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Gilver wrote:
These look sweet! Any chance of getting a Gunslinger style class in the future? Maybe something more space cowboy esque?

Honestly if you want a gunslinger style class you just use an operative and specialize in pistols. They get a bunch of tricks for that including being able to shoot without provoking if using pistols.

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It sounds like some things that were feats became weapon traits, I hope there are ways to focus on a weapon and perhaps be able to get traits out of it that it does not usually have. I also hope they do not go the route of Starfinder and make it so only 'rogue' weapons will be able to be used for sneak attack, or if that is true they at least let you open it up with a feat.

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Hmm wrote:
Rysky wrote:
Is that Halfling based on Mark Seifter?

That’s why he’s so familiar! And Linda’s the gnome!


The halfling seems too irritated to be Mark, and the gnome does not have enough knives on her to be Linda.

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Interesting to see the early and tentative thoughts on PFS transferring from First Edition into Second Edition. I will weigh in that I am fine with starting over completely I think the best solution is to just start fresh. I am honestly not a fan of people who have stars getting a discount of any sort on their way to whatever Second Edition will use. With the sole exception of being able to trade some of the older race boons in for that same race in the new edition I am not interested in trading out boons. However if it is not possible to trade in old race boons for ones in the new edition, I will not be upset.

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Honestly rather glad to not be converting over my characters from 1st to 2nd edition. Looking forwards to a fresh start in a fresh campaign actually. I just really hope that the first edition of the Bestiary starts to open up some of the more popular races, or I suppose ancestries now. I know people have mentioned Tengu, but it would be nice to see a more balanced Aasimar and Tiefling allowed back into society.

Huh, had not really wanted anti-hero stuff for a gunslinger until you put that quote up.

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I do hope we get to play with the smaller fighters at some point, and also being able to buy your own ship would make much more sense in Starfinder than the ship boon in Pathfinder does.

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You know thinking about it know, I really wish I had though to ask if the Master of Scrolls, Master of Spells, and Master of Swords are still positions in the Starfinder Society.

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Looking forwards to the high level scenario. Very curious to see if we are actually going to free an elemental lord.

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Sort of looks like a sketched outline of the Scarab Sages emblem

Yeah, the eyes are a little non-standard for a human.

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I am also imagining some saying "Bug Hunt" and getting some odd looks from the faction head. In any case this is Starfinder, so really the truly worrying things have tentacles not chitin.

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Oddly these guys also sound like the Dark Archive given their boon is "Learning by dissection" hopefully we will not have the sentient critter trophy heads that show up in the Pathfinder Tales.

So there is at least one piece of cybertech that requires resolve points. Honestly the resolve points being how you use various options is interesting. I wonder if there will be a way to recharge resolve faster, or expand it. That or have higher end cyberware that simply does not require resolve.

Interesting way to do it. Also it makes it easier to see which archetypes stack with one another. I do find it curious they list the phrenic archetype as being psionic, but in other places you have said that the source of a person's magical abilities are unclear.

I would assume two weapon fighting makes you either able to move and then take two attacks, or lowers the penalties for two attacks. Another possibility is that two weapon fighting just does not exist as a feat, and if you have two weapons and do the full attack you can shoot with both of them.

Interesting take on that, though I am surprised they have not gone with the "Mechanics to play some of our Pathfinder Tales characters." Since those tend to lean towards the damaged and less than morally pure.

I do sort of hope the Engineer has an option to get a motorbike style of robot companion.

Actually a full modules worth of quests *could* be pretty great, but sounds like it could be a nightmare to make.

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Yeah, Barsoom rifles and pistols were always a weird point. Super high range and yet everyone ran around and used sword on one another.

Interesting that you can build your own. Any thoughts on having character classes with powers able to interact with certain kinds of sub-systems on the ship?

This is very interesting are there going to be a set of three part scenarios that go with Earth and Water as well?

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I am wondering if they will eventually do a martial anthology. Get the Golarion Equivalent of the Book of Five Rings, or the Art of War. Fencing manuals and so forth.

