Rivals seeking the Shattered Star

Shattered Star

Hey, so I'm running this game a group of overpowered players (i have them gestalt and 3pp classes). Also planning on extending the adventure out to level 20 cuz I've always hated how APs always just leave you a few levels shy..

With this in mind, I want to add a little bit of an edge to the game by throwing in rival groups seeking out the Shards once they hear that the Pathhfinder Society is on the tail of reforging it. My in for this would be Natalya. They freed her from the shard's grasp, and kept her around for info in the meeting with Sheila afterwards. So obviously she now knows a lot more, and doesn't have strong ties to keep her loyal to the Pathfinders.

What organizations might Natalya reach out to, trying to sell this kind of information for some quick cash? I'm thinking the Aspis Consortium is a definite here, but what other groups do you guys think might join in on the hunt?

Aspis Consortium is the obvious choice here since they are the #1 rival to the PF Society.

Another choice would be any of the other city states in Varisia as having an artifact as powerful as the Sihedron in their arsenal would assure dominion over the region or at least deterrance from any attack.

Maybe the sczarni gangs or shoanti clans of Varisia could come together to steal the artifact and kick the invaders out of their homeland.

The veiled master in book 6 could contact the party as a "benefactor" sowing seeds of doubt in the society during the entire campaign so that they entrust the safety of the artifact to her in the last book. (Not my idea, someone already posted it in this forum)

I wouldn't use one of the remaining runelords as that would mess up the story of Return of the Runelords, in case you plan to run that AP after this one.

I'm sure there's more candidates.

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