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Strength 11
Dexterity 10
Constitution 11
Intelligence 13
Wisdom 9
Charisma 12

About Grumbaki

HP (14) Saves (+2/+0/+1) BaB (+1) CMB (+2) CMD (11)
Speed: 30ft (20ft in armor)
Melee: Club +1 (1d6)
Ranged: M16 +2 (2d12) automatic weapon quality
Armor: Full battle rattle (AC 16, provides AC 13 vs ranged touch attacks)

Same point buy and level as a commoner. Not as strong or tough as someone who works the land, point buy goes into professional stats instead
Similar ranged accuracy as a small town guard, but much better weaponry. Would get wrecked in close combat

Race: Human
* Rationalize: Humans have the ability to assuage their own fears by convincing themselves that what they saw or read is not real. Humans with this trait gain a +3 bonus on saving throws against effects that cause sanity damage. This racial trait replaces the bonus feat trait.
* Comprehensive Education: Humans raised with skilled teachers draw upon vast swathes of knowledge gained over centuries of civilization. They gain all Knowledge skills as class skills, and they gain a +1 racial bonus on skill checks for each Knowledge skill that they gain as a class skill from their class levels. This racial trait replaces skilled.

* Warrior 1 (Army National Guard)
* Expert 1 (Attorney)

* Fatherhood - Social (+2 bluff, intimidate, and diplomacy, with own children)
* Specialized Training - Combat (+1 hit with rifles, not proficient with martial melee weapons)
* Specialized Field - Regional (+3 knowledge local for area of law, -3 for all other uses)
* Service-Connected Injuries - Drawback (Ringing of the ear and cannot take the run action due to ankle injury)

* Lvl 1: Exotic Weapon Proficiency AFATDS (advanced field artillery tactical data system)

* Profession Soldier: 1 SP (+3)
* Profession Barrister: 1 SP (+3)
* Sense Motive: 1 SP (+3)
* Perception: 1 SP (+3)
* Bluff: 1 SP (+5)
* Diplomacy: 1 SP (+5)
* Knowledge Arcana: 1 SP (+6) [Pathfinder]
* Knowledge History: 1 SP (+6) [Tolkien]
* Knowledge Planes: 1 SP (+6) [Warhammer]
* Knowledge Local: 1 SP (+3 / +9 Area of Law)

* Marriage Ring of Power: When I put it on I am invisible to all women. When I take it off...I’m still invisible.
* Business Suit (+1 diplomacy/bluff when worn)
* ACU (-1 penalty to Stealth when worn)
* OCP (+1 disguise to look like air force)
* Iphone: When looking up information online roll 1d20. On a 2+ gain +2 to knowledge roll. On a 1 consume misinformation and receive -2 penalty.

Completed Characters/Campaigns:


(1) Kalem Darkborn turned into Kalem Lightsworn Lvl 1 - Lvl 17 Tiefling turned Elf Bloodrager. Curse of the Crimson Throne: Adventure Path Completed!

(2) Drazh Anviltamer Lvl 8 Dwarven Stalwart Defender Lvl 1 - Lvl 16. Rise of the Runelords: Adventure Path Completed!

(3) Godric Alden lVL 7 Soul Bound Armor Hexadin. [5e] White Plume Mountain: Campaign Completed!

(4) Khaz Dourblade Lvl 4 Dwarven Barbarian. 5E Escape from the Underdark. Campaign Completed!

(5) Lidras Mitheredal Lvl 6 Elven Warlock. 5e Lost Tamoachan. Campaign Completed!

(6) Rilkus Ironhand Lvl 5 Warforged Paladin. 5E Adventures in Midgard. Campaign Completed!

(7) Trahndir Halftusk Lvl 6 Half-Orc Warpriest. Welcome to Serentity Hallow. Campaign Completed!

(8) Ulark Bastardson Lvl 2 Aasimar Vigilante. Tales from the Vale. Campaign Completed!

(9) Valghaz Ironhammer 0XP -> 2365XP Dwarven Miner->Templar. WFRP Making the Rounds. Campaign Completed!


(1) Ingrahild. Lvl 7 Dwarven Zen Archer. Giant Slayer.

(2) Ingrid Foedottier Lvl 3 Tiefling Warpriest. Disater's Devils.

(3) Lokhir Elven Occultist. The Harrowing.


(1) Varr Stormforge Dwarven Reliquarian Infiltrator Preacher Inquisitor. Beyond the World's Edge. Campaign ended early, but completed.

(2) Hrungnir Lvl 9 Dwarven Eldritch Knight. 5E Courts of the Shadow Fey. Campaign ended early but completed.

(3) Adela Human Priestess of Ulric. WFRP What's Under Nuln? Campaign ended early with the party falling back out of the tunnels. Technically completed.


(1) Amphitryon and Amphitryon Lvl 9 Half-Elf Gloomblade turned Warpriest. Gods and Monsters. Left Campaign for agreed upon ending for Amphrytion.

(2) Brunhild Blackarrow Dwarven Zen Archer. Left campaign with personal story complete.


(1) Gorthug Draugr Captain. Monsters Save the World. Killed by a human barbarian.

(2) Gul Gra Dushnikh Half-Orc Slayer. Shattered Star. Died scouting for the party.

(3) Kragmyr Grudgekeeper Dwarven Bard. Giant Slayer. Killed by a giant.

(4) Malkaer Elven Bladebound. Legacy of Dark Sun. Exploded by an elemental.

(5) Marillo Sullus Tiefling Vigilante. Kintargo. Ambushed by the authorities.