GM Wolfe's Rise of the Runelords

Game Master Jude the Wolf

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A classic...the one that ignited my passion for adventure paths.

Back Cover Text
In the sleepy coastal town of Sandpoint, evil is brewing. An attack by crazed goblins reveals the shadows of a forgotten past returning to threaten the town—and perhaps all of Varisia.

PC Creation Rules
15 Point Buy
Background Skills
2 Traits, No Drawbacks. One trait must be a campaign trait.
No Evil alignments.
Official Paizo material only.
1-3 paragraph backstory minimum. No maximum.
1-3 sentences about yourself.

What I Expect:
I will be accepting 6 applicants for this adventure. We will get through this adventure module. We'll likely start playing on the Jan 1st, 2020.

Some players may be new to the game. I do not have a complete knowledge of everything Paizo's put out for PF1 over the years. Be patient with yourself, your fellow players, and me.

Be ready to post every 24 hours. In order to keep things moving, your PC will be controlled by me if you do not reply within 24 hours. If you do not reply within 5 days without letting me know ahead of time, you will be let go from the game. Life disturbances aside, I will be ready to post at least twice a day. If you cannot post within 24 hours, please let me know. I will keep your PC moving in the story as long as you need.

Dice Rolls
To keep everything moving at a steady pace, I'll be making all initiative, perception, sense motive, and saving throw rolls. I will make knowledge and survival checks where I deem appropriate, but you can roll those at will.

About the GM:
Hello, I'm Wolfe (she/her). I've been playing TTRPGs for 13 years. I have recently moved and no longer have the ability to run a F2F game, and I found my way here. I'm looking forward to this new format and think that, overall, the pros outweigh the cons. It might end up being my new favorite way to play.

I'm a barista living in a small mountain city. I live a pretty simple, happy life here. I spend my free time looking for swimming holes, gathering wild foods, and creating native wildlife habitats in forgotten spaces.

Thanks for reading my post. I'm looking forward to reading your submissions.

Welcome to the boards! I’ll see what I can cook up.

Thanks for the welcome! Looking forward to meeting and playing with you and many fine folks.

Dotting for now. Will keep an eye and maybe bring up something. Welcome to the boards, Wolfe.

Thank you. I've not really joined a lot of forums in my life, but this one has been great so far.

Hello, One question regarding character creation - What were you thinking for starting gold? Average, max, make the roll on here?

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Early enough to throw my name in the hat? If so, what kind of PC's are folks submitting to avoid overlap. I can get something created this afternoon after work.


@chunky04 Oh yeah. Max starting gold. Thank you for asking.

@Mioki You are plenty early. So far, nothing's been decided on PC-wise. Looking forward to seeing your submission later today.


Will happily join (or at least try to join) this game.

Here's Vanea Lothmatis, Bardess, show stealer, and Calistria worshipper.

I've played her in a previous RoR campaign (that died early), and redone her build for 15 points.

Must check on money and equipment

as for myself, I am a RPGer since my teenage years (a long while ago), started with Ad&D 1st edition. that will give you a clue about how old I am.
Playing (and sometimes GMing) on this forum since a few years now, having many characters and even more adventures.
I'm French, so European time zone for me.

Oread (Human appearing) Druid Saurian Shaman with his Velociraptor companion Orz.

Everything should be in the Alias

@DM Lil" Eschie Thank you, and I welcome you to the game. Vanea is delightful.

Dotting in... as an aside, I am currently in a RotRL game (that said, only played 2/3rds of book 1 and the end of chapter 3/beginning of chapter 4 myself in it... had a hiatus that forced me to skip everything in between. I am pretty good about separating IC and OOC knowledge, but if you would prefer to keep this to folks that haven't played it/aren't active in it right now... well, I will understand and wish you the best.

So the questions I have are how are you wanting to do HP and is there anything you are flat out banning, character wise (classes, archetypes, races, etc)?

Welcome GM Wolfe!

How long will you be keeping the recruitment thread open or will you be taking the first six players that post a character?

I am interested in this game. Will update the profile with a backstory after work.

Character Sheet Link

Longtime f2f DM and player not getting enough pf fix so looking to pbp to get some more action. Build is a Melee Mage or Musle Mage. Using primarily transmutation to self buff and than do damage in melee.

Dotting while I work something up.

@Arkon the "Thunderer"
Sounds like a rough and tumble druid! You're in.

@The Emerald Duke
I have a bias toward players that haven't had any experience with this AP, but if your PC submission is exceptional I will make an exception.

For HP, take the max at level 1, and we'll roll from then on (re-rolling 1's, I am not un-merciful.) If it's Paizo, it's legal. That said, use some discretion. This adventure centers around a town and the defense of that town. If you've got some half-hag, half-duergar antipaladin with 3 levels in dream thief, it might be best used in another campaign.

