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Yes, Rogue... Spizz keeping Trapfinding?

rando1000 wrote:

Hassan playing Rogue?

Louxman playing swashbuckler of some variety

So, I guess I need builds from Hassan and Louxman, and then we can get going.

I think he's going rogue.

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@Uret Jet

I've dotted, but you've got first pass at character concept whatever you want, even a rogue. I'll fill in (love doing that).

. dotting

Hey, saw the bat signal and came over to assist!

Would love to know what the current players would want and not-want to see in a new party member!

Is the event, "at ease" as in call people by their first names or still military formal or rank & last name.

Seems I'm a bit behind... need to create aliases to post... I'll fill them in after.

rando1000 wrote:
Hassan Ahmed wrote:
I appreciate figuring how the mechanics work with our builds... either a simple assignment or training exercise. Or something in between.
So we'll have both starship combat and ground combat in the first adventure, as well as system exploration and some downtime (based on some stuff in the Galaxy Exploration Manual). plenty of rules crunchiness to get us into the swing.


I didn't answer the question... Prologue is good. Thanks, Boss.

I appreciate figuring how the mechanics work with our builds... either a simple assignment or training exercise. Or something in between.

JonGarrett wrote:
Hm, might play a Samsaran as my backup character.

For a second I mistook them for the monkey people Vanara!

Surprisingly syllabically (lol... I had syllabolically) similar.

Amazing how the mind works... ehem, when it does. :)

Even though Rudo is a Gravity Dweller, I think I want him a little taller and lean. So maybe one parent was from Earth and he's from there.

And suggestion for Oren, a Featherlight world would be great.

rando1000 wrote:
I'm thinking Tanta might be in H&E (Helm & Engineering) as a shuttle pilot. She'd be the pilot the captain picks when you need someone diplomatic on the away mission. Just an idea though, since Hassan hadn't picked a department for her.

Sounds good to me.

I didn't want to step on toes or be redundical.

I've got a couple of allusion (non game related) themes going on with the two characters. Days of futures past type of things. Elsewhere/Elsewhen.

If anyone picks up on them, give me a shout-out!

Human Gravity Dweller
Rudo "the Saint" Clausius - Vanguard, Lt & Head of Security

Human Featherlight
Oren "Tanta" Knightgale - Operative/Envoy, Ensign, Helm & Engineering Diplomat

rando1000 wrote:
Impressive. Operatives are crazy good on skills.

The concept had me at "Diplomat with a Sniper Rifle" because it's all about... persuasion.

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Check this lady out, Oren "Tanta" Knightgale <<< Link

Haven't settled on Department (wherever she fits) or gear, yet.

rando1000 wrote:
Hassan Ahmed wrote:
Yes, Rudo is on the away team... but, there seems to be no shipboard diplomacy role.
Well, obviously more can happen on a Starship that combat. Anyone with high social skills would be useful in communicating whether on the commlink or in person. Diplomacy and negotiations will happen between vessels, just not really WHILE in combat.

I believe so as well, it's just that most (if not all) the Envoy Improvisations refer to in person combat map type situations.

But, if there is a chance she will be off-ship, Envoy could work.

Uret Jet wrote:
To put it I to star trek terms, we focus mostly on the Away Team, but we switch to the Bridge Crew when things get dicey in space. That about right, Rando?

Yes, Rudo is on the away team... but, there seems to be no shipboard diplomacy role.

rando1000 wrote:
Hassan Ahmed wrote:
How come Envoy stuff doesn't work via shipboard communication (conference call)? It all kinda assumes melee (combat map).
Starship combat is kind of its own thing. There are very specific actions each person in a given role can take, so most class-related things don't directly translate to ship combat. Not sure if that answers your question.

Yes, I remember... it's very mechanical and A/B kinda.

OK, no Envoy.

How come Envoy stuff doesn't work via shipboard communication (conference call)? It all kinda assumes melee (combat map).

Uret Jet wrote:

Might've missed it, but that's the 'Dr.' Portion of Dr. Yusil's name there. Though nominally a geneticist by trade, she's had more then enough time to practice doctoring.

Edit: Her sheet

Good point, sadly never connected Dr. with Medicine/Healing (just knowledge, as in PhD). Ginko Biloba (Fett) for me!

So... for secondary characters?
-Helm and Engineering (Engineer or Pilot) - ?
-Sciences (Science Officer) - ?
-Command (First Officer) - ?
-Combat (Gunner/Security) - ?
-Medical (usually no part in Starship combat)- the Doctor is in!

Which ship departments need some love? Don't want to step on toes... do we have Medical covered?

Would an Ensign Envoy/Mediator in the medical department make sense since they are not part of ship combat... they could negotiate? The ship wasn't looking for a diplomat... but there was an opening for medical personnel.

Perhaps they know Rudo and wanted to travel together. Make some money and see the galaxy.

Could take Profession: Nurse.

They may not be the best "medic" on board... LOL!

Unless there is a "why the hell did you do that?!" From you or my fellow players... I'm good to go.

Uret Jet wrote:
Keep in mind, there are no Gollarian deities here. This is The Future(tm), though maybe Desna is part of an alien religion.

