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Is that a figgy pudding in this pic?
Combat this terrifying monstrosity (see link above) in Scavenger's Voice, the sequel to Grimmerspace's bestselling sci-fi horror adventure Abattoir 8.

Only Until December 31st!
Hi everyone! Lou and Rone from Iron GM Games, here, and we're excited!

As some of you may know we've finished playtesting Scavenger's Voice, a 4th level sci-fi horror adventure set on a disabled starship and the sequel to Abattoir 8, Richard Pett's terrifying tale of an an orbital meat processing plant gone wrong. They will appear together in our upcoming, 3-in-1 hardcover Grimmerspace Adventures Vol. 1

And Xeno Files, the definitive Grimmerspace bestiary, is getting closer to layout! It features 40 unique monster, all deeply steeped in setting lore. Xeno Files contains tantalizing reveals about the Gliding Rim Galaxy found nowhere else!

Progressing like this also means it's time for us to close our store and stop taking pre-orders. And that makes December your last chance for deep dish discounts on Grimmerspace! Not to mention we've got some amazing holiday bundles going, but only until December 31st.

Please check out the new Grimmerspace pre-order store and holiday bundles today, because they'll be gone just 7 days from tonight!

Happy holidays to all and to all a good fright!

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