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For his sake, I hope he choose to embrace her rather than strangle her.

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Serum wrote:
Why did the Chelaxians decide to dump mine tailings on merfolk city?

Probably because they hated the Merfolk and thought dumping their crap into the ocean would be convenient. Two birds, one stone. Unfortunately for House Thrune, the decision came back to bite Cheliax in the butt REALLY HARD!

This must-have 136-page guidebook for characters of all types introduces three new ancestries to the Second Edition of the Pathfinder Roleplaying Game—the regimented and warlike hobgoblin, the plant-like leshy, and the inquisitive lizardfolk.

Darn...I was hoping for Tiefling, Aasimar, and Dhampir. Oh well, maybe we'll get those ancestries in a Bestiary or area-specific manual?

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Really, nothing about Southern Garund? There's so much to explore and discover there though:

The Vudra colony of Chauxen
The Azata worshiping nation of Dehrukani
The dinosaur-riding lizardfolk ruled nation of Droon
The matriarchy of Holomog
The triad of demon worshiping/slaving Bekyar ruled city states of Kaz'ulu
The mysterious catfolk city-state of Murraseth
The spider-like anadi ruled nation of Nurvatchta
The Keleshite Empire colony of Tirakawhan

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Queen Abrogail II of the Thrice-Damned House of Thrune learned a harsh lesson that day! She may be mistresses of the kingdom of Cheliax, but the ocean has no masters and Abrogail's kingdom ENDS as soon as the safety of solid land meets the maelstrom of the SEA!

Does anyone know if the celestials (aka agathions, angels, archons, and azatas) as well as the five metallic dragons will be in this Bestiary?

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Finally! A Scoundrel that actually listens to their conscience!

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Was the stagecoach that took them a "Death Coach" monster? I really hope we get a Bastardhall super dungeon module soon! :D

Sigh...great...another Goblin adventure module for Free RPG Day. Nutbunnies. :(

So a Dhampir raised in a Cathedral or Temple of Pharasma might encounter persecution or at the very least resentment at the hands of a few of his fellow clergy even though he becomes a full-fledged cleric or inquisitor? He might come to question his beliefs, be torn between serving his goddess and enduring treatment by the church's hardliners, or being a loner who is guarded due to not wanting to be hurt and doesn't make friends easily? This sounds like backstory gold! :D

What is the overall opinion of the clergy of Pharasma on Dhampirs? Would a cleric of Pharasma rescue an infant Dhampir and raise it in one of Pharasma's temples/cathedrals to be priest or inquisitor of the goddess or would the cleric kill the Dhampir infant? Does it all depend on location or nation where the Dhampir is born? Any info on this would help.

So, does anyone else hope Paizo gives us some options to create subraced half-elves and half-orcs with the Half-Elf/Half-Orc Human Ancestry feats?

I'd really be let down if I couldn't create an ekujae half-elf (aka wildborn), or jungle half-orc (aka rainkin) among other subraces for half-elves and half-orcs. :(

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I was really hoping we'd get Second Darkness and Legacy of Fire converted to 1st Edition Pathfinder. As for signing up for this crowdfunding measure, I find it slightly confusing that Paizo Publishing is resorting to having it's customers spend their own money in order to fund production on a product Paizo itself is supposed to be working on. Is Paizo having revenue issues?

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I'm guessing Second Darkness and Legacy of Fire will never be converted to 1st Edition Pathfinder then. Nutbunnies. :(

Variel The Druid wrote:
im with cole deschain im glad that the monk is naling that troll

That troll happens to have a NAME GOOD SIR! What did High Lord Kittysnoogins of the Pancakelands ever DO to YOU?

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Just goes to the show not every monster is a simple generic statblock. A Troll can become a lawful neutral monk who loves peace and friendship. A Centaur can forsake his or hers tribe and study the ways of magic in a Metropolis. And a Fiend can rise above the evil and vileness that spawned it to become something more difficult and nobler than before. All it takes is imagination, a sheet of paper, a pen, and some dice. ;) :D

Eh, True Neutral is just one kind of Neutral. There's Neutral Good, Chaotic Neutral, and Neutral Evil too. It's practically a rainbow of neutrality! :D

So, I'm trying to develop a possible homebrew for the setting of Rokugan (from 3.5 D&D's Oriental Adventures). Here is what I have so far via the Core Classes:

Barbarian: Primitive combatants who utilize the sheer and brutal power of rage to overcome any obstacle and obliterate any foe that lays in their path.

Bushi: For honor, glory, or just outright profit, these feared masked warriors stalk the battlefield and while they still observe the code of Bushido, they give no quarter to their foes once battle is joined.

Courtesan: Masters and mistresses of intrigue and the courts of the Clans, they serve and entertain their lords while mingling with the nobility; all with the intention of serving their clans and sometimes their own agendas.

Hunter: Warriors that stalk the enemies of their lords and clans, they pick off their foes at a distance before closing in for the kill aside their loyal bestial companions.

