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Hi folks,

Long time no speak. We've just started Shards of Sin, and my players will be heading for the Crow's Nest next game. I'd REALLY need for someone to explain to me (or maybe draw me) the whole entrance area B1... More specifically, area B9, the Shaft Apex. It seems no matter how much I read this area, I just can't seem to wrap my head around it.

Entrances, windows, catwalks, secret doors, oh my...


Ok, Let's see if I can be of assistance.

First Floor. Basic. Entrance into B2. The shaft continues to rise.

Second Floor. Hidden. Two windows (openings in the stone) lead into room B23 from the shaft. Only accessible by climbing or shenanigans typically. Windows are covered by illusions walls to sight from both sides, but sound makes them easier to notice from within B23. The shaft continues to rise.

Third Floor. Hidden. One window to B19. Same situation as Second Floor. The shaft continues to rise.

Fourth Floor. Tricky. The ledge refers to the small area above the water on the east side of B9, above the boat entry way into B1 below. Not likely to be of great consequence unless shenanigans. The main concept is that in the middle of B9, hanging 10 feet from the top of the shaft, a 5' square wooden platform is suspended by ropes and pitons from the ceiling. This platform is also anchored with ropes to the ledge from B8. This platform should probably be visible from B1, or be so from the results of perception.

In the ceiling, above the suspended platform, is a trap door. This trap door leads into a tunnel network that deposits into B10.

Any questions?

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