Dungeons, Dine-Ins, and Dives: A Modern Fantasy Campaign

Game Master VixieMoondew

A modern campaign with heavy fantasy flavor; our heroes decide to take a break from desk jobs, retail, and food service to take a chance on the original gig economy: becoming adventurers!


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But why the splint is the question

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Marathon archery with a higher-poundage bow than I'm used to about 2-3 months ago. Never got better, started getting worse, went to the doc, might have pulled a tendon out of place!

This is why composite bows out of your STR rating are bad news.

Uh oh. Maybe the drummer isn't into girls?

And I'm in Iowa for the week with poor Internet access. Will possibly be posting from my phone. Back home Saturday.

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Welcome back to the Hawkeye state

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Busy times! Post will happen but not yet. Maybe tonight!

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Player outage notice.

Player will be unlikely to be able to post at length over the course of this weekend until next Monday.

Botting and moving along permissions given.

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It's fine, rage and its equivalents are exceptionally bottable :D

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Going to be moving toward the end of the week, expect delays.

I'll leave us in the current scene until tomorrow to ask Renard questions before I move us along if I haven't heard anything.

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Mostly busy but now that I have my own world, please note that there is one additional goddess not found in the Pathfinder pantheon. The below is quoted (with some redactions) from a conversation I had a long time ago. For now, this is mainly worldbuilding, but you may run into an NPC that worships this goddess at some point.

Me wrote:

all right so basically all these fantasy games doing Winter dirty

"ah yes the ice goddess, famously uncaring, cold in personality as well as domain"


"he is harsh, and teaches that the weak perish"

you tend to get Evil or Neutral at best, there





Among the Southern Countries, She is known as a visitor, paid homage mostly by immigrants from the North and those desperately seeking refuge from the hottest days of summer.

It is the North where Her influence is most known. As the Goddess of Winter, She sees over the storm,

the blizzard and the blanket of snow, yes; however, more importantly, She teaches a valuable lesson:

Prepare yourselves.

Share with your community.

Get your [redacted] together in advance.

Winter comes every year without fail in the Northern Lands; it is what one does in the months before that determines how well-supplied you are, and your actions toward those unable to provide for themselves that determines their survival.

For each person that dies out in the cold when there was a warm fire they were shunned from, it is said that the Goddess harshens the cold for those who could have helped and did not. The fallen are welcomed into her domain, where the air is always brisk and invigorating.

It is in this way that the Goddess delivers her lessons, her tests, and her judgments.

Domains: Cold, Community, Preparation, Endurance

(Those don't all tie specifically to domains from any system I'm aware of, but it's her general Business; specifics will be thrown together At Some Point)

Areas that are Too [Redacted] Cold to Survive In are considered to be Her Blessed Domain, and are not fit for habitation; instead, they are places for Her strongest to worship, and bring back lessons to Her communities. It is said that this is where She manifests.

Her Clerics, Paladins, etc. are most often seen bringing aid to those who have nothing else before anyone else. They are said to be able to create clear, liquid water even when everything else has frozen over, and often bring smoked meat to share.

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Going to be packing up the PC this afternoon. Should have it back by Sunday. I'll be available on Discord with some regularity in the meantime.

Apologies for my absence! I was on vacation and the internet was considerably worse there than I expected, but I'm back and will be getting caught up today!

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Excellent! Let me know if you need a sum-up or have any questions; it's a lot to catch up on.

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Is everyone doing okay-ish??

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Other than a teething baby who doesn't like to stay asleep it's a-ok over here.

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Haven’t heard from Basil or Zika in a bit; going to continue this scenario as if they’re not present. Zika and Basil, if you pop back in, no worries! We’ll just say you were quiet up til then ;)

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