What creatures are weak to silver?

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I've been preparing to DM the Affair at Somberfell Hall, and I'm having a hard time finding any reason for the silver daggers to exist in one of the closets. None of the entries in the bestiary for creatures you encounter in this quest actually list silver as a weakness...

I might be overlooking it, but I've been looking through the rules, bestiary, and Doomsday Dawn book and I can't find anything. Help?

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Children. Definitely children.

Why, any time either of my two daughters or any of my nieces or nephews ever got even the tiniest little sliver, they would cry like they got bit by a pit bull. And when we had to dig that sliver out of there, they would cry so loud that you would think we were amputating at the elbow.


You said silver?

Oh, in that case:

Devil (resist damage except silver)
Vampire (sometimes requiers magical silver)
Werecreatures (list silver as a weakness 7)

That looks like about all I can find in the Bestiary that is weak to silver in some way.

Moon Frenzy spell gives weakness to silver.

Vampires sorta do, they don't get their resistance to silver weapons

Awesome, thank you for the help guys.

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