It was an option, maybe there is an equivalent I can weave in.

Aternatively, it's a piece to an alien encounter related to Death-Touched.

I do appreciate you pointing it out! Just problem solving.

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Can you guys access this?

Rudo "the Saint" Clausius <<< Link

Besides me (Vanguard, probably melee) are we going to be melee or range heavy?

Would Improved Trip mess everyone up, make the enemy harder to hit?

Also, I read that "getting up" does not provoke AoOs?

Looking for some tactical synergies.

I'm liking Obsolescence with Disarm... <<< Link

Going for a Black Sabbath (possibly Marvel) - Iron Man vibe! <<< Link

Death Touched & Power Armor.

Does this...

...Your entropic strike is a magical one-handed advanced melee weapon with the operative weapon special property that targets EAC (even when dealing bludgeoning damage)...

...mean that Weapon Specialization is only half your level?

rando1000 wrote:

I think you only get Specialization for free with your free proficiencies. You'd have to spend a second Feat to get it with the Longarm. So at close range, you probably should stick to your Laser Pistol. It will do 3d4 + specialization, vs the Rifle which will do 3d6 but no specialization damage.

Entropic strike seems a little confused. I'm going to rule it thus: if you use an operative weapon (such as a tactical baton or a survival knife) you can use your entropic attack in conjunction with a normal attack. That will give you 1d4 (baton) + 1d4 (entropic) + your specialization and Con modifiers. So that's 2d4 + 6 (with a 16 Con).

Specialization - You're right.

Entropic - you don't have to, it's OK. I'll make due... However along with those OSF weapons, would there be any power armor?

I was considering "Powered Armor Jockey" as an Archetype. Unless some has called dibs on Power Armor.

Nothing over powered or heavy even. Could be light and simple (preferred) or I could wait until a future level when it may be available.

Honestly with CON and DEX getting the lion share of points, STR is a 10 or 11 - so, he's not lugging heavy armor.

rando1000 wrote:

Keep in mind as far as Ranged weapons, I'm giving you access to Aphelion lasers (both Rifle and Pistol, in your case, since you're security). You don't have to "purchase" them with the 3000 Cr. You are assigned them from your ship's armory.

If you're talking melee, let me know what kind of weapon you're thinking and we'll see what we can work out.

Hmm, Vanguard with CON 16/DEX 16... I'm assuming Weapon Specialization is why my 1d4+3 acid damage (with Entropic attack) becomes 1d4+6 at 3rd Level.

I've taken Weapons Proficiency Longarms as one feat, so I'm effective at range. So that's DEX to Hit and whatever damage the weapon does, do I get Specialization there too or only the Proficiencies that comes for free with the Class?

Lastly, I think any melee weapons use my entropic attack damage? 1d4. And use Dex to Hit and CON to Damage? Tryng to sort that out.

It's not you it's me... I can't figure out how to do any real damage. I'm at 1d4+6.

Uret Jet wrote:
Now you're making me feel unprepared, I just dove right in head-first. Maybe I should be reading the rules more closely.

I meant, yay I'm not the only one needing to brush up (as I know avant little).

JonGarrett wrote:
I'm fine with whichever rank. I'm still busy getting up to date on Starfinder again, so it'll take me a little bit to assemble a playable character, but I'm not at work tonight.

Oh yay, I'm not the only one!

Simeon wrote:
Hephaistos is also a fantastic Starfinder character generator.

Thanks... mush better user experience!

Hassan Ahmed wrote:

Exploring class options, is Vanguard <<< Link allowable?

In Starfinder, what would allow you to attack 2 enemies in the same round?

Got it, Full Attack attempting 2 attacks with -4 each... Ouch!

Exploring class options, is Vanguard <<< Link allowable?

In Starfinder, what would allow you to attack 2 enemies in the same round?

rando1000 wrote:
@Hassan Ahmed seems like you've got the beginning of a concept with the Security Officer/face man.

Is this an OK resource to use for char gen? <<< Link Crap, just the sheet... not a generator.

I found this PC Generator, downloaded Starfinder only: PC Gen <<< Link

Look like we can use or have available... a tank or melee role (off ship) and a pilot (on ship).

Forgive me if I'm not reading this right.

CPO David Adelstein wrote:
Chief Petty Officer David Adelstein was born in Chicago, Illinois in the year 2227. He's the Commissary Chief aboard the OSF Guangzhou; he also he makes a mean deli sandwich.

New Delhi?

Uret Jet wrote:
So far, all the dice Rando is having me roll in private reminds me of Traveler's life path generation. Probably not quite the same, but I'm just reminded since space games.

I just remember "mustering" out!

rando1000 wrote:

Might be problematic; JonGarrett was talking about doing the Engineer. Science officer is not taken, if James could be reworked to be more Physical Sciences focused than Tech focused.

Other than Science Officer, there's no main character PC in the Security/Gunnery Chief, either.

I was thinking of a fighter type, so I can go for Security/Gunnery... could also make him Human if that void needs to be filled.

Does there need to be a "lead or face guy?"

