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Full Name

Sun-Dapple Grün











Strength 9
Dexterity 20
Constitution 16
Intelligence 18
Wisdom 18
Charisma 13

About Sun-Dapple Grün

Male Grippli Outrider 3
NG Small Humanoid (Grippli)

Init +5; Senses low-light vision; perception +10

AC 20, touch 15, flat-footed 15 (+4 armor, +5 Dex, +1 size)

HP 34 (3d8+12)

Fort +5 (-2 vs the nauseated condition of a swarm’s distraction ability), Ref +7, Will +6

Defensive Abilities danger sense +1, evasion

Speed 30 ft, climb 20 ft, swim 20 ft
Load 24.625 of 28.50/57.00/86.25

. . std +0/+1 cold iron kukri +9 (1d3/18-20)
. . std +0/+0 sunsilver kukri +9 (1d3-2/18-20)
. . mwk +2/+0 cold iron dagger +10 (1d3-1/19-20)

. . mwk +2/+2 chakram +10 (1d6+1) or
. . mwk +2/+2 shortspear +10 (1d4+1) or
. . mwk +2/+0 shortbow +10 (1d4-1/×3)

Special Attacks sneak attack (unchained) +2d6

Str 9, Dex 20, Con 16, Int 18, Wis 18, Cha 13

Base Atk +2; CMB +0; CMD 15

Feats endurance, weapon finesse, weapon focus (kukri)

Traits sacred touch, starchild, strong arm supple wrist

Acrobatics +11 (+4 to jump)
Animals +7*
Bluff +5
Climb +13
Craft (armor) +10
Craft (bows) +10
Diplomacy +5
Disable Device +11
Handle Animal +5
Heal +8
Kn (dungeoneering) +8
Kn (geography) +10
Kn (nature) +10
Perception +10
Ride +9
Sense Motive +10
Stealth +15
Survival +10 (+14 to avoid getting lost)
Swim +13

Racial Modifiers +8 Climb, +8 Swim, starchild

Languages Boggard, Common, Draconic, Gnome, Goblin, Sylvan

SQ animal knack, aquatic glide, entomophobe, hold breath, natural climber, natural swimmer, strider, track +1, trapfinding +1

Combat Gear
+1 studded leather
mwk +2/+2 chakram
mwk +2/+2 shortspear
mwk +2/+0 cold iron dagger
mwk +2/+0 shortbow
mwk +0/+2 arrows (20)
mwk +0/+2 cold iron arrows (20)
std +0/+0 cold iron kukri

Potions, etc...
potion of cure light wounds (2)
potion of hide from animals
potion of hide from undead
potion of protection from evil

Other Gear
traveler's any-tool

belt pouch
bowyer tools
flint and steel
mwk backpack (+2 STR)
mwk potion belt
mwk thieves' tools
string or twine

Money 32 gp, 2 sp, 9 cp

Special Abilities
Animal Knack (Ex) Improve the attitude of an animal, as if using Diplomacy.
Aquatic Glide The character may move through any sort of watery impediment (such as kelp fields, marsh grasses, swirling currents, and similar watery terrain) at their normal speed and without taking damage or suffering any other impairment. Areas that have been magically manipulated to impede motion, however, still affect them. Further they leave no trace, scent, nor trail while moving within natural surroundings. Thus tracking them is impossible by nonmagical means, unless they choose to leave a trail. Further they gain a +4 Competence Bonus to any Stealth or Swim checks made while moving through a watery environment.
Danger Sense +1 (Ex) +1 bonus on reflex saves and AC against traps.
Endurance Harsh conditions or long exertions do not easily tire you. +4 on certain checks and saves.
Entomophobe -2 attacks vs vermin & -2 save vs the nauseated condition of a swarm’s distraction ability.
Evasion (Ex) If succeed on Reflex save for half dam, take none instead.
Hold Breath The character can hold their breath for a number of rounds equal to 4 times their Constitution score before they risk drowning.
Low-Light Vision Grippli can see twice as far as humans in conditions of dim light.
Natural Climber Gain Climb Speed of 20 ft and a +8 Racial Bonus to Climb checks and may use their Dexterity instead of Strength for Climb checks.
Natural Swimmer Gain Swim Speed of 20ft and a +8 Racial Bonus to Swim checks
Sneak Attack (Unchained) +2d6 Attacks deal extra dam if flank foe or if foe is flat-footed.
Strider Some Gripplis favor movement over stealth, they have +10 to their land speed. Replaces Camouflage.
Track +1 Add the listed bonus to Survival checks made to track.
Trapfinding +1 Gain a bonus to find or disable traps, including magical ones.
Weapon Finesse use Dex bonus instead of Str bonus to Hit, when using light weapons or weapons with the finesse property.
Weapon Focus (Kukri) +1 to attack with kurki.