Kensai: Also known as "Sword Saints", these noble and chivalrous warriors blend mastery of a blade with the divine power of the Kami.

Monk: Martial artists who follow the Tao of Shinsei, hoping to find the secrets of enlightenment as they perfect their minds, bodies, and souls.

Priests: Divine spellcasters who serve the divine will of powerful beings by casting divine spells utilizing Sutra scrolls.

Shaman: Divine spellcasters who serve benevolent or malevolent spirits of the land of Rokugan itself as well as the mysterious powers of the Spirit Realm.

Sorcerer: Descended from a dragon, elemental spirit, divine servant of the kami, or a vile oni, these arcane spellcasters possess magic in their very blood and can cast spells without the use of Sutra scrolls.

Shugenja: Arcane spellcasters who serve the clans and their lords by specializing in the casting of elemental magic through the use of Sutra scrolls.

Wu Jen: Mysterious spellcasters who make pacts with spirits of the spirit realm and in return for following their taboos they receive the ability to cast both arcane and divine spells without Sutra scrolls.

Wait, a dwarf "CHAMPION"? What class is that? Was that in the 2nd Edition Pathfinder playtest?

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Harsk is a dwarf with a desire for the simple things in life. A warm fire coupled with a comfy bedroll and a good spot of tea splashed with a hint of venturing into foul infested lairs and slaying disgusting abominations that haunt the dreams of men. ;) :D

Ascalaphus wrote:
I'd be surprised if they came out with alignment-based connections though, they're downplaying alignment in Starfinder compared to Pathfinder.

Which is kind of weird as outsiders like Devils, Angels, and others are still parts of the Starfinder universe.

The Spell Lists for the Technomancer and Mystic classes seem kinda small. Have they been updated recently? Are there 3rd party additions to the spell lists for Technomancer and Mystic?

My Foxit Reader can't open the Playtest for some reason. Anyone else having this issue?

Anyone know if Paizo is planning to release new Connections for the Mystic class? Maybe Connections based on the Elements (Earth, Air, Fire, and Water), or Alignments (Good, Evil, Chaos, Law)? Are there any 3rd Party Connections for Starfinder's Mystic class?

Do we have a jungle sacrificial altar? Maybe one that the Bekyar use to sacrifice Sargavan maidens to Angazhan? ;) :D

Anyone wondering if Keren and Zae will be recruitable NPC's in this Adventure Path? :D

Kind of interested to see how the PC's are going to match steel and sorcery against a mythic level Lich, especially since I have no idea whether this is going to be a mythic level adventure or not.

Also kind of curious what NPC's we'll be to gain to aid our PC's via extra party members. Oh, OH, maybe Keren Rhinn and Zae? :D

Does anyone else think that the Fire Giants and Frost Giants are just too darn big to be classified as "Large-sized" anymore? Maybe they need to be given a size boost to "Huge" in the new edition? I mean, their slightly bigger than cobble stone double story buildings now!

I'm wondering if this Adventure Path will reach Mythic Levels?

Funny Skeleton Friend wrote:
Berselius wrote:

Here's my view on the 13 worst places to live in Golarion:

1: Galt
2: Irrisen
3: Sodden Lands
4: Razmiran
5: Hold of Belkzen
6: Kaoling
7: Chu Ye
8: Shenmen
9: Wanshou
10: Nidal
11: The Darklands
12: Geb
13: The Worldwound

Aaaand that's how Cheliax gets away every time. We're not a bad place if you're playing nice! Just look at all those dens of chaos and instability, would you prefer a rigorous, at times harshly so, regime of law and order, or a cesspool of madness where you can be certain of nothing? See? Easy choice, isn't it? Like all choices are, despite what those do-gooders might tell you.

Cheliax is at least bearable as long as you pay lip service to Asmodeus's clergy and not a slave. The reason I put Galt in Cheliax's place is there's no safe guarantee you won't be targeted by the Revolutionary Counsel. All it takes is someone who doesn't like you pointing a finger and yelling out "traitor" and you get your head chopped off and soul imprisoned in the Final Blades of the Grey Gardners. The populace of Galt are living in a constant state of paranoia and suspicion where as in Cheliax there is at least some level of stability. Granted that stability comes at the great expense of personal freedom and having to tolerate sentient beings being sacrificed to the fell power of Hell.

Thank you James from the bottom of my little vegan heart! ;) :D

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While I'm glad we got a Large Gold Dragon I'm still very much hoping we get a Huge-sized or even Gargantuan-sized sized series of Metallic Dragons.

Here's my view on the 13 worst places to live in Golarion:

1: Galt
2: Irrisen
3: Sodden Lands
4: Razmiran
5: Hold of Belkzen
6: Kaoling
7: Chu Ye
8: Shenmen
9: Wanshou
10: Nidal
11: The Darklands
12: Geb
13: The Worldwound

Dryad Knotwood wrote:
Angry Wizard wrote:
Shivok wrote:
magnuskn wrote:
James Jacobs wrote:
samuraixsithlord wrote:
Does anyone know if they plan on listing stats for Sorshen, Zutha, and Xanderghul at their full power? Maybe in the continuing the campaign section in the last adventure path.


