Circus Adventures.
* Horror Adventures.
* Monstrous Adventures.
* Noble/Royal Adventures. (we still need rule for Nobility, Royalty and the like.)
* Sky World Adventures. (world in the sky, floating islands, airships, etc.)

Which do you think would fit in Pathfinder (and maybe Golarion)? The names/idea are based on Mythic/Occult Adventure.

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Liz Courts wrote:
Rysky wrote:
Liz Courts wrote:

Robot Chris: dinosaur spam is best spam

Lissa: Well, I can't argue with that.

Why are you eating James?!?!

... Is he yummy?

We do not eat coworkers. It impinges upon their productivity.

So, you do not eat them while they are still alive.

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John Kretzer wrote:
The Fiend Fantastic wrote:
I blame Cosmo for not telling Rysky she's invited to a secret meeting of evil, where our annual wicked plans are discussed.

So this is the meeting where you guys discuss how to make my life miserable. I Knew It!!!

I Blame Cosmo for obviously hosting, organizing, and catering this meeting.

Cosmo has his hands/tentacles/etc in all kinds of meeting, not just the Evil ones.

I blame Cosmo for John Kretzer not realizing that.

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Rysky wrote:


I blame Cosmo that those little bastards broke my sugar cauldron. What am I going to dip delicious people into now?

*begins licking caramel up*

... Needs more Wampi.

Wampi farm?

I blame Cosmo for the lack of those...

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CorvusMask wrote:

Isn't steampunk really overplayed? <_<

Plus would that really need new classes?

Maybe more in the Alternate/Hybrid types (new ones wouldn't hurt either), would/could help with low/no/wild magic settings/adventures (like in Mana Wastes / Alkenstar), and it breaks less versimilitude than High/Futuristic Technologies.

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Chris Lambertz wrote:
Tacticslion wrote:
Rysky wrote:
Ashley Kaprielian wrote:
Drock11 wrote:
Cosmo wrote:


They had to stop her. They are making sure Ashley has scissors in her hands before they let her do that.

Just cross them and viola! Scissors.

Big. F!&#ing. Scissors.

... Kill la Kill?

Decapitating Scissors Blades!

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Rysky wrote:

Hey!... I wanted a copy...




*goes back to snuggling with MP to cheer up*

Maybe someone can cast Make Whole

Death_Keeper wrote:

I blame cosmo for being undead.

I blame cosmo for the fact that the undead do not eat, or sleep.

But those are the best parts...

I blame Cosmo that I'm not dead yet, so I can't turn into a ghost and haunt people.

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Rysky wrote:
snickersimba wrote:
I blame cosmo for allowing me to assassinate rysky and use trap the soul on him.


Need a soul for that to work.

I blame Cosmo for Snickers thinking I have that restraining bolt.

*begins priming Hunt for pest control*

I blame Cosmo for the lack of Feline and Feline-folks in the thread, and for the lack of Mouse-Traps.

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Shroud wrote:

We were just discussing this last night. The paths we would like to see are:

1.) Vudra. It's a culture that hasn't been really focused on yet and has a lot of potential for exploration and adventure.

2.) Tien Xia. Jade Regent spent half it's time just getting there and the characters wouldn't have been native to the area. We need a classic Samurai adventure full of honor, revenge and large scale warfare.

4.) Alkenstar. Perhaps a war between Nex & Geb that has Alkenstar PC's trying to save their home from the destruction. Steampunks vs. the Undead.

1.) With Occult Adventures, this could happen.

2.) It's on a lot of people wishlists, so let's hope so...

4.) Not sure why "Nex vs Geb" would be necessary for it (outside of being a backgroud event), but otherwise yeah... Steampunk vs anything.

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Kajehase wrote:
Also, I blame Cosmo for the current dollar exchange rate being high enough that buying stuff from Paizo is about 20% more expensive than a year ago.

That I agree with... I blame Cosmo for the same thing.

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I blame Cosmo that Rysky is trying to blow up the thread.

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title wrote:
What Do You Plan On Playing in This AP?

A Teenager with attitude who can summon a Mecha.


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Axial wrote:
Well, considering how Mythic and WoTR were received I don't think Paizo really wants to support Mythic anymore. The general consensus seems to be that it makes mid-to-high level combat encounters trivial, which is already a problem in the game even without Mythic. I just don't think "salvaging Mythic" is that high on the team's priorities right now.

At the same time, Mythic is helpful at lower levels.

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Wannabe Demon Lord wrote:
I'd like a new race of Celestials. One that looks completely and utterly monstrous, feral and demonic. Good, but not having that reflected in their appearance. You don't have to pretty to be a good guy, right? Maybe, since their not heroic looking, not have them focus on assisting mortals on the material plane, but instead serve as shock troops for battles taking place in the own realms of the fiends, designed to be living, anti-fiend weapons, with battlefield prowess rather than acquiring mortal worshippers as their purpose. Also, we need Agathions based off of non-appealing animals, and a redeemed fiend template.