I'm not sure if the AP asked for it, or if was the DM's idea... But my favorite idea for a recruitment was one where the DM essentially outlined the characters (role, purpose, mandatory trait)... I didn't make the cut.

Another very sweet recruitment was very thematic, the steampunk environment was detailed and we were asked to craft iconic/archetypal (general meaning, not PF) characters that could contribute. Everyone was getting fancy, I went for the "brute" (with a twist of course). Reminded me of League of Extraordinary Gentlemen. I made the cut.

Background is important, but don't ask for overkill. And, I wouldn't keep the recruitment open for overly long.

Hmm... Rejection cam take its toll. Apply to new game recruitments, but try the lower hanging fruit to start. Fill a new or vacated slot in an existing game.

Typically, you know what they need and they want the slot filled quickly, to keep/get the game moving.

That said, most of the above applies.

Read requiremts carefully... Looking for good and bad signs. Stay away from drug screenings, credit checks and cavity searches. Some folks are quite invasive. Others are a pleasure. Stick to your guns, so long as you're being reasonable.

If your don't like something, walk.

Oh, no whining! Stating your character was made for an AP, that died.. doesn't help.

I like it. Some of it is what I call being the "un-cola".

Awww, wanted to tank and count bodies with Jakka. Ciao!

Kicking it around... I think we're going vanilla. Rogue/Fighter.

If it doesn't directly progress the character "core" concept (excuse pun), it's not needed.

Uncanny Dodge, just seems too Goblin to miss out on by taking Trapsmith (which seems too smart)?

And, although I like Dragoon and Unbreakable and they give bonus feats, none progress the idea of "Dervish Dance" (scimitar) and "Deadly Aim" (crossbow or bow, or anything else).

Sorry to think out loud.

Archetypes: Rogue (Trapsmith), Fighter (Dragoon or Unbreakable).

@DM - Are either of those two archetypes OK for the Fighter aspect? He'll most likely only be going up to 2nd Level Fighter.

Trapsmith - Smarter, curious, tinkerer... uses wit to his advantage (setting traps). He's good as devices and valued for his skill. Something he picked up from the Halfling (background).

Dragoon - Imagining him on a Goblin Dog, or Worg at later levels. Speed, ferocity, rescue, stealth.

Unbreakable - Small but unexpectedly tough and fit, marathoner... indomitable spirit, never gives up.

Koda - So Confusey:
Koda did bad. Flutter-by shaman says so.

Longshanks-child tried steal food from Koda and friends, then say 'purr-mish-un' thing. I not see any purr-mish-un thingy. Liar!

Why halfling give Koda nice curvy sword and teach him how to dance? Why if Koda not supposed protect food and shiny-sparkles?

The places he goeses are nice and big and have shiny things to take. But, Koda misses home. Home where ma-ma and puh-pu left him and running off... cowards! Hmm... wait. That not Koda, that bees Pogus. Maybe Pogus misses home and the Muckeaters. But, Pogus no more.

Maybe Koda... that what longshanks call him, just like to be with his goblins peoples. Maybe with Muckeaters he go see nice places too.

Koda will find way home... or where Pogus used to live.

So confusey...

Longshanks-child liar!

EDIT: Quick Question rgds Rules - The crossbow point-blank damage bonus, is that for the "Small" versions or the "Medium" versions? My concern is: if small, then Humans might have higher bonuses? And if medium, we should have less? Sorry for the trouble.

Koda - CN Rogue/Fighter
Primary Weapons - Crossbow & Scimitar

Before adulthood, Koda who was not Koda yet... was orphaned by a group of long-shank privateers (when his parents ran and abandoned him). But, they could not bring themselves to kill the intelligent eyed goblin-child. So, they took him along as they traveled.

He was an oddity, a mascot and eventually an apprentice... as his natural skills and tendencies developed and he proved himself useful. Developing precociously as goblins are wont to do, it was not easy. There were good times and bad.

Having proven his worth, he'd earned his freedom. And, when the group was once again near his native homelands, he made his way "home". With heavy suspicion, he was taken back by Muckeaters.

Koda is more trusting and less hateful of long-shanks. He does like being back among his own kind, but he knows there is a big world out there and he wants to see it.

He's fiercely loyal of his friends, though sometimes this makes him reckless when they are in danger. He doesn't seek out evil or darkness, mostly he's along for the ride. As if he's comparing life on the outside to this... life on the inside.

He doesn't let on that he can read, or understand so many languages.

Mechanically, Rogue/Fighter... Crossbow (Deadly Aim, eventually) & Scimitar (Dervish Dance). Maybe a Trapsmith (rogue archetype).

Probably 80/20 Rogue/Fighter.

Sorry, kid's bday party... Yes, evil themed. He'll be Chaotic Neutral.

No love for Tom Sawyer... Got it!

Interested. Haven't played a Goblin, but then again... That could be an asset in a play test. 30 yr RPG veteran though.

Thinking the Tom Sawyer of Goblins. Low Wis, wide-eyed but quick itted. Rogue, maybe a dip. For low level spell casting fun.

Reviewing applicants, I see rogues and roguish dudes... Enjoy gents!

Dervish Dance is precisely what I'm after... Will wait til level 2, pick up proficiency.

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