Ice Cream Flavors

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Ice Cream Flavors

1: Chocolate
2: Vanilla
3: Strawberry
4: Peaches and Cream
5: Tootie Fruitty
6: Rocky Road
7: Neopolitan(Chocolate, vanilla, and strawberry)
8: Butterscotch Ripple

9. Funky Fungus
10. Icky Ichor
11. Leaches and Scream
12. Mint Chocolate Chip
13. Schnozberry. It tastes like Schnozberries.

14. Unicorn Rainbow Sherbet
15. White Dragon Frost
16. 7 days of wearing/sleeping in Half-Plate in a Jungle (for Troll, Giant, and Ogre customers only)
17. Cloudweaver Honey Blast
18. Skunk and Minx shootout
19. Witch's Beguiling Befuddling Bamboozling Banana Nut Fudge
20. Goblin's Feet Mint Bonanza
21. Tuxiloxodon Tracks
22. Ethereal Evolution
23. Toffyfruit Tussle
24. Mageberry Mania
25. Dragonfruit Dippin Dots
26. Elven Feywine Delite
27. Centaur Chip Chomper
28. Holy Hand Grenade Gusto

29. Goodberry Goodness
30. Moonradish Eclipse (Kobold special)
31. Soul Gem Sherbert (evil ice cream)

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32. Human

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*Thelith wrote:
32. Human

Well then...

I guess we know why Baskin Robbins stopped at 31 flavors.

33.Chicken. The flavor of human without the risk of turning you into a Ghoul.

34:Ghost Pepper. Does 2D4 subdual per spoonful.

35. Moose Tracks, now with 20% more moose

36. Moss Tracks

37. Green Tea Sherbet

38. Taste of Fear (usually made by Bugbears)

39. Green Slime

40. 666 Layers, Neapolitan of the Abyss

41. Grappling Succubus Sorbet

42. Grappling Druid's Sorbet (50% off if you get a double scoop and Grappling Succubus Sorbet is the other scoop)

43. Dino Droppings (vanilla ice cream with little brown dino-shaped chocolate marshmallows)

44. Hill Giant Gelato (now made from real Hill Giants!)

45. Black Cauldron Chocolate Extravaganza

46. Poltergeist's Pistachio

47. Triton's Trident - (Neopolitan underwater Ice Cream)

48. Hag Eye's Cream mind the pun

49. Frozen Kobold Kibbles

50. Cloak and Dagger (Ice cream that stealths)

51. Manticore Medley

52. Siren's Song Sherbet

53. Pralines and Scream
54. Black Pudding
55. Wyvern's Sting
56. Red Dragon (made from Red Hots candies)
57. Orksblood
58. Troll Styptic Surprise
59. Chilled Monkey Brains
60. Dungeons And Dragonfruit

61 Psychepore's Fungal Delight
62 Mustache Panache
63 Chilly Willy
64 Pickled Dun Creeper
65 Xulgath’s Dernier Halète
66 Baiser de Succube
67 Gravy Train
68 Bhut Jolokia's Sweet Chorizo Watermelon
69 Hecuva Musk
70 Alum's Tongue Twister

71. The most delicious flavor of all: Halfling

72. Guac with avocado chunks.

73. Brown Bread.

74: ice elemental

75. Parsnip Garbage
76. Radish Trash
77. Butter Toucan
78. Hellish Hash

Scarab Sages

79: Mind Melting Dark Abyss
80: Desert Heat

81: Ms Feather's Mouthful
82: Southern Fried Chicken & Kimchi
83: Hasturbe Carambola
84: Calamondin Pucker
85: Mephit Kumquat 'n Cream
86: The Stuff (a classic!, can't get enough of The Stuff)

87:Artichoke (mind the leaves)

88:Is potato flavored

89: Frozen Mush

instructions :
1: place spoon in suitable container.
2: ray of frost until the wanted level of frosty mush is achieved.
3: cover with sprinklers (trust me you need a ton of them).
4: enjoy (or not)

90:Pumpkin pie(now with more pumpkin spice)
91:Cold Blood(Favorite of vampires)

92:New England Clam Chowder(If it melts it taste even more like the soup, but sweeter)
93:Manhattan Clam Chowder(I am so sorry)
94:Chicken Soup(Taste like a cold chick-u-stick)

95:Curried beef with onions.(Confusing but good for you.)

96:Ranch(it exists)

97. Alfredo and spinach.

98. Ham and pineapple.

99. Pink marshmallow.

100. Leprechaun rainbow sherbet. 1% chance a gold coin appears in the last bite. 1% chance a 4-leaf clover appears in the last bite. 1% chance a leprechaun booger appears in the last bite.

101. Shoe-leather, but if the shoes had been worn by a salt mephit that walked through a puddle of warm, chicken soup.

102: Salt Pork. Has little pieces of hardtack shaped like ships.

103. Blueberry

104. Raspberry

105. Blue raspberry

106. Silversheen (next bite attack made within 1 minute bypasses DR/silver)

107. Mustard, presumably (nobody wants to try it)

108. Pavement
109. Ambrosia

110. Stirge Sausage and Flayleaf (sometimes called Feast of Ravenmoor)

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111. Dates

112. Almonds

113. Oats

114. Figs

115. Saltwater taffy

116. Guava

117. Orange

118. Tamarind

119. Huckleberry

120. Grape

121. Ugli fruit

122. Rum raisin

123. Udon noodle

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I'll play along

124. Pork

125. Icaco plum

126. Zero calorie (just ice)

127. Zucchini

128. Applejack

129. Lemonade

130. Olive

131. Rutabaga

132. Durian

133: Banana. (The awful artificial kind.)
134: Good Banana. (Just made of cream, pureed banana, and banana chunks.)
135: Banana Split.

136. Sentient

137. Cumulus

138. Flaming (Don't ask how it stays cold)

139. Irish cream

140. Gingerbread

141. Raspberry Rum

142. Orange creamsicle

143. Kiwi

144. Dark chocolate

145. Oatmeal raisin

146. Unsweetened chocolate

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147. Chocolate Mint Chip (The horrifying bizarro version of Mint Chocolate Chip)

Scarab Sages

148: Earwax.

149: Cockroach.

150: Snozzberry. If this has been listed before, like that but slightly different.

Goth Guru wrote:
150: Snozzberry. If this has been listed before, like that but slightly different.

Snozzberry? Who ever heard of snozzberry?

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