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Hey Paizo.com!

Everybody Games just launched a new Kickstarter for a 3PP product we're calling the Advanced Occult Guide. It's equal parts a compilation and an expansion on our popular Occult Skill Guide products, and includes a trove of neat new occult content including:

— 3 classes (Elementian / Shapeshifter / Zoomer)
— New themes and spells
— An expansion of our occult ritual rules.
— Corruptions
— Monsters
— And more

We've gotten a trove of all-star authors to help us with this product, including Owen K.C. Stephens (former Starfinder Design Lead), Chris S. Sims (former Starfinder Developer), Liane Merciel (author of numerous Pathfinder, D&D, and Warhammer books), and many of your favorite Starfinder RPG authors, like Sasha Laranova Harving, Hilary Moon Murphy, Matt Morris, and more. We even got Perram (from Know Direction) to agree to write that cute little "shrink devil" we gushed about in an early episode of Know Direction: Beyond!

Check out our Kickstarter HERE!

Well I see you made your goal and then some. Congratulations.

Sadly I was not able to participate, funds are just tight right now, but I look forward to buying a copy when that changes.

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