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So I posted my starship role forms over on Google Drive. And I'd like to get some feedback from y'all on ways that they could possibly be improved. The goal is to be able to print and laminate them. Then hand them out to whom ever is playing that particular role. p=sharing


Hey Perdue, thanks for posting these up, I'll certainly be using them :)

Just had a quick glance and they look great but on the captain you seem to have four random lines at the side of Demand. Am I missing something or are they in error?

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Those lines are there to keep track of who the Captain makes Demands of. Since they can only place a demand on each crew member once. I think I'm going to change this to just be a check box in front of the role section lower down.

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I've updated these forms to be in line with the new FAQ.

You should also add Minor Crew Actions somewhere in the document.

I really like your forms.

Here's what I put together for that 1st space combat in Incident at Absalom Station, so are intended to be a lot simpler & introductory:

Intro Starship Combat Forms

Shadow Lodge

I must say, these sheets are, bar-none, the best starship combat sheets I've ever seen!

I took a bunch of them, printed in color, and laminated them double-sided (One Pilot + image of the different maneuvers, one Engineer + Science, one Captain + Gunner, and then two each of Engineer + Gunner and Science + Gunner) to use with dry-erase markers.

So far, I've been using these for over 6 months and my players love them to no-end. Some of my local GMs have told me that they can't run ship combat without them, anymore!

Thank you so much for making these and sharing them with the community!!!

Nice work. That must have taken a lot of effort.

If I wasn't already using custom ones in Excel that integrate with the ship stats, I'd use these.

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These are great, Perdue! Thank you for sharing them.

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