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180. You inherit a map to a fountain of pickles. You probably think it's a gag till various goblinoids start contacting you with offers and even requests to accompany you there. Diplomats contact you about how this could finally lead to a treaty.

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181. Your great uncle was a magician of great renown. You were the only one of your brothers and sisters who liked his act, and despite not having a lick of magical power or stage craft you inherited it all- a fair amount of money left over from his performance days (1d100 x 100 pieces of silver), a host of stage magic props (worth roughly 1d10 x 10 pieces of gold,a fair bit more to a collector), and one actual minor magical artifact that was the center of your great uncles act. He had no idea it was genuinely magical, and thought it was solely his stagecraft that was to thank for its effects. However you are now in possession of something truly potent that you have only rudimentary idea of how it works or how valuable it is. Others do, however, from your great uncle rivals to rival adventurers, and for every genuine offer you receive you also receive a few bogus ones.

182.A close relative, such as a father you never met, leaves you a duffle bag. It has a false bottom over a sewn in portable hole. It's full of drugs(GM choice). It's looking more and more like murder.

183. A bag of 12 magical beans. When any individual bean is planted, a random effect occurs, so you should have a chart of random magical bean effects on hand in preparation for this. In this case, the first time a double number is rolled (00, 11, 22, 33, etc.), the planter receives an actual monetary inheritance in the form of 100 gp x planter's character level springing from the ground.

184. A magic map to a nearby secluded location, like a glade or an overlook. The map itself has deliberate pinholes in it. If taken out at night and held to the sky, certain pinholes line up with constellations. The first time the map is aligned with the starts, it triggers the deceased's voice, giving a heartfelt declaration of love, loss, and sadness as well as encouragement to the player on facing their future and how much they meant to the deceased. At GM's discretion, it may also impart a plot hook or secret.

Scarab Sages

95) A lawyer arrives to inform you a relative you didn't know about has passed away. Apparently you have always been his favortie relative because your the only one who didn't bother him for money (in large part because you ddin't know he existed). He is therefore willing to leave his entire fortune to you but he wants to be sure you wont waste it so he's going to ensure your so sick of spending money you wont do it any more. Thefore in order to inherit the 3,000,000 (gold, estate, valuables, etc) he is worth you must spend 30,000 gold in 30 days and have nothing left by the end of it except a set of non-magical clothing. The information detailing this is on page 1 of the documents, the remaining 228 pages are a set of rules detailing what you are allowed to spend things on with hard limits on things like gambling and prohibtions on just throwing it into a ditch.

96) You receive notice of an inheritence from someone you once gave some money to on the street when they were begging. It is three puzzle boxes and a note. The note say's "One of these boxes opens a gateway to a dimension of pain and suffering where you will be tormented for all eternity, one will instantly slay the one opening it, the third will make you the rightful of a magical kingdom in a pocket dimension taliored to your own personal desires. You are only allowed to open one, apparently there is a way to determine which box does which before opening but I never managed to discover it. Now that I am dying I wanted to pass them on to someone else in hopes they have better luck. In thanks for your kindness all those years ago which set me on the path to a better life I could think of no better person to give this possibiilty to."

All 3 boxes open to the same dimension (hellraiser) its just different descriptions of what happens as a result.

183) Apparently, your great uncle was some top notch assassin and interplanar mercenary. You inherit a long list with attachments titled "people who owe me
money". The most harraising of which are
"Demon Lord Nocticula. Owes me 66.666 Platinum for services rendered regarding regulatory efforts to curb immigration from the dark tapestry."
"Apocalyptic rider Szuriel, owes me 10.000K Platinum for breach of contract because she didnt strip when I prevailed against her at strip poker"
"Queen of Hell Doloras. Owes 9813 platnium for provisioning with mythic incredibly cold resistant latex outfit."

Once you make progress and foolishly accept the inheritance, you end up realizing that you owe Abadar slightly more then the combined sum, and interest is kicking up on that one!

I think the numbering got a bit skewed there.

188: A folio with a map to a strange ancient statuary garden on one side. On the other side is the spell "Stone to Flesh" in spell book format. Along the edges are names and dates of prisoner sentences. You are the latest in a long line of jailers for an ancient empire.

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