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Ok. I'm doing my very first Spheres character. I'm using a Rodelero Swashbuckler and am giving up some of my feats to get talents. And I can give up my proficiencies for a Martial Tradition. I have NEVER used Spheres completely before. One of my groups gives everyone a Martial Tradition for free as a houserule, but I have never gone beyond that.

I plan to stab and demoralize opponents. What are good Spheres and talents for me to use? I know I need to use one Equipment talent to grab falcata proficiency again, but have no idea what to do with everything else.

Any advice? I plan to be a dex based human.

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if you're talking about spheres of power (or magic) they are 3rd party, you might wanna try asking in that forum.

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Ok. It looks like the post has been moved to the 3pp forum. So.... anyone have any suggestions?

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Heather 540 wrote:
Ok. It looks like the post has been moved to the 3pp forum. So.... anyone have any suggestions?

Duelist and fencing are the most swashbuckler like Spheres.

Falcata isn't really a dex build weapon, you can do it but you have to jump through a bunch of hoops to make it work.

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Not really. The archetype lets me use the falcata as a one-handed piercing weapon for everything. And my group allows for some PoW feats, so I can take Deadly Agility for dex to damage. And even without that, I can take Slashing Grace anyway, which is no slower than getting it with a rapier.

Seems like the giving up your feats for the SoM's combat talents would kinda be similar to having a VMC but you can choose the class feature.

As to trading out your weapon proficiencies for a martial tradition, probably seems better off keeping them and getting the Basic Magical Training feat from SoP and seeing if your GM will allow you to do a 1 to 1 trade of a basic Sphere power for a Combat talent; ymmv on this, depending on your GM. ;)

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Yeah, my GM is not going to allow that. Besides, I'm only losing my weapons. One discipline and I've got them all back alongside 3 more talents. And with EITR in play, I don't have to worry about pre-reqs for dex to damage.

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Fencing for Fatal Thrust; Gladiator for Demoralization. You don't need Duelist unless you want to Bleed and Disarm; Lancer if you want to stab really deep with Impale. Dual-Wielding is self-explanatory, if you need it.

Those are all the spheres that seem "swashbuckling".

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Giving up Feats for Martial Talents tends to work out fairly well. In general a Martial Talent tends to be equal to a Feat (In fact the is a Feat that is literally "Get a Martial Talent") You give up 5 Feats for a total of 10 Talents or give up 8 feats for 15 talents. So long run it's cost effective.

You will probably want Balanced Defence from the Equipment Sphere, gives you an AC boost when you have a weapon and an empty hand and a little bit of the Athletics sphere can be handy.

but as has been said Fencing and Gladiator will be your Goto Spheres. Maybe a bit of Scoundrel if you want to be clever sometimes.

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Ok. I see a couple of talents in the Gladiator sphere that together gives me a free attack when someone misses hitting me. That's pretty nice. And a couple more free attacks in Fencing.

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Keep in mind the difference between Attack and Attack Action. Some talents only apply to the Attack Action. For Example: Fatal Thrust needs either an Attack Action or Attack of Opportunity

so if something gives you a free attack (For example the Bloodthirst Boast) that isn't an Attack Action, it's just a free attack so no Fatal Thrust.

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Is it just me, or is nearly everything in Spheres basically a Vital Strike build?

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My GM has agreed to consider letting Rodelero Swash stack with Charming Fencer Swash. So I can get Expert Progression but keep all my feats. I get an extra two equipment disciplines on top of my normal martial tradition. Plus a bonus feat for being a human and Finesse Fighting from Charming Fencer.

Here's what I'm thinking so far.

1: Custom Training, Shield Training, Finesse Fighting, Shield Expert, Unarmored Training, Gladiator, Fencing, Fast Feint, Deadly Agility, Lingering Performance
2: Expert Feint
3: Feint Strike, Improved Shield Bash
4: Fatal Opening
5: Master of Fear, Combat Reflexes
6: Derision
7: Bloodthirst, Extra Performance

Should I take the Dual Wielding Sphere for shield bashing while using my falcata

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