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Monday, August 3, 2015

Last week the Year of the Serpent kicked off at Gen Con 2015! Along with the Pathfinder Society Specials that tie into the new season, we ran tables of the latest releases: #7-01: Between the Lines, #7-02: Six Seconds to Midnight, and #7-03: The Bronze House Reprisal. These adventures have Pathfinder Society agents scouring the streets of Katapesh, on a crunch mission for rare reagents, and sending the Aspis Consortium the message that no act of aggression is going to go unnoticed. And since our Pathfinder Society team is still on the road heading back home, let's take this opportunity to show off some of characters you'll face at the start of the Year of the Serpent!

Illustrations by Marek Madej, John Derek Murphy, and Dion Harris

In addition to the new season, we ran tables of various quests and demos, including the new Pathfinder Society Quest: Phantom Phenomena. This new quest includes 6 new 1-hour adventures for 1st-level characters. And guess what? You can grab it to download right now!

And of course, adventures are exciting, but the outpouring of support and the efforts by our volunteers are what truly make Pathfinder Society successful. This weekend Mike Brock awarded a total of 15 new campaign service awards. Please join us in congratulating the recipients in either the Friday night announcement thread or Saturday night announcement thread!

Chris Lambertz
Community & Digital Content Director

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Sovereign Court

That medallion is very interesting. What do a phoenix, serpents, and the sihedron have in common?

Is that an aeon?

Lantern Lodge RPG Superstar 2014 Top 4

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It IS an interesting sigil... an ouroborous echoing an infinity symbol with a sihedron & phoenix... maybe something involving the Knights of the Ioun Stone orders?

4/5 RPG Superstar 2013 Top 4 aka Matt Duval

I love how the art came out. She's just how I imagined her!

Peacock Spirit...?

And what is that crystal full of arms?

Shadow Lodge 4/5

Peacock Spirit? Peacock Spirit!

Well, the Silver Crusade faction goal was to visit scenes of earlier triumphs, so Varisia was a given.

5/5 Venture-Agent, Massachusetts—Boston

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Ruby Phoenix and Sihedron Rune so basically Aspis doing the flipside of Pathfinder's victories.

Dark Archive

Wait, so are we getting gold agents to kill? Please tell me we get to kill gold agents!

Dark Archive 5/5 Venture-Lieutenant, United Kingdom—England—Coventry aka terry_t_uk

Question regarding the new set of quests : Are these for any 1st level characters (or is it limited to 1st level pre-gens (like the Silverhex Chronicles were ?)

EDIT; Found the answer in the scenario - L1 pre-gens only

Dark Archive

Is that a pixie hippy?

Another reminder why I really don't like Aeons...

The amulet and woman are interesting.

Grand Lodge 5/5

Pathfinder Pawns Subscriber

Is that an aspis badge? I've wondered what they look like for a very long time.

Community Manager

ulgulanoth wrote:
Is that a pixie hippy?


The pixie is clearly a hipster. The pince nez is a dead giveaway.

So, who is the woman clad in nature themed armor and wielding a rod/club?

Community Manager

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Berselius wrote:
So, who is the woman clad in nature themed armor and wielding a rod/club?

Find out more here!
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