@Robert Henry
Thanks for the welcome, Robert! I want to fill the roster quickly, so I can start tailoring the adventure better. I will accept the first six characters that meet my expectations and seem like interesting team players. I will try to account for party balance, but in my experience a slightly cattywampus party is an interesting party.

Hi Wolfe, Archlich here! This is my submission for the game - Gareth is a young Dwarf Ranger from Varisia itself. Thanks for the opportunity :)

Grand Lodge

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Managed to work up a quick backstory on break. But I can polish it when I get home if I am in the running and the story isn't up to snuff.

I've been wanting to play RotR for years. I have a couple ideas bouncing around so I'll see what I can come up with.

Mioki here with my submission. The Character Sheet needs to be fleshed out, but here is the back story on Azi, a half-orc barbarian. It is included in his profile.

About me:

I am in my mid-40's and enjoy TTRPG's as an indoor activity. During nice weather and not so nice weather, I am an avid hiker, backpacker, and kayaker. Living near the Appalachian Trail in Pennsylvania, I get many opportunities to enjoy the outdoors.

All of that is more than fair. I will work on a character application for your final slot available then... if you need or want to take me, outstanding... if not, no hard feelings taken.

Will likely focus on making something to provide spells or support... haven't decided yet.

@Nicolas Paradise
I like your proposed build. I'm intrigued by a chaotic character worshipping a lawful god. There's definitely good roleplay potential there. Looks like Cin is in.

I've got a soft spot for Dwarves. I like how your story incorporates many of your option choices. Gareth's in.

What a time Azi's had of it! You've got a knack for writing, friend. Azi's in.

I've got a single slot left open. The party's a bit limited on battlefield control and ranged options for its size, but these aren't insurmountable problems.

Thanks Wolfe!

If I could recommend to the other people thinking on characters, I think a cleric or oracle would complement us nicely - someone who could actually channel to heal, with some spells or tools on the side for control and whatnot. We're really very heavy on melee (even our arcane caster looks to be melee!)

Here is my submission. If I’m selected I’ll creat an alias and flesh out his stats.

Class: Skald [totem archetype]
Race: Human
Alignment: CG
Str: 17, Dex 12, Con 14, Int 10, wis 8, cha 13
Feats: skalds vigor, dodge
Traits: eager performer, Auspicious Tattoo

Ingir is a giant and massive man standing a full head over six feet, broad shouldered and deep of chest, with a massive corded neck and heavily muscled limbs. His skin is ruddy from constant exposure to the elements and is covered in tribal tattoos that accentuate the hard, dangerous lines of his body. Although he is a big man, Ingir moves with the grace of a large cat and has the predatory gaze of a bird of prey. He has smoldering green eyes which are set below a low and broad brow. His gloomy, scarred, almost sinister face is that of a warrior. The Shoanti wears his head shaven like many of his Quah. Ingir has a loud booming voice like stone breaking. He usually wears furs and hides with an earth breaker close at hand.


Ingir is at heart a product of the Storval Plateau and tries to keep the old ways, recognizing his ancestor’s spirits in the happenings around him. He also tries to keep the spirit of the hunt alive in his daily undertakings. Often thinking of mundane activities in terms of predator and prey. In spite of this, his Quah's frequent interaction with outlanders has taught him much about civilized ways.

While he is a barbarian there is more to Ingir then meets the eye. He is open and inquisitive as well as a lover of debate and physical challenges, embracing these as experiences which will please his ancestors. Additionally, he often gives advice in riddles, aphorisms, and metaphors of his people.


The wilds of Varisia are hard and unforgiving lands that have produced hard and self-reliant people. Ingir is one such product, a Shoanti of the Shriikirri-Quah.

Some Shoanti look inward for strength taking solace in the traditions of their ancestors. While others look to the forests and its beasts for guidance. Still others spend lifetimes travelling outside their Quah’s trying to perfect themselves. Ingir’s life was shaped by all of these beliefs in one way or another.

High atop the southern peaks of the Stony Mountains of Avistan overlooking Velashu Uplands, the Curchain Hills and the throat of the Varisian Gulf sits the eyrie of the Shriikirri-Quah, Hawk Clan of the Shoanti. The Shriikirri are a people of great patience. They are animistic and pay homage to the avian creatures of the sky that they dwell among. The Hawk most revered above all others. It is hear the heart of Ingir’s character is forged.

Raised in a tribe of the Hawk Clan, respect for the natural world was a simple fact in Ingir's life, but he had always felt a deeper connection to the stories and history of his people then most of his Quah. From an early age he was always looking for meaning in the world around him. Always questioning the tribal elders and sharing stories of the heroes of the Quah. All the while, he had grown from a strapping lad to a hulking bear of a man and earned the name Ingir or Beast Hart in his tribes tongue.

As all of the Shriikirri-Quah do, Ingir went on his spirit walk when he came of age. For six months he traveled the wildlands of Varisia sharing the tales he learned. Upon completion of his spirit walk Ingir was tattooed with the runes of his tribe and left his Quah and began a journey of discovery, to find a path that would bring honor to his Quah.

