Lunar Sloth's Second Darkness

Game Master Slothsy

But down in the underground
You'll find someone true
Down in the underground
A land serene
A crystal moon
(David Bowie, Underground)

Map of current encounter Here.

Map of the Gold Goblin - All 3 Floors

Map Locations:

1. Grand Entrance
2. Casino Floor
3. Cashier
4. Cashier's Cage
5. Guardroom
6. Cash Storage
7. Counting Room
8. Night Vault
9. Floor Manager's Office
10. Private Dining Rooms
11. Cellar Entrance
12. Kitchen
13. Scullery
14. Staff Lounge
15. The Goblin's Tankard
16. Privies - These are private bathrooms marked with a sword and a cup, but no other indication of what gender each bathroom is meant for.
17. Atrium
18. Master Suite
19. Guest Rooms
20. Guest Suite - A nicer version of the guest suite that includes lodgings for servants.
21. Linen Storage
22. Staff Quarters - These are for common staff, or temporary hired guards.
23. Dressing Room - Includes costumes for theme events, or for performances.
24. Waiting Area (Where you met with Saul)
25. Owner's Office - Saul's personal office.
26. Record Room
27. Dining Room
28. Saul's Personal Bedroom
29. Your Quarters. Three bunk beds are shoved against the walls next to a pair of wide wardrobes. A small table with three chairs is pushed into one corner, and two overstuffed chairs sit on a wolfskin rug before the hearth. The entrance to a small privy is covered by a thin curtain.
30. Security Catwalks
31. Wine Cellar
32. Wrangler's Chamber
33. The Red Room (underground bar)
34. Guard Alcove (secret entrance to the fighting pit)
35. Armory
36. Infirmary (For Injured Animals)
37. Kennel (currently has a fat boar [Pigsaw], 5 dogs, 2 monkeys)
38. Arena (holds 30 spectators, 1 sp cover charge)
39. The Octahedron (main fighting pit)

Map of Riddleport

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Life in Riddleport’s been pretty slow lately. Sure, there’s the ominous cloud-like, blot-like thing in the sky, and the crime lords had some petty disagreements a few months ago, but everything’s been quiet. Of course, quite means crime spikes, as rogues and other unscrupulous folk find other means of survival. Food’s been scarce, shop keeps are increasing security, and the job market is dead. Word’s gotten out of a gambling tournament to be held at the Gold Goblin Gaming Hall where gamblers will have the opportunity to win the goal belonging to the Devil himself.

So, upstanding citizen of Riddleport – what brings you to the Gold Goblin Gaming Hall this Oathday?

Please submit the following in your request to join:

Complete character sheet
Physical description
Relationship to Riddleport

Character Creation

25 Point Buy with no stats higher than 18
Core and APG preferred. If you wish to take something from outside these books, please ask first. If you’re taking something from material unavailable on the PRD, please provide a link to another source document.
Core races only.
Maximum HP first level. However, any creatures starting with multiple hit die, such as an animal companion, should start with average dice.
Gold: Average for your class minus ten GP.
Two traits. If you already own the player’s companion, please take a campaign trait.
Riddleport is not a place for those who love the law. Chaotic and neutral characters will thrive in the city. Evil characters may call Riddleport their home, but likely won’t be so welcome in later books.
Please, no backgrounds that involve dealing with drow. No rangers with favored enemy (drow).
Looking for 4 players for a 5-person party. My goal is to have at least one warrior, one arcane, one divine, one skill monkey, and one other.

PbP Rules

Daily posts are expected.
Posts should be substantial.
In order to keep play moving, I will roll for group checks, when appropriate. This may include initiative and perception.
Group will level as a whole at GM discretion. I plan on following the Second Darkness “recommended”
The AP will be converted to Pathfinder and will have edits made for better quality of play.
Please provide your time zone. GM lives in EST.


Recruitment will end Friday, August 1st. Decisions will be announced no later than Friday, August 8th. Gameplay will be slow at first, but will truly pick up after I return from Gen Con on August 18th.

I am the Fifth player in Lunar Sloth's party. As is with most cavaliers, I function better if there is another close combat warrior to play off of. I take up the other category.

I live in the EST

What Brings you here this Oathday?:
Approaching the stranger who questions her, Alraniel Sandhal flips her bright blue kapenia, over her shoulder. "Where there is gold, there is employment opportunity. I will also be attempting to cheat the devil. After all, it is not every day that such an opportunity exists." A slight Varisian accent rolls off of her tongue, gifted with a charming smile.

I'd love to join

The Second Darkness game I was in died before it started. The character doesn't conform entirely to your rules though:

She is a Slayer using the stats from the ACG playtest. She'd be updated to the full version (which according to this week's blog is real close to last playtest) once the ACG is released.

Drow are mentioned in her background but she has never encountered one. They are a threat in the shadows as they are for any Elf growing up in Mierani Forest.

The idea for her is to eventually get the Lantern Bearer PrC.

Character is