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Honestly I did not expect them to sanction Kingmaker.

Well I am curious to see the experimental scenario then.

Oh this does look good. I am sort of hoping there is a way to use friendly telekinesis on your allies. Though I have to admit the name Occult Anthology would probably have been better than Psychic Anthology since the word psychic has some die hards against it.

Ruins of Azlant does sound pretty cool, always nice to see something that pulls heavily from Golarion lore.

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Hi Mark, hope you are having fun at GenCon and travel and such worked out for you. Have any pleasant surprises out there yet?

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Now the real fun is how they can manipulate you while telling the truth.

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The plane of fire, already on fire before the adventurers get there, for once.

Liked the post, but that guy is the worst sales person ever. He insults the person repeatedly, and make insinuations about his ancestors. Also it is strange to see something called a bloodline and a complete denial of the usual meaning. I mean what happens between two consenting adults is their business, even if one of them is a multi-ton fire breathing lizard that can fly and cast as a sorcerer.

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Wow, do you have to kick the dog as part of the somatic component? Still excited about the decapitate spell though. Which oddly enough feels a lot less evil.

Thanks for posting on Independence Day! Hope everyone at Paizo had a good one.

Interesting that the Godclaw imagine Irori as heavily armored, given that he is generally supposed to have been a monk before his apotheosis to divinity.

Kairos Dawnfury wrote:

What are the Orders on the cover? I don't recognize the far left and middle, but pretty sure mid-left is Scourge, Mid-right Godclaw and far right Nail.

Is the middle Rack?

Lets see we have an going left to right, Order of the Pyre, Order of the Scourge, Order of the Rack, Order of the Godsclaw, and Order of the Nail.

I still hope that movie gets a sequel.

That is interesting. Especially as it can create a character that can be all the lawful alignments.

Not actually sure they ever break down "These are the ones that go Evil most." Other than saying that Order of the Torrent is particularly Good Aligned, but as players we can make some educated guesses. Admittedly the stopping crimes before you consider them is a bit Orwellian, but all the Orders summon Devils. Signifiers of the Order of the Gate might be less likely to go bad, simply due to their being fewer Devils summoned per Signifier.

Hmm, thought the Order of the Gate were more about keeping people from poking reality in bad ways.

Oh, the art all looks amazing. I am greatly looking forwards to this particular book.

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Bid Spoilers:
Okay so no one has mentioned this, but thinking about it later after playing. We have the Aspis Consortium with what I am betting is evil Wonder Woman.

This is fun, but you need to make sure you read over the new rules and make sure you do it right. Also if you get a low skill group things could be a bit rough.

Congratulations, the first star is definitely the hardest. If only because it requires stepping out of your comfort zone.

I really enjoyed the novel. Admittedly the speech does not come across as the prose from one of the original Gothic Horror stories. I would honestly say this is a good thing in a lot of ways though. It can be difficult to get into that mind set to read them, with some of the older stories.

Bloodbound Spoiler:
Also in a lot of ways the most terrifying part and in some ways the saddest part of the story was the idea of memory erasure. That and in some ways the finding a link to ones family and then just abandoning it.
I also loved how you did make it so that the vampires all had the same basic flaw of all considering themselves 'tragic' while having them show off their evil and monstrous aspects.

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Thinking about it, it might be fun if they made a Hellknight Archetype for Vigilantes. It sort of makes sense if you are a very different person while in your armor.

I am curious how the card game and the role playing guild game will interact.

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Oh, Ezren needs to be the inn keeper. He really looks the part already! Also I really hope the familiar investigator works with the psychic investigator.

The relationship between the Diabolist and the Paladin was interesting at least, and went into some of the things that are code breaking and not in a relationship. I really kept wanting him to hit the person he was talking to for advice with some holy water. I just kept thinking "There are shape shifting devils, and this is Cheliax."

I think they would go with calling it Occult Tactics.

I was under the impression it actually was. Though it also weirdly does have an attached mythic dungeon.

Wonder if they are going to include the Starstone Cathedral in this?

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