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Oh, ok.

Well you said Medusa's Coil and Imbicatus said Snake's Hair, so without having seen the picture I got the feeling the Animate Hair was actually the living wig of the Medusa :-p

Is the animate hair Medusa based? I thought it was actually an ooze made out of human hair?

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Adam Daigle wanted original new monsters.

Well he gets them in the form of an awesome Colombian Critter called Abuhuku

This creature suits prefectly into the world of pathfinder it can fits right in with the other weirdo's.

Till now Paizo really didn't give much attention to the tree-stalkers of mythology.

I mean there are no, Asanbosam (not counting the very different Sabosan), Yara-Ma-Yha-Who, Drop Bear or Argopelters in pathfinder yet, so maybe this very obscure tree-stalker can be more lucky.

I can see this tree-Anteater/mosquito like creatures stalk primitive villages like mosquito-like humanoids, hanging themselves from the straw-like roofs down on their sleeping prey to suck their innards out through their skull, or stalk prey on walls of their very own houses, maybe using chameleon-like abilities and attacking them from behind with their mosquito-like mouth which pierces the skull easily, killing the weak humans in an instant without alerting the other villagers.

Oh... just found out Uraeus is also a re-print... Too bad! Thought it was a new creature...

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I think they re-print creatures so they can also be used by people that can't effort or buy all the AP's.

I don't really mind re-prints, but like Odraude said, I don't want more reprints than new monsters, like 50 reprints from all types of books are enough for me, and also give them new artwork, so people that already know the creatures at least have something new to look about and can see another version of them.

Dragon78 wrote:
I don't what they don't like about the older AP volumes but they still have great monsters like the Skirk Nettle, Danse Macabre, Buraq, Blodeuwedd, Stygia, Calathgar, Dweomer Cat, Miengu, Raiju, Gare Linnorm, Hell Gigas, various Oni, and Various Kami.

I'm really surprised they didn't used the Skrik Nette, Raiju, Ammut and Serpopard yet...

I was so certain they would put them in bestiary 5, but instead we get Putrid Ooze lol, the one that I expected least.

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Thanks for that answer Kalindlara! The extra answer is also very helpful!

I really like the Riftcreeper, Maggot-Thing, Urranag (that living trap) and Warmonger Wasp from the Worldwound, so i'm happy those made it in over the demons, which I never liked that much.

Re-uses that need new artwork in my opinion are: Leechroot / Delgeth / shasalqu / Ved / Giant Scarab / Capramace / Dragonkin / Living Mirage / Stranglereed / Ursikka (more because I want more different artworks of the creature, the other art is also beautiful) / Putrid Ooze / StormGhost (really not my style) / Khala / Lusca (other position) / Devastator / Grim Reaper

All others have great artworks (in my humble opinion) anyway, so I don't mind them using those.

Which creatures from the Wrath of the Righteous AP bestiary made it into this book anyway?

I know the three best ones made it in, the Corpse Lotus, Vespacor Queen and the Lamhigyn, and my least favorite, the Putrid Ooze.

But which others?

Really sad to see the Demon-AP Putrid OOze make it in over the Curupira, Squonk and Mahaha (and many other AP monsters)...

I mean the book has only 2 fire-based creatures and only 3 cold based monsters, and 3 black ooze monsters, from which I find the Putrid ooze the weakest link.

I mean the Roiling Oil and Gunpowder Ooze are original and have something to add, but the Putrid Ooze is just another acid ooze without very much special about it.

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Wannabe Demon Lord wrote:
Mark Seifter wrote:
The curupira very nearly made it into B5, so it's definitely possible you might see it some day.

This is very interesting to me. I'd really like to see the Curupira at some point. Was it already written up, with stats and stuff, or simply on the proposed list of creatures?

Also, wasn't there a Squonk planned for B4? Its artwork (if I remember correctly) turned up online alongside the Roiling Oil's, so when the Oil was shown I had hoped that the Squonk had gotten in too. Is it likely that one will ever see the light of day?

Also, pure curiosity's sake here, but are there any other creatures, (particularly ones from the B5 wish list thread) that were strongly considered for the book that you feel it would be okay to mention?

I second this, I really would like to know that too!

Same was said about the Inuit Mahaha, but we still didn't see it :-( (and probably we never will, this book only had 3 cold-based monsters and like 3 black oozes... something must be very wrong with the Mahaha that it didn't gained a spot over one of the black oozes)

Hope you are right about the Curupira, though the Kijimuna looks somewhat similar with the hair, so it could stand as a weird stand-in lol.

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Paladinosaur wrote:
F. Wesley Schneider wrote:
Paladinosaur wrote:
Wait, the Encantado is female?

That example is.

When I ordered the art, I figured, why limit exciting encantado times to just one gender?

