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Alpha Release 3 General Discussion

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Starting Hit Points - Suggestion

Alpha 3 Alternate / Fan Created Character Sheets

Haunts and new turning system

Cleric -- Turn Undead (Question & Commentary)

Damage Reduction? What?

Dazzling Display

A (VERY) rough idea for Pathfinder Planetouched

Level Adjustment for Divine Rank 0?

Paladins of a LN God?

Starting HP variants

Why must being evil be associated with negative energy? Should necromancy be evil?

How do you think about Vitality / Wound Points?

Roleplaying online?

Ranger's Animal Companion

Playtest Feedback -- A Monk

Random HP's - What do they add to the game?

My list of Comprehensive Criticisms / Suggestions

Class Heavy , Item Heavy or a twisted mix or random mayhem

Paladin Code or "How to negotiate with evil creatures and not to die triying it"

Paizo Self Consistency

For newbies: a character creation guide



Neceros' PFRPG Character Sheet

Alpha PDF -- Printing Problems

PF campaign with Beta

Caster level rant...

5th level playtest

Clothing Cost Adjustments

Mistakes on Pathfinder Character Sheet

A place for Monsters...

New Starting Hit Point Idea

Question for Jason: What Needs Playtesting?

CMB and Channel Energy Playtested with my Group

Psionic pathfinder conversoin?

Beta PDF Preview - Locks

Is all this still usefull?

Use Rope

Question for Jason: Extent of Changes Still Possible

A guideline to fix high level play?

Pathfinder RPG Beta Preview

+74 Jump Check, Leaping over tall buildings in a Single Bound - The Monk Playtesting.

New Weights and Measures

Archade's Ongoing Playtest (COTCT Spoilers)

Forum Search Problems

Level advancement

Anvil's Playtesting

West Michigan Pathfinder RPG playtest group

Question regarding equipment

Xaaon's Pathfinder Playtest


Something's missing.

Suggested / Optional Rules - Undead, Alignment, Subtypes, System Fluidity

After a bit of testing... some Pathfinder house rules

Dirge of Doom

Channeling Flavour (not mechanics!)

Stark contrast playtest duel

This Is The Thread Where We All Post NPCs

Rusty DM Needs Advice

Domains question

Updated Playtest Runelords 4th Level

Problem with Perform setting the DC of bard abilities.

As interesting as the new Pathfinder work is...

Shisumo's One-Player Playtest [SPOILERS for various Pathfinder Modules]

Checking out Pathfinder Alpha 3 for the first time...

Getting Ready for Pathfinder

Confusion in playtest about bit of luck

KnightErrantJR's Alpha Playtest Thread 3.0

Fear of Death?

BM's Alpha 3 Playtest

Ambiguity in human favored class rule

Asgetrion's Alpha 3 Playtest Campaign in FR

Congratulations, Designers!

My Conversion Efforts (spoilers for VoLK inside)

Welcome Sean K Reynolds

Monsters with Class Levels in the PRPG Monster Book

The Real Deal

Playtesters unable to navigate to alpha rules

Phlebas Playtest II (Alpha 3)

Pathfinder Art

Weapons for difference sized wielders

Animal skill point conversion

Pathfinder CharGen

Why is the Pathfinder RPG considered D&D "3.75"?

Unluckiest Ducks Playtest Observations

Archade's Playtest #5

One way to make prep time for high level campaigns easier

Combat maneuver feat

Yoda8myhead's RotR Playtest - Session 1 Notes

A vague wish with regards to Campaign Settings

Magic Items

Maure Castle Playtest

Wizard Question

Archade's 8th Level Playtest

Pathfinder Alpha Playtest - from Poland!

[Meta] PF Beta feedback guidelines - suggestion

Tergiver's alpha 3 playtests

Tergiver's alpha 3 playtests

Bard Save DCs - Trouble in 3.5 and Pathfinder

Watcher's Runelord conversion playtest (w / Erik Mona's focus points)

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