** spoiler omitted **

Wouldn't his full stat block not make for a nice blog post, if you already have it lying around? :)
I second this request maybe a blog that presents things that did not make it to the books and were left on the cutting room floor.
I third this request! Even if they aren't introduced proper in the canon Golarion, it'd be nice to see them fleshed out as a sort of "deleted scene(s)" in a blog post for those that have been waiting many years for the return of the Runelords.
Oooh, that would be cool. I lurk more than anything else, but I'll fourth this!

I FIFTH THIS REQUEST! I really hope James and the others decide to give us full stats for Sorshen, Zutha, and Xanderghul at their prime or at the very least Sorshen. If not at the end of the adventure than at the very least in the Blog! :D

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Sorshen! Queen of Lust and rightful Empress of New Thassilon! May death come swiftly to her enemies! ;) :D

Dryad Knotwood wrote:
If anyone, Savith is more interesting imo than the individuals listed above. But that's just my preference.

I would absolutely LOVE to have Savith fully stated (maybe via time traveling Adventure Path) along with Sorshen. Sadly I don't think we'll ever get that.:(

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Phillip Gastone wrote:
Considering this is Sorshen, Runelord of Lust I am thinking that one would need a stack of Cure Disease scrolls on hand if anything more was tried.

You assume she would tolerate having, er, "relations" with an individual (or a group of individuals) who have STD's. I think she has higher tastes than that dude. ;)

All hail Sorshen, Lady of Lust and Queen of New Thassilon! May death come swiftly to her enemies! ;) :D

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Michael Sayre wrote:
I really tried to sell the team on applying some of the results of my campaign completions to the canon, but I got a lot of side-eye when I suggested that there should be a luchador king in the River Kingdoms....


...and his trusty Tyrannosaurus mount "MUFFINS"! ;) :D

Captain Morgan wrote:
From what we know all of the APs happened, and there's gonna be something big and earth shaking from the final AP. PROBABLY involving the Whispering Tyrant.

Considering we've had a battle with one or more demon lords during the closing of the Worldwound and New Thassilon rising from the ashes with Runelord Sorshen as it's ruler, it would have to be Whispering Tyrant level crisis at the very LEAST. ;) :D

I'm sooo SOOO CURIOUS about the current status of the world of Golarion in the new edition. What nations endured and prospered? What kingdoms and rulers fell into ruin What new powers and individuals rose to glory in the wake of the ending of the Age of Lost Omens? Anyone else getting curious like me? :D

David knott 242 wrote:
That Luchador picture is next to the description of the Lifting Hand archetype for the Monk and Unchained Monk classes. This archetype makes no mention of a mask but does offer bonus feats that let the Monk pull off some powerful wrestling maneuvers.

Sigh...dammit...there goes my dreams of making a Tiefling Luchador named El Diablo. :(

Was hoping we'd get a Shackle Golem but I'm still happy with what we got in this manual. :D

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OMG! A Luchadore-type Archetype for the Brawler! I can now stat up EL DIABLO! :D

Is there a version of Pathbuilder I can download onto my Windows Desktop PC that I can use without having to download Bluestacks? Please don't recommend me using PCGen or Herolab as I'm not interested.

So, my group really wants to have Seferi as a NPC interacting with us in our adventures thus I'm stuck trying to stat her. Here is what I have so far:

CN Female human magus 7
STR: 12 DEX: 14 CON: 12 INT: 16 WIS: 9 CHA: 16

Magus Arcana (Arcane Deed [Dodging Panache], Disruptive, Flamboyant Arcana)

7th Level Feat: Extra Arcana (Arcane Deed [Targeted Strike])

Equipment: +1 keen rapier, +1 armored coat.

Does this look good so far? I'm kinda pressed for time so if anyone can help me fill in this statblock for this swashbuckling Magus I'd appreciate it.

Is there a Swashbuckler archetype that gives Magus class abilities? Or a Magus class that gives Swashbuckler class abilities?

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Yeah, I'm gonna be honest Paizo Publishing, I don't like any of them. There are too many evil and chaotic neutral based characters and don't even get me started on the undead elf who worships a goddess of disease and misery (I'm sure the townsfolk of the Barony will just LOVE her to PIECES, probably by chopping her to pieces and then burning the remains).

Even the good aligned ones are lackluster to me (of which there seem to be only two) and even then we don't get a Paladin. Not to mention we only get one companion of each Core race which is very disappointing. I was hoping for more variety and choice and a greater number to choose from. I am very glad however that we can create our own party without these characters.

Welp, bought it and deleted it out of disappointment. A waste of my money. Wildborn, and the Half-Orc subraces I was interested in get nothing interesting at ALL. I'm soooo let down. :(

YES! MORE EKUJAE ELVES AND HALF-EKUJAE ELVES! I hope they get stuff for Wizards, Sorcerers, and Bards! :D

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