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I would like for this account to be closed please.

I know about the permanency of it.

Kinda like "Constructed" (Android, Inevitables), but for other types, similar, but different, to the Augmented subtypes.

Any Idea for names and effects?

NOTE: This isn't to start a debate.
Note 2: Probably need a better title.

something I have noticed about like, dislike, difficulty, etc...

When people say something about an AP and compare it to another AP by the same 'author'

Ex: Someone has problem X with Iron Gods, the person mention having similar problem with Jade Regent, Shattered Star, Wrath of the Righteous, and/or etc...

or, Someone dislike Y about Mummy's Mask, and disliked similar things in Skull & Shackles, Reign of Winter and/or etc...

So, I'm guessing some of us have an harder time with the works of one author more than the other.

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Since it might be a bit too much for just the regular Campaign Setting + Player Companion combo.

And it would avoid the headaches associated with them being spread over multiple Monster Codices.

Fluff and crunch, how to play them, how to make them... Feats, Traits, Archetypes, Items, etc.