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This is a thing that needs doing, so here it is.

I've just started this campaign, and will be leaving notes here as I go for future GMs' reference. Anyone else is welcome to add your own.

My party, for reference:
Vesk blitz soldier
Human drone mechanic
Aasimar witchwarper
Chlorvian xenodruid mystic

I tried to encourage them to have two melee weapon wielders considering the theme and the loot, but it didn't work out that way. The mechanic may make his drone into one when it gets more durable, but for now it's not.

Side note: I use the Fantasy Grounds VTT, so I loved the art folio to share images with my players, especially tagless version of the maps. But for some reason, a couple of the maps didn't have tagless versions, so I had to delete them myself in GIMP, which is never pretty.

Now to the actual adventure. I was concerned about an adventure originally built for level 2 Pathfinder characters being converted for level 1 Starfinder characters, but it works well...mostly. The initial fight against the baghra is going to be really bad if no one in the group has natural weapons or attack spells. Even with my group that had both, it was a rough fight and I wished I had given the baghra the sickened condition.

It's entirely possible that your group stumbles upon the klaven before they get their equipment, so make sure they find the gear first. It's supposed to be dark in that center area, so maybe have a flickering light visible through the malfunctioning door of the storage room. The klaven fight is tougher then it looks since your group is likely to get flanked. I was originally going to hold off on giving the mechanic his drone until BR-N3R could become it, but I saw during this fight that that wasn't going to work, so I retroactively gave it to him with the rest of his gear like the adventure said to. Even so, they were out of spells after healing from the two fights, and needed to rest after clearing the rest of the rooms and meeting Andretta.

Speaking of Andretta, this is the first instance of sloppy story conversion. The adventure says that faulty equipment knocked the baghra in the room out, but then says they spoke to her and she recognized the language as Ultari. It looks pretty strongly to me that in the Pathfinder version, she knocked them out with a sleep spell, but sleep doesn't exist in Starfinder, hence the quick change. I went with saying she used magic to knock them out anyway, since it was the end of the game session and her recognition of Ultari is the first important detail that the information-starved party will be getting, and knowing my players wouldn't question it. Use your own judgement for that one. It could also work to have her not know anything more than they do until they see Ultari on one of the other levels.

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Do not force your players to fight the Tauslek Matriarch until they've been able to gather the equipment on level 2. I gave my group a glimpse of her entering level 1 as they were starting to climb up from the sublevel, and they were all too eager to avoid her for a while.

The Matriarch is going to be a tough fight, and without good luck it's possible that only her desire to poison everyone and drag off anyone she grabs, both inefficient actions, will save the party. Also note that her poison is potentially fatal in SF. You may want to limit its end state. The fascination effect in battle is a bit wonky, so I had it break on anyone who was attacked and gave a new save every round. My group finished her off by dropping a grenade down the elevator shaft as she fled. Very satisfying.

Andretta is useless in any fight in the prison except for casting daze on klaven. This is by design, but I felt the need to swap out one of her spells for mystic cure.

The rest of level 2 (before the Matriarch fight) went smoothly. I was worried about the mimic fight, but it was easier than a Pathfinder mimic would have been. My group may have gotten lucky with the die rolls, though.

Make sure you pay attention to how the doors are locked in the battle pit trap room.

XP note: My players reached level 2 after killing the Matriarch and clearing everything on the first two prison levels, with 1350 XP.

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I made a mistake with the XP in the last post. They had 1400, not 1350.

No particular notes for the third level until Lt. Maulvorge. There's an orphaned reference to his warbeast which didn't make it into the SF version, and my players were a little disappointed he wasn't riding it when they saw the associated image. I'm not sure I would recommend adding it back in unless your players are doing well and have at least half their resources left, and even then think twice. Maulvorge by himself is quite scary, hitting very hard and a fairly potent AoE with supernova in tight quarters. There's an error in his statblock; he should do 4d6 with supernova.

XP note: There is exactly enough XP to hit level 3 after killing Maulvorge.

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Good on you for sharing this, I intend to run this AP at some point. These details are good to know before starting.

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Thanks, Nimor.

Random notes while I enter the second book into FG:

The Tower Guards for Sarlu's Compound have thermal capacitors in their armor, and so should have 5 cold and fire resistance in their stat block.

The paralytic weapon fusion is listed at level 12, but placed into a level 4 item, which is not allowed. Just make it level 4, even if it is strong for that level. Cost depends on the weapon it's added to, so that's not an issue. Side note: the highest level fusion Paizo has made is level 10.

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No notes from my last gameplay session (the ruin and making it to Zel-Argose) other than the adventure gave plenty of wealth during this first segment. Maybe above average even for Paizo's APs, but I didn't do the math. Most of it is useful gear instead of cash. Players ended up with mid-900s in credits after selling gear, so didn't buy much besides consumables as weapon upgrades compared to what they found aren't worth it at this level.

More prep notes:
The Dealers at Sarlu's appear to be using Dex to throw their grenades and have too-high DCs even with their special ability, but I don't care enough to change it since I'm not familiar with SF's method of NPC creation.

More sloppy conversion work: Basher's henchmen's tactics say they go invisible to sneak attack. Operatives don't need to do that. Come up with a more inventive use for the invisibility or don't waste the turn. Also the half-elves that show up for the exchange are described as having bows but have rifles in their stats.

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My last two sessions dealt with Zel-Argose and the investigation to find Lomrick. The book already gives pretty good advice, and any RP you do that results in a particularly useful source of information (like finding the psychic detective agency on Morpheum Street) should be understood to feed into the gameplay mechanism of the DC reducing over time.

I tried to use the downtime rules to expand on the weekly Profession checks to earn a living, but Zel-Argose is so large that those bonus checks are impossible. In another game, I'd have limited the effects to the neighborhood, but it didn't really work in this circumstance.

Skills side note:
I created my own version of Pathfinder Unchained's Background Skills for this campaign. I gave everyone two extra skill ranks per level: one for a Profession and one for a choice among Computers, Disguise, Piloting, Sleight of Hand, or another Profession. I did this so they would have profession skills for this section and some piloting for book 2.

You might be tempted to skip the Coliseum fights, but the extra income might be handy for gear. My players bought very little after coming to the city initially, but after three fights the soldier bought some new armor that came in very useful for the Daytaar safehouse. Also, use the Performance Combat rules from Pathfinder. I plan to have them face the champion once they're level 4, but the crowd will be fully on his side.

Speaking of the safehouse, Veelan Iron-Hand is pretty scary if your PCs are still level 3. His tactics to full attack often will wreck your players if your dice are hot. I gave him a shield (I want to add them in occasionally since they didn't exist and had him full attack less frequently. The soldier went down but the mystic was prepared with spell gems of mystic cure to keep him up with her own HP.

XP note: My party had 6500 XP (level 4 is at 6000) after three coliseum fights, the Dirty Deals encounter, and clearing the Daytaar safehouse. If you want to skip the coliseum fights, you will not have enough XP to hit level 4 before entering Lomrick's Manse, so you should either give an extra story award or use fiat leveling for this part.

Prep notes: Incredibly bad conversion work in this volume. Besides more weapon references I didn't mention last time, there's a major screw-up with the plasma elementals in the Howling Stones. The text says they try to get the PCs inside the circle of stones with their telekinetic throw ability, but their statblock doesn't have it. They're only CR 3, so they'll never succeed at bull rushing. I'll have to give them something else when the time comes to run this.

Also, the Syaandi leader is supposed to cast a spell to start the combat and signal his allies, but during conversion he became a solarion. That's at least easy to work around with a different signal.

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