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About Robert Henry

Back stories I like:
Ala'Ihys the Archer's pathfinder backstory
Wulfgar in alt. history game
Elek, vignette #2, and vignette #3
Seamus Rogue
Kunala as a dandy
Tribim gestalt
Sariel as a paladin, the naming and the meeting., more
Kari Ylva

Races I've created
the Trow

Other stuff worth keeping here
The 'Raisuli' hero sword
Elephant in the Room Feat Tax changes are in effect.

Other systems:
World of Xoth

Languas by Euan:

I also encourage the use of the [ spoiler ] tag, along with Google Translate (link) to reflect foreign languages. To that end, I suggest the following list for fantasy to real world languages:

Abyssal = Gujarati
Aklo = Bengali
Aquan = Amharic
Auran = Sinhala
Azlanti = Latin
Celestial = Armenian
Draconic = Chinese
Drow = Tamil
Dwarven = Russian
Elven = Finnish
Gecko = Korean
Giant = Icelandic
Gnome = Yoruba
Goblin = Hmong
Halfling = Dutch
Hallit = Mongolian
Infernal = Tajik
Kelish = Persian
Necril = malayalam
Orc = Klingon
Osiriani = Arabic
Polyglot = Swahili
Shoanti = Maori
Skald = Danish
Terran = Welsh
Thassilonian = Greek
Tien = Japanese
Undercommon = Khmer
Vaati = Vietnamese
Varisian = Romanian
Vudrani = Hindi