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Is anybody else perplexed by the fact that the first module gives a side quest that can't be finished in the first book?

The Seeking Sinspawn quest (Inside Front Cover) wants the party to bring 3 sinspawn heads to complete it, yet the first book, as written, only comes with one. And there aren't any wandering monsters, so that's not an option. I guess the party doesn't get to complete it until Book 2, but by then, the reward is... meh. But, coins are coins, I guess, and it doesn't appear to ever be a closed quest.

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There are the three Aquatic Sinspawn in Area C24. So I'd say that those would also satisfy the quest requirement.

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Just curious, which NPC did you use to give the quest to your group? I'm thinking of using Almya Gorangal (LE female wizard 4) at Heidmarch Manor (from Magnimar, City of Monuments) as the party's eldritch scoundrel rogue is looking to scribe some more spells from a friendly source.

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