To that end, he traveled from his Quah’s lands, seeking to share the stories of his people and learn more about himself. And so he found himself traveling with a caravan, headed for the southern town of Sandpoint.

About me::

I started gaming in 1982 with d&d basic edition, back when elf was a class. I’ve played many different gaming systems over the years and pathfinder 1e bi-weekly since 2011. I moved last year and continue to skype in with my old group.
On a more personal note I’m married (20 years last August) with 2 teenage boys. I enjoy reading, a good laugh, and eating (Indian food is my favorite). I currently reside in Indiana, right outside Indianapolis, but I’m originally from New York (Yes New York pizza is better than Chicago style pizza). Most importantly I’m an okay guy when I’m not hangry.

Well, I was going to say I could retool Missea here to probably fit the campaign, but given Mr. Hebeme has a good idea I will hold off unless called upon.

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Thanks GM Wolfe for accepting Azi. Will work on getting stats into the Profile.

I realize this may be too late, but this is Robert Henry’s applicant. If you had told us that you were taking the first six, I would have posted Taicho instead of asking :)

Either way, thank you for running the game and I hope that you enjoy playing here in the boards.

Taicho is a tengu unchained rogue, using natural attacks.

a little about myself:

I started gaming in 1980 in college, mostly D&D, both the red box, then AD&D. Also played a little original traveler. After college I took a long hiatus until 2014 when I started playing pathfinder here on line.

When I started playing I worked third shift and posted regularly multiple times a day. I had been in up to sixteen games most of them requesting a daily post, some more. I no longer work on third and limit how many games I play in. I generally check the boards in the morning, then around lunch time and in the evenings between 9 and 10. So I normally post once a day but can post as many as two or three times a day. I live in Ohio so EST.


Taicho Maous was born in the Warren district of the cliff-side city Kaer Maga. As a hatchling he was raised by His mother, Kankai Maous, Who ran her "curiosity shop" there in the Warren; where she sold the goods Taicho’s father would deliver. His absentee father Ting Ting "I know a guy" Maous was usually out of the city buying and smuggling illegal and stolen goods. When father was home he regaled Taicho with stories of the road and the Sczarni families that he worked with.

The juvenile Taicho’s life took an unforeseen turn when he ran afoul of a local constable in the Highside Stacks. Fortunately Taicho’s mother, Kankai, was able to smuggle him out Kaer Maga with a Varisian caravan from the Zeldani clan. Taking on the surname ‘blackfeather’ to hide his identity he headed south towards the interior searching for his father Ting Ting. Taicho enjoyed his time with the Sczarni family and worked well with them. After several months of traveling with the Zeldani’s caravan Taicho finally found his father. After spending several days camping together Taicho talked his father into letting him stay with the Varisians and continued traveling with them.

After years of traveling with the Sczarni caravan they were run out of a camp near Sandpoint, hearing that there would be a festival celebrating the opening of a new temple, they send Taicho to the small town to look up an old family friend, Jubrayl Vhiski.


Taicho is now Twenty three years old, at 4' 8" and 90 Lbs He’s slightly above average in height and weight with so-black-they-look-blue feathers common to his race. He has lived with the Zeldani clan ten years now and his wardrobe reflects that relationship. He wears bright blue trousers, a green striped shirt, a red vest with gold trim and several scarves. the vest and scarves are arranged to cover his studded leather armor .
On his black beak is an engraved ‘tattoo’ of the Zeldani clans rune. the outfit is topped off with the conical Sedge-grass hat that his mother gave him when he was smuggled out of Kaer Maga. He carries a well made pack to evenly distribute his gear and surprisingly no visible weapons.


Taicho is an unapologetic sort. He is Tengu through and through. He is not offended by the names: raven, rook, crow, starling, vulture, scavenger, smuggler, criminal con man or even thief.

He enjoys traveling (with or without his clan the Zeldani) and doing multiple types of jobs (with or without the Sczarni): whether smuggling, pickpocketing, second story work or con jobs. He believes a competent thief rogue should be able to accomplish whatever the job requires without harming others.He is not fond of violence for violence sake and will not work as an assassin or thug. However he is quick to defend himself, his friends and his family when needed using beak and claw.

@Mr. Hebeme
Your knowledge of the setting and penchant for storytelling shine through your backstory, friend. Ingir is in.

@The Emerald Duke
Thank you for checking out the thread, but I've got my six. Maybe next time. If you are interested, I'll keep you on my backup list in case I need another player in the future.

@Robert Henry
I like your character idea, but I've got my six. I appreciate your well wishes. I'll keep you on my backup list, if you like.

Thank you everybody for expressing interest in the game and for your submissions. They were all a delight to read.

No worries, GM Wolfe. I hope that you and everyone who got in has a great game. If someone has to drop feel free to reach out... or if you end up with enough time to run another campaign (RotRL or not) for that matter.

Best of luck!

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