9th Level Druid immune to intoxication? (Drunkeness)?

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At 9th Level a Druid is immune to all poisons.

Since alcohol is a type of poison (it really is) does that mean a Druid can no longer get intoxicated or drunk? Is my 30 pound Gnome forever forbidden from hangovers and pass out parties?

Poor Gnome :P I think the technical RAW answer is yes, but it is largely a roleplaying thing anyway.

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Also, Duergar cannot get drunk.

That's right, a Dwarf that cannot get drunk.

No wonder they are so surly.

Well we know it is an extraordinary class ability (Ex)
Page 221 and 554 will give you a few words on what that means, but basically through training you have learned to do something that is non magical and superhuman.

If you use the argument that your druid shape shifting powers allow your body to instantly change itself to adapt to the poison.

lights flickered so going to send as is incase power cuts

so using that argument you could say since you trained to do this, you know how not to do this. That should be enough to justify to a GM to let you have your RP fun.

If that doesn't work use the spell Polypurpose Panacea(Ultimate Magic) to get what you need.
One of it's effects: "Intoxication: You feel comfortably intoxicated for 1 hour, as if you had a few alcoholic beverages."
It's a level 1 wiz/sorc or alchemist so you will need to buy a potion for 50 gold. Not terribly expensive for a level 9+ character.

If it's called out in the Poisons table or the effect is listed as a poison effect, your druid will be immune to it. I don't see alcohol on that list, hyperrealism be damned :) Alcohol is a type of drug in PF.

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