I'm excited about this one. Brazilian mythology is rarely used in RPGs. I hope that now that we have occult adventures you guys use african-brazilian religions like Umbanda and Candomblé as sources of inspiration =)

We still need Cuca, Curupira, Capelobo, Mapinguari, Headless Mule, Minhocao, Boitata and Saci to make the most-needed-brazilian-stuff complete. Then we can have a Brazilian Mega-Parteee!

Add some Alicanto, Nguruvilu and Invunche to add to the South American flava's and voila, a South American Party :-p

lol, never heard that word before, it is confusing to say the least :-p

Acolyte of Mushu wrote:
The art is pretty rad. Especially the papinijuwari. The deep one hybrid is not exactly what I envisioned, but its's properly fishy. The encantando, though good artwork, seems really bizarre to me. I think I would've preferred it remained gender-neutral in appearance. Sure, have a female one, but the hair and breasts matched with the dolphin face kinda throw me off. That's to say I think any hair on a dolphin-faced head would throw me off.

Did you misspell Bad or is Rad another word?

I wouldn't believe you find that Papinijuwari art bad.

Papinijuwari is so insanely cool!

I like the art for Encantado and Akaname too, but the Papinijuwari blows them away!

Papinijuwari is my new favorite creature in Pathfinder (sorry Alraune)

It looks so insane cool!

In my own project they become minions/right-hands for the Gaasyendietha/Meteor Dragons.

How could I not know that awesome Aussie myth creature before?

And I have a question.

I'll buy the PDF as soon as it is available, probably don't even sleep and eat on Wednesday to download it as soon as it is available.

But what if I also WIN this competition, and are one of the 4 winners, but I already bought the PDF, then the prize would be in vain...

What happens then? :-p

I voted for the Difficult-Named Lady.

Just because Dragons always win, and I think its time for a new-comer to take the prize this time.

While I really LOVE the Wyrmwraith, very cool skeletal/ghost dragon design, and one of my favorite dragons, uhm undead, as the undead group could really use some freaking non-humanoids :-p

Liz, I love you for posting the Akaname, Encantado and Papipapi (the blue guy with the torch and one eye, with extremely difficult name to remember)!!! Very cool pics! Even the Deep One (which don't really interest me that much) has beautiful artwork.

Paladinosaur wrote:
Wait, the Encantado is female?

Encantado can be both female and male in the myth if I remember correctly, or people draw the Encantado female on google...

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Both of my picks were right! :-p

And awesome artwork as usual! Cool mythological pics!

I really love the artwork for the Muse, it is so suiting for me.

I can't wait for tonight, which 4 monsters will we see this time? The last preview before the PDF comes out!

Well Dragon78 said in an earlier post that he disliked the lack of pretty females in this book, so I thought it was about her size really, not about the artwork.

I can't find anything ugly on that artwork.

@ Muse, so because they turned the Muse into a bigger woman she's uninspired? YOu know what, Muse as Nymph-number-101 would be uninspired, not all greek monsters should be pretties.

Muse are about songs, and art, not about beauty of body.

@ Veela, yes, and Leshy's aren't cute little things, and Barghests aren't humanoid, and Basilisks are more like chicken, and, and and and. There are a lot of monsters from myth in pathfinder that changed some way or another, some bad some for good, but that depends on everyone's taste.

While I don't mind the Veela being a male in pathfinder, I'd rather seen them use the Katsura-Otoko for such feminine-looking guy. Veela would be cool as storm nymphs, but even that is non-correct as Veelas can be anything, they are the most chaotic beings in mythology, and for that i'm happy they at least have a solid form in pathfinder, same goes to the similar Hala Demon.

Matthew Morris wrote:
Clearly my Russian-by-Irrisen bard will need to make sure he has enough knowledge nature to make sure he doesn't confuse a domovoi with a polevoi when one is two feet in front of him...

Don't think that will be a problem, the only thing that is similar is the name.

As in pathfinder the domovoi is a tiny creature and the Polevik is a medium/small (can't remember) creature with toadstools growing out of it.

In D&D 4th edition, most creatures are neutral, good doesn't exist, only in very few cases, even the Gold and Silver Dragons are neutral if I remember well, I liked that! Neutral Dryad! Tree-huggers from hell! Yeah!

I liked that, but that was all I liked in the end, the rest sucked.

Lol, it is question day today.

But do good creatures kill mindless beast for food or also Karkadann and other intelligent creatures for food?

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But Tammy, you're a lich, you are evil, you should kill everything in sight!

But Good VS Neutral is an interesting case, neutral creatures kill for food, but do good creatures kill the mindless beasts or do they take them out without hurting them?

Dragon78 wanted that every outsider group got its own 1 -> 20 list, but many groups of outsiders have doubles, that was an example :-p

But do good-natured creatures kill neutral creatures? :-p

Milo v3 wrote:
Myth Lord wrote:
But i'm still not 100% sure what some alignments stand for, in my eyes for example all good-alignment creatures are creatures that are like the little pony's, they can't do harm to other creatures, only those who are evil.
That's a strange viewpoint... I mean, people only just gave you the example of the Wakandagi which might kill you if you fish too much in it's river.

