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221.A disk of dark energy that keeps the star seperate from the black hole. A chaotic neutral god of chimera created this thing for his cults on the habitable worlds. Discord is one of it's many names.

Without the disk, the star would have been sucked into the black hole long ago, instead of both being in a narrow orbit in the middle of the system.

222. a polluted planet filled to the brim with non-magical level-0 humans who lost interest in their survival as a species because they constantly argue with each other about meaningless things they have no control over. Nobody knows why because it started generations ago. The planet is called "dirt" by its natives, and no alien wants to visit. Go figures.

223. like 222 above, but a few centuries later: the skirmishes escalated up to total war, but nowhere near as technological as predicted because the people fought each other, even in the same countries. The result is a mostly empty planet, where the remaining people live grouped by the same arbitrary things they fought about.

224. a world so overcrowded that its flat surface is completely covered with humans (imagine the "pit" of a popular concert, with maximum population). The saturation is so high that they can't bend, or turn, or lie down: they are litterally pressed together, forming another layer above the surface.
Being the result from a huge melting-pot, they are all identical (and not only in height). They have also adapted to the various situation they faced, and can only reproduce by naturally cloning themselves. As soon as one dies, one of its neighbors duplicates itself. And the dead one feeds the surrounding mass.
Anything wanting to land on the surface will have to land on the sea of people, crushing those below them. As they are all empathic, harming one will cause distress to all, and the resulting cries from all these mouths makes an unparalleled sonic attack.

225. an ideal world, where everything lives in harmony. Except that everything it this galaxy is made of anti-matter (which they call "regular matter", of course). The very first moment your space-faring ship comes into contact with the planet's matter, both explode violently. Unless you find a way around that - a permanent forcefield?

226. the Dark is the place where there is nothing. Some call it the Void, or the source of all Negative Energy. But the Dark is also the name of the matter/energy remainder of the cosmological equation. When galaxies separate, the lack of gravitation greate strange (for us) physical rules. Much like the 1/x curve, after the lowest point comes the unknown, and the highest point just afterwards. Thus the Dark becomes Light, creating hydrogen so that new galaxies can form in the splits.
Because of these facts, travelling between distant galaxies is exceedingly dangerous, and unpredictable: you might find yourself travelling through time as well as space, be disintegrated, cloned, become a local god, spend eternities locked in a time loop...

227. a planet entirely made of... mayonnaise (rumor has it that it has ketchup-based neighbours). Comets made of bread or fries pass regularly nearby, their gravity deforming the culinary ocean enough that a pass over extract some of its content. The comets are then directed (via the gravitional catapult effect) to other celestial bodies, adding other supplements, and all of them finish inside a black hole called "the mouth".
The hole evaporation jets pass through worlds of water, flour, salt, and potatoes, shaking them and producing more comets, themselves cooked when passing near local stars called "oven". The few creatures living here (the Mayonnaise Elementals, mostly) call this "the circle of life".


228.A now mostly covered with ice planet. All the natural resources were used up. There are remains of beings called Consumers. They are like humans but shaped like pac man with arms and legs. They could eat almost all plants and animals, including trees. They apparently used up the fossil fuels causing a horrendous climate change, flooding, fires, volcanos, and then a new ice age. There are a few incomplete space arcs. Sleeper ships full of dead consumers who didn't make it off planet. Thousands of ships made it off planet and are headed for systems where they suspected there are planets that support life.

Here are the 2 features in NASA's Galaxy of horrors.
229.Glass rainThis pretty blue planet has high winds full of glass shards. Any explorers suffer 10 attacks per round. The native crystalline lifeforms live deep underground.

230.3 planets that orbit a pulsar are devastated by the occasional high radiation.

231.A Greater Beyond In the middle of a stretching field of time-space is a colossal rip. Sensors and detection spells all report nothing on the other side. Then the spells are suspended till something else is scanned. If anyone goes through the rift they will realize they are now beyond all the laws of matter created by the prime mover. Behind them are a cluster of multi-verses, including the normal planes, the dark tapestry, the mythos, Some sort of crystal-verse, and others. Before them is a nothingness so void that it retreats from their gaze forming empty space. Inspiration creates it'self, then forms ideas and desires around it.
Random prime movers.
1)Erases itself
2)Starts to create a universe, by creating a vast amount of a chosen substance, that reaches a critical mass and then explodes forming a universe.
3)Attacks other's universes, trying to destroy them(like Rovagug).
4)Starts to exude utter chaos, which other gods use to form a protective shell around their worlds.
5)Calmly starts to observe and record everything. Then finds like minded entities to share knowledge.
6)Tries to build their own universe out of others discarded demiplanes, dreams, and fantasies.

At some point the characters return home. They are now eligible to take levels in the mystic class.

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