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Silver Crusade

Hi, everybody!

Looking for a few players to run through First Steps. I will GM.


The Exchange

I'd like to join :)

Silver Crusade

Welcome, Opal-Alchy! We've one other player (who contacted me via PM), so you make two. :-) The other is a monk.

Silver Crusade

Aha! My blade is at the ready!

The Exchange

Sir Dydimus!
May we have your permission to cross?

Silver Crusade

Welcome, Sir Dydimus! :-)

I will join! though I don't have any certified PFS characters yet :/

Silver Crusade

I have sworn with my life's blood, none shall pass this way without my permission! So, well I, uh... I... that is, uh... hm... Yes?

@Darien, Welcome to PFS!

Grand Lodge

I've got a hunter at the ready I've been itching to try out if there's still room!

The Exchange

I have a fresh out of the box Gnome Arcanist who could use some practical experience, if you have room.

Silver Crusade

Welcome, Darien, Alek, and Van! :-)

I think we're full up. (We might have one more player join us from another PbP game we did together.)

The Party:
- Opal, Alchemist
- Dydimus, Class?
- Darien, Paladin
- Alek, Hunter
- Van, Arcanist
- Naeem, Monk (possibly)

Please dot over in the gameplay thread, and give me all the details for your chronicle sheets in the discussion thread. Thanks, everybody!

GM Engleaktig wrote:

Welcome, Darien, Alek, and Van! :-)

I think we're full up. (We might have one more player join us from another PbP game we did together.)

Please place me on the wait list. If anyone drops out I'd like to join.

well! wasn't submiting Darian as he breaks all kinds of PFS stuff haha! (the point buy for one haha) was just showing interest!

I think i want to try a barb actually! lol.

Silver Crusade

Darien, sure, whicever character you'd like.

Tranquilo, go ahead and join us. I don't mind doing a table of seven players if Naeem posts too.

Silver Crusade

OK. We're getting started. Last call for Naeem.

gameplay thread
discussion thread

Dark Archive

Harrow rushes into the room, panting for breath. The ugly half-orc has been running for some time, and is dripping with sweat. He looks back over his shoulder nervously.

"You not find Naeem. I help if he not come," he says.

I know you are full, but if you need an alternate, Harrow is on standby. Loved your last scenario!

Silver Crusade

Thanks, Harrow! :-) We'll give Naeem a few. I PM'd him.

Add me to the waiting list good pal Eng :D When a spot opens I'll gladly make something appropriate! I have too many ideas rattling around my head.

Silver Crusade

OK, Harrow, you're in! :-)

The party so far:

1) Opal, Alchemist
2) Dydimus, Arcane Duelist
3) Arrack, Barbarian
4) Alek, Hunter
5) Van, Arcanist
6) Harrow, Cavalier
7) ???

Kalari, will you be playing another of your aliases, since this one is currently locked in Master of the Fallen Fortress? :-)

Yes indeed! I have a couple new characters waiting in the wings. A Wayang Witch or Warpriest of some sort maybe. Whatever fits best. :)

Shadow Lodge

Kalari alter ego. Here's the hideous Wayang Witch with a heart of gold :D

Silver Crusade

OK, Serwe. You're in! :-) You're our 7th player, this game is now full! Please post your PFS details in the discussion thread. Thanks!

Oh man... missed my first PFS game by that much. Luck, all!

Silver Crusade

Hey, Deekow. Keep on the lookout. I'm going to start a game of Crypt of the Everflame in a couple of weeks. :-)

I've actually been wanting to run First Steps specifically as my first go at PFS. I'll just keep an eye out for it her and War Horn and hopefully catch it. Thanks, though.

Silver Crusade

Deekow. As it turns out, we will have an open space. We're splitting into two tables. Stay tuned...

Silver Crusade

All. In my zeal to be all inclusive, I allowed 8 players into the game. My sincere apologies, but we need to split into two tables.

The following players should continue to use THIS thread for game play.

1. Serwe – Wayang Witch
2. Harrow – half-orc Cavalier
3. Tacitus – Human Arcanist
4. Arrack – Human Barbarian

The following players should go over to the NEW thread for game play.

1. Sir Dydimus – Halfling Bard
2. Opal-Alchy – Elf Alchemist
3. Van Potter – Gnome Arcanist
4. Alek – Human Hunter

Again, sorry for the kerfuffle. :-)

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