What is the most important rule in the game to preview??

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Next weeks preview is about the most important rule in the game, I'm wondering if anyone want to take guesses as to what this rule is?

Is the rule about Combat? Spell Casting? Different kinds of Movement? Or something else?

Rule 0, of course.

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Big thread here :-)

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The 4 Next PFRPG Core Classes To Be Announced At Gen Con

Big thread here :-)


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I would guess one of 5 things.

Rule 0 A: dm can change/use whatever they want and is always right

Rule 0 B: have fun

3: xp and leveling

4: treasure

5: death and resurection

I'm inclinded towards 5, but who knows.

Fable, the MOST important rule in RPG's is ... Have Fun

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Or, if your my DM, his version of rule 0 would be: "It's the DM's job to kill the players."

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