Yes an evil deed, overfishing is never good. :-p

But can Good natured creatures in Pathfinder kill for sport? Or would they never do that unless they are templated?

Oh, i'm happy with the Domovoi being good, but the Ovinnik is the only one I want to alignment shift.

I don't care for the Dvorovoi, least favorite of the house spirits, I like Kikimora more.

I love that the Grey are evil!

Also the Isonade and Cherufe at the side of evil are a dream come true! Pyrausta is chaotic neutral which is cool!

Amarok and Davana Titan as Lawful Neutral is strange for me.

But i'm still not 100% sure what some alignments stand for, in my eyes for example all good-alignment creatures are creatures that are like the little pony's, they can't do harm to other creatures, only those who are evil.

Lawful Neutral for me is close to good, they are gentle creatures that live in peace mostly, the chaotic neutral's are more evilish in nature in my mind.

Thanks man! That is awesome!

Ovinnik not evil? That is a bummer! I wished the Domovoi was good, the Kikimora was neutral and the Ovinnik was evil, so all alignments are presented on the house spirits.

I hate to break your little wish Dragon78, but there is the Leukodaemon on CR 9 but also the Sangudaemon on CR 9, so that isn't working.

Let me guess, Gancanagh and Veela haha

Also good to hear there are less pretty females in this bestiary, there were far too many in Bestiary 4 anyway.

Luthorne wrote:
Myth Lord wrote:
Are Wakandagi good (hope not) or evil/neutral (I hope so)?
They're neutral good, but have fierce tempers when it comes to things ruining rivers, particularly by poisoning them or overfishing in them...there are stories that say that if it's angry, it'll come charging out of the mists it can create, scattering humans, capsizing boats, flinging around water bombs, and goring anyone that gets too close.

A too bad, a promising creature getting destroyed by a good alignment... they are only evil to evil creatures, which isn't my thing at all.

It is just a more powerful Kirin now...

Are Wakandagi good (hope not) or evil/neutral (I hope so)?

Which creatures from AP's and other Products (Delgeth and Tizheruk for example) have new artwork in this bestiary?

The fun thing is in the real world the evil mostly comes from arrogant beautiful people, and many lesser pretty people are very gentle.

And in movies/games it's the other way around, good = always beautiful and succesful. Boring.

As long as its not done by the artist of the Old Reaper/SPringheel-Jack, the artist of the Graeae/Dorvae/Manitou or the artist of the Bestiary 1 Chimera and Griffon i'm fine I guess lol.

Setting Neutral? That thing looked like it belonged to World War 2. I'm kinda happy they changed it into a anti-paladin type creature.

Still curious at the artwork.

I'm kinda ok with 2 lamia, a lesser and a greater, the other Lamia from the AP's weren't really my thing and they were too Golarion-specific.

But not the stupid guns we use in these ages, the Magnums and all that machine guns.

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More non humanoid Fey and Undead would be welcome, most of those are humanoids.

More ugly fey (like Kelpie and Nuckelavee) are also welcome.

And only 1 more week before Bestiary 5 is out in the open for PDF buyers! Tomorrow 3/4 more pictures from Liz to sate the appetite!

I didn't buy the hardcover, not because I didn't wanted it, but mostly because of the post-system here which sucks, and I was afraid that Holland is special and it takes longer so I get the PDF even after the 18th.

I'm even happier to read that the Trench Mist is getting a re-work as well, even though it was from world-war II I still had a weak spot for it, I just love mist/fog monsters I guess.

And now I understand why these creatures got into bestiary 5, and the living tank didn't.

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Kalindlara wrote:

For the record, both the fext and the trench mist have had their World War II-ness scrubbed off.

This applies to the art as well.

Yeah? That is awesome to hear! Can't wait to see those artworks!

Futuristic? They are from the Thirty Years' War (1618-1648)


So Fext don't use guns? As in the 1600erds they didn't had guns at all.

But I let myself be confused by the Fext from the horror-movie and Pathfinder, in which the Fext were both German Soldiers.

Never gave them a good read on Google I must confess, as I thought the Pathfinder version was correct.

Is Fext still the futuristic worldwar 2-thing? Or can it be put together with other Medieval monsters now? But Fext never were Medieval monsters, they are made-up during 1900 or something like that. Think I don't really care, they are among my least favorite myth monsters anyway.

All this Liminal Sprite talk got me curious.

So instead of letting people's negative feelings turn you off from a subject, you let people's positive feelings turn you off? That's as putty-brained as the original concept, with the added benefit of lacking even the excuse that other people's opinion might be valid that the former has going for it.

No, I let mass-useage turn me off, they start to annoy me because they appear in every movie, comic, series, whatever and always get the spotlights on them, while the others must be happy to grab a spot, that is annoying for me, especially if we known everything about them already and they still got the high-lights because some people can't think further than 1,2 and 3 and don't give anything beyond that a chance because their soccer-minds can't handle that much information at once.

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