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Hey Guys, i’m playing in a Shattered Star Campaign and we just started Book 4 and the PC who set off the Sorshen Trap, finally triggered the two of this and is now in the Body of Sorshen. Out of curiosity, how immersed did you or your fellow PC’s into being in the body of a dead, superior, race of human, also potentially a sex you hadn’t ever rollplayed as before?

I got super into it. My character hated being an aasimar and was absolutely delighted to switch bodies. For awhile I decided she went temporarily insane and thought she *was* Sorshen, but she got over that around the end of Book 4. But she still pretended to be Sorshen a couple of times during appropriate situations, and took to sometimes calling herself "The Last Azlanti". Good times.

I meta knew of it when we got there. However, my character I evaluated would not normally set the trap off. So he took no actions there other than be worried about a very powerful necromancy spell effect. [Clerics get worried about such things.] We got past without setting it off.

Then we returned later in the AP, and while there, it was set off. The character targeted was a spiritualist (?) with many voices in his head. The GM played it that the character became a background voice and that one of the new voices (one per level) wound up getting the body.

As that player was also leaving the campaign, and another was coming in, it worked out nicely.

Now we have to deal with having a look alike rune lord in our party....


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