Considering the ammount of good looking fiends (mainly females), that could be an idea.

Agree with the Agathions thing.

Redeemed Fiend template, Fallen Celestial template, Half-(X) templates for Lawful and Chaotic creatures.

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Robert Brookes wrote:

From what they've shown in the playtest there's not much need for new mythic paths to accommodate the Occult classes. A psychic can easily benefit from the Archmage path, kineticist would get great mileage out of Champion, etc. While there could be some fun new mythic feats or perhaps path abilities, it isn't like Dreamscarred Press' Psionics system which requires it's own chassis.

As for future representation, I think Paizo has done a great job supporting all of its classes. We see new material for every class in each supplement (sometimes one class moreso than others) but there has been great representation. I see no reason to think they won't support the Occult Classes going forward.

A new path or two might not be neccessary, but some new path abilities could be useful, as well as mythic feats and maybe mythic spells.

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I think some people underestimate the number of people who got a sheltered/clostered life, got overprotected, and the like; those tend to be more fragile.

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Chyrone wrote:
Back in 80's and 90's busy kids were called energetic, it's quickly labeled ADHD by some now.

Let us just resume it to: "Many of yesteryears qualities are now considered mental disorders."

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captain yesterday wrote:


most people, when they plan out for a unreleased AP default to 20 level theory crafting:-)

and it's funny when done before the Player Guide is even out.

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mysticbelmont wrote:

I have two possible characters I want to try out:

- Halfling Kata Master 12/Kensai Magus 4/Paladin 4

Halflings are small, so they are hard to hit. This resolves around adding three stats to AC, with some smiting in for good measure.

You do know that most AP don't reach level 20, right?

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Before you settle on that name, I will post this. (personally, I have nothing against the name, but some might do, or just ask weird questions.)

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Christopher Anthony wrote:
Cosmo is His Most Holiness. Your scale is miscalibrated.

Cosmo is a Paradox, all nine alignments at the same time, yet unaligned, Holy and Unholy, etc.

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NobodysHome wrote:
Chyrone wrote:
NobodysHome wrote:
Talking about 1990's kids is just mean

What context, talking about kids from the 1990's or "kids" talking about the 1990's?

I was only 6 in 1990.

Both! People like me and Haladir (and I think Gorbacz) like to play the "cranky old man" card whenever possible. One of these days I need to plant onions so I can yell at the kids in my front yard to get out of 'em.

...or at least put up an "onions" sign...

...but I'm totally off topic, and Sarah Marie will beat me, so off I run...

I was born in 1980, it always amuse me when the "1990's +" kids don't believe in the existence of a pre-Internet era.

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Feros wrote:
Set wrote:

I was very excited to buy Mummy's Mask at my local gaming store, because there was this awesome write up of the Egyptian gods, including stats for Set.

The game shop had five of the six AP volumes. Guess which one they were out of? COSMO!!!

They were out of the volume that a very large group of people wanted to pick up?

I blame Cosmo for Set's naiveté.


I blame Cosmo that Paizo doesn't order more issues of these 'special books'.

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Myth Lord wrote:
That's why Alu-Demons won't come to bestiaries, Cambions area already there.

They are as different (if not more) than Succubi and Incubi in the Bestiaries...

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captain yesterday wrote:

My Wife, in trying to get the younger one to eat his veggies told him "They help clean out the body"

Now whenever he eats a Vegetable he proudly and helpfully proclaims "I'm cleaning my Butt now!"

Probably what I would say as well. :)

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"Devil's Advocate" wrote:
It's unlikely, but what would be amazing is if Paizo did a sort of about face on how they normally do books like this, and basically ignore the classes that are already "wild" and instead focus on making other classes more playable in a "wild" setting.

+1, I hope they do this to some degree... and I hope not all the Rogue archetypes give up Trapfinding/Trapsense...

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Hunt, the PugWumpus wrote:
The NPC wrote:

We have War, Death, Conquest/Pestilence, and Famine.

What would you posit for a 5th Horseman?

{boggles} Really?! You still haven't figured it out? Wow, I've never seen any CritFail their Knowledge, Perception, and Sense Motive checks that badly all at the same time.

C'mon, you seriously don't know Who?

We are talking about the Horsemen, not the Apocalypse Himself.

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I blame Cosmo, on Rysky's behalf, that there aren't any Master Pugwampi body-pilows.

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I caught one Hell of a Flu, I blame Cosmo.

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- Lovecraftian AP. it has a lot of potential, especially if the AP doesn't asume the PCs to be the same Normal Boring Humanoids like APs tend to do.

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James Jacobs' Dream Date wrote:
I apologize for making aliases like this one.

Have you used it in the "ask James Jacobs..." thread?

I apologize for the slight topic derailment.

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Blaming Cosmo for people reactions to FF XV's Cid before the game is even out.

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Erik Keith wrote:
Christopher Anthony wrote:

poor you...

