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they found and returned Lockerbie's brooch and completed the side quest and gained his aid against the derro.

They decided to go after the tower girls. they are thinking this area is not connected to the crow. tried to request lockerbie's aid, he denied saying the deal was for him to aid against the derro and to come to him when they are ready. they just defeated ayala last session and went into dungeon level 1 against the mites.

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Thank-you! I was curious. It sounds like they're on top of things.


They just finished book 1!

The clockwork servant(from area C5) they named 'cranky' and they went to golemworks to get it to aid in craft alchemy checks for wizard. (+23 bonus at level 5
(5 ranks, 3 class skill, 4 int, 5 crafter's fortune spell, 2 shard of pride, 2 master alchemist feat, 2 aid another) craft alchemy in no time.

Rogue, a worshiper of pharasma, carefully destroyed lockerbie when the time was right. The effects of the timeglass artifact(in book 6) allows the PCs to use acquired points throughout the story to have spells cast. They had enough points for their future selves to cast resurrection on Lockerbie to return him to human form. reunited with his wife.

The party spent too much down time crafting things (nearly 3 weeks), the cleric retrained into crusader archetype. so while fenster was the first victim of the derro atlatia made him an amnesiac(a form of madness) and returned him to magnimar, and captured Natalya who cleric had been courting. Sheila told PCs that she is late for update on her spy work for Sczarni. They didn't find out that the sewers were connected to the crow until after they defeated all the derro except Khrysm. cleric is lucky on diplomacy checks to lay with certain women so far. (to date a random librarian, Natalya, and the captain of the Wanton Ways herself) Natalya being saved twice is completely infatuated with anyone who wants her attention, the cleric. (he also has ranks in perform wind instruments (an accordion) that makes him all that much more romantic)

Cleric went to docks to secure the voyage on Wanton ways and saw Fenster working the docks moving cargo. He was found and put to work by the docks to earn a decent living. also having memory failure noticed that he himself was a nasty fellow so he got himself clean. Cleric subtly tried to get his attention but being an amnesiac didn't recognize him. cleric dropped the issue thinking he was better off.

Sheila sent them on a week long team building training exercise. each PC would gain a free teamwork bonus feat. This is my own thing to hammer down the team thing that sheila really wants.

They had just met with Maroux from book 2. cleric of course courts her and she wants nothing to do with that!

Wizard (the diviner) will soon receive the vision of Vargun making her own divinations. (if you've been following my posts...)

Silver Crusade

Not sure if anyone still remembers this AP, but I am finally getting around to running it. My party is well into the crow and just got to room B20, the Dormitory. The text states, "It also serves as their storage for artifacts they have looted from the piling and intend to sell, all packed in bags and crates."
However, there is no indication of what that loot might actually be. Anyone have any recommendations for approximately how much treasure to dole out here or specifically what that treasure might be?

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I'm running it now. I ignored the reference to loot there; I assumed it was an error since it didn't list anything under treasure. There's plenty of stuff in the Crow and below for them.

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