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Goth Guru wrote:
I'm going to keep adding to it. Feel free to add your favorites.

No! Create a whole new thread of 100 things to find in a technological crate! These lists within lists are driving me insane(r). (More insane).

47. Battery 47
This room houses a battery of six large-scale or siege weapons: lasers, proton emitters, energy torpedoes, etc. They are intended to be fired from another location or command area, but there is a manual bypass allowing a gunner to control and fire one should remote control be lost.

One of the guns in this battery has been sabotaged to fire slightly out of time with the others after the first shot or barrage in a set period of time (to prevent test firing from noting it). Any creature or pilot aware of this specific information receives a +2 bonus to defense against this battery on the second and subsequent attacks.

This battery may also be connected to a Rower's Galley (room 29), allowing it to be fired if power is lost and that room is manned. Otherwise, for every four successful 'oars' used to super-charge it, its damage output increases by +1.

This room contains a crate. Roll randomly on a chart somewhere the f#ck else to determine the contents.

48.Hall of vending
200 feet long and 15 feet wide this corridor is lined on both sides with vending machines. See the vending machine table topic to determine randomly or select. This room has it's own power for the vending machines and the subtly buzzing ceiling lights.

49.Endless corridor
This curving corridor goes in a loop through the main body of the ship or installation. rooms near the outside are through doors in the outer curve. Rooms to the inside are through doors on the inner curve. This corridor is 15 feet wide and suitable for go cart races. Go carts found abandoned here are simply out of power. Goblin encounters are actually racing, as are any undead.

50.Gate Room
There is a bank of consoles, a wall bisecting the room, and on the other side a large doorway made of crystal and wires.

The bank of consoles has 4 chairs, made for m sized humanoids. The controls have buttons, dials, slider switches, and screens, all with strange alien symbols.

The wall is very hard metal, an airlock door, and a window just as tough as the rest of the wall.

The doorway will start showing just the wall behind it. When turned on(engineering or use magical device 10) it will resume cycling through 100 locations in the galaxy. It will stay at each location for 5 combat rounds. Stopping it at a location is DC 19. A person can step through, but gasses will not either way.

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