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Cthulhudrew wrote:

I realize it's just a placeholder cover, but the image there seems to present an altogether different meaning to the phrase "Cohorts and Companions" than I think is intended. :p

Ha ha ha, true... and the outcries from the 'Feminists', Moral Guardians, etc...

Berselius wrote:
Maybe we'll finally get a feat that will allow a PC to gain a Cohort without all those pesky followers to look after.

That too.

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Alex Smith 908 wrote:

Well assuming the description isn't in error we have the five from Major_blackhart's list locked in plus 5 more. Syrinx are fairly unique to Golarion but I'd guess if they are included at all they will just be folded into the Strix entry. Based on previous adventures set in the Inner Sea I'll try to take a few guesses though. These are all mainly based on races prevalence in official Paizo content and the assumption that there will be no overlap between the two monster codexes. It also isn't an exact list of what will be in the book just six monster i think are likely.

1) Mite
2) Hag
3) Aboleth
4) Lamia
5) Caulborn
6) Denizen of Leng

There are enough Hags for their own Monster Codex/Codices, and as a byproduct, for a Blood of Hags player companion.

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Rysky wrote:
Cort Odekirk wrote:
Sara Marie wrote:

katina: We were gonna start blaming Cort for everything

katina: but realized that's what Cosmo is for

katina: so now you two shall fuse and become Cosmort

Uuuuuuuuuuhm, someone better buy me dinner first.
Hssss, it is the coming of He-Who-Shall-Be-Blamed!


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Since it might be a bit too much for just the regular Campaign Setting + Player Companion combo.

And it would avoid the headaches associated with them being spread over multiple Monster Codices.

Fluff and crunch, how to play them, how to make them... Feats, Traits, Archetypes, Items, etc.

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So, How are you these days?

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I blame Cosmo for Therianthropes/Theriomorph all being called Lycanthropes in DnD and Pathfinder.

I blame Cosmo there isn't a Codex (or codex like book) about them.

I Blame Cosmo for the 5 minutes adventuring day.

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MagusJanus wrote:

How about a book on marriages and marriage customs that is generalized and includes a lot of detail and advice for general marriage customs, as well as by-species examples?

Then do one for Golarion with by-nation and by-species specifics.

I can imagine a goblin wedding would involve a lot of fire!

and dead puppies, and dead ponies, and more fire, "NO WRITTING!", and even Moar FIRE!

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MMCJawa wrote:
JiCi wrote:

Ultimate Villainy: a book that essentially combines aspects from the Book of Vile Darkness (well, the tolerable ones at least), Examplars of Evils and Elder Evils.

Basically, how to make a good viallin with each and every class in the entire game? Bonus points if they can make 5 variations of each: a Lawful villain, a Good villain, a Neutral villain, a Chaotic villain and an Evil villain (shouldn't be that hard, but still...)

DMs can have troubles making villains out of Good-aligned characters, when you can "simply" have them fight due to different ways of thinking. For instance, the leader of a revolution might be CG, but opposing either a LG lord or the PCs who are trying to overthrow a LE lord, but not in the same way as the CG leader. Another example: a paladin can be a villain, but again, it's not THAT easy to make it so when 99% of your party is Good-aligned.

I want some guidelines on how to make memorable, believable and viable villains out of every class and if possible, every alignment, in addition of adding rules about stuff that villains do to others.

So yeah, have Paizo make a 300-something book how to make great villains.

I've long felt a villain book would be great; feats, spells, traits, items and archetypes to make memorable villains; example henchmen and lairs; GM advice on designing and running BBEGs.

Evil Villains aren't too hard, Good 'Villains' (or even allies) is where almost everyone fails.

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Liz Courts wrote:
[redacted]: I believe the tech team mascot is caltrops.

LEGO? they make good caltrops when not used to build other weapons.

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Lemmy wrote:
If all added options were balanced and meaningful in ways other than "fill page count" and the horrible design philosophy that is "we need 'Timmy cards' to reward system mastery", I wouldn't call any of them "bloat".

that too, or it would take longer to call it bloated.

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Liz Courts wrote:
Barachiel Shina wrote:
Sounds like people are saying this book doesn't have as much "crunch" material as it should?
"Should" and "can fit into page count" are often two separate things—we could (and do) print several hundred page long hardcover books filled to the brim with crunch, and it's still not enough for some folks. Whether or not the amount of mechanics provided in Blood of Elements is to your liking is entirely up to you. But to date, we have not done any extensive lore regarding the genie-kin races in the Pathfinder setting (and what we did do was five or so years ago when we were still publishing 3.5 material), something that this book does take into account.

That might be more tied to having 5 races in a single Player Companion.

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Christopher Anthony wrote:
Robot Chris avid supporter of caribbean passion
Chris Lambertz wrote:
Christopher ... an unholy abomination that stalks the halls, looking for unprotected cocoa.

...Sitting on a tree.

Sorry, was too tempting to pass. :)

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I blame Cosmo that I'm good at offending people.

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417. Your pet Dragon pregged the healer, the healer said the dragon is a better lover than you.