Dreadfulness in Dunwich PF1e+

Game Master DeJoker

Bale Keep Map


Dunwich is a somewhat backwater fishing town situated on southern side of the Dunwater River and sandwiched between the Dunwater Marsh and the Monmurg Bay. This makes it tucked away on the south-western coast of the Kingdom of Keoland. Just north of Dunwich is a small monastery dedicated to Heironeous and Bale Keep which guards the road between the town of Saltmarsh and Burle. While further south are other small fishing villages and guard towers. Many folks from Dunwich serve as staff and support for the keep and the town tends to travelers between Saltmarsh and Burle.

This will be a semi-sandbox game based in a non-canon village located in the Viscounty of Salinmoor in the south-western region of Keoland which is located within the Sheldomar Valley within the western area of the Flanaess on the continent of Oerick on the planet Oereth. Dunwich is smaller but similar to its more famous cousin Saltmarsh which is located just to the northeast. As every character will have hailed from or hail from Dunwich there will be special Backgrounds to choose from that will tie the character more tightly into the village.

Current Characters

Dain Bramage

M Dwarf Inquisitor(Living Grimoire) 3HP28/37,Init5,F7R2W6,AC18T13FF16

played by Andrea1 (1,271 posts)

played by DeJoker (322 posts)
Jazlyn of Clan Ocēlōme

CG Human Female (she/her/hers) Brawler 3 | HP: 40/40 AC 19 T 13 FF 16 F +6 R +6 W +5 | Martial Flexibility 4/4
played by Clebsch73 (21 posts)
Goblin Dog
Phillip Gastone

M Human Ranger 1

played by Andrea1 (2,112 posts)
Salaha Driftmare

Female Aquatic Elf Druid 3

played by fatmanspencer (69 posts)
Copper Asp
Sun-Dapple Grün

Male Grippli

played by Hassan Ahmed (312 posts)
Ishani Dhatri
Travoril the Scrivener

M fFolk (Wood Elf) Cleric 3

played by Mokmurian the Great (31 posts)
William the Destroyer

Male Human Evoker 3

played by EltonJ (90 posts)

Current NPCs

Lars Ulcaster

HP (29/29) AC (22/14/18) Saves (7/6/6) Initiative (+4) CMD (21) AP (5/5) Lvl 1 (22)

played by Grumbaki (168 posts)
Lictor Severs
Sergeant Stone

HP 39/39 AC 24 (T 12 FF21), Fort+6, Ref +3, Will+1, Per +7, Init +3

played by drbuzzard (25 posts)
Shekla Stygg

Female Uriak Sorcerer 3 | HP: 14/24

played by Zaboom! (45 posts)

Previous Characters

Golden Orb

(659 posts)

Male Human Psion 10/Atlanteologist 10
(9,155 posts)
Mokmurian the Great

Male Korean-American Scientist
(78 posts)
Aldern Foxglove
Djack Nymball

Human Male uRogue 4 | HP 32/41 | AC19/T14/F15 | Saves F+3/R+8/W+2 | Perc +8/+12 hidden-secret | Init +4

played by Hassan Ahmed (544 posts)
Don Guy

Human Paladin 3

played by Andrea1 (740 posts)
Undead Slayer
Vilma Maldeghem

Female Human Paladin (Virtuous Bravo) 3

played by rdknight (72 posts)