Dungeons, Dine-Ins, and Dives: A Modern Fantasy Campaign

Game Master VixieMoondew

A modern campaign with heavy fantasy flavor; our heroes decide to take a break from desk jobs, retail, and food service to take a chance on the original gig economy: becoming adventurers!



Lichen Leshy

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Imperial Dragon Sorcerer
Basil Yamamoto

Male Aphorite Antiquarian 1
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John Kretzer

Lady Andaisin
Belladonna Silvertree

Female Elf Witch(Hedge Witch) 1 HP:10| AC:13, TAC:13, FFAC:10| Firt:+0, Ref:+3, Will:+2| CMB:-1, CMD:12|Perc.:+5| Init.:+3
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Lady Andaisin
Selene Spires

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The Fifth Archdaemon
Grand Lodge Klyto Ememar

M Wayang Fighter (Gloomblade)
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Daji the Fox
GM Nine-Tuiles

Consortium Compact Slides
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Vixie of Clan Moondew

Female Halfling Phalanx Soldier (3) | HP 27/31 | AC 25, T 13, FF 23 | Fort +6, Ref +4, Will -1 | CMB +5, CMD 18 | Perc -2 | Init +4
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Wei Ji the Learner

Edith 'Edie' Squire

Female 'Tiefling' Bloodrager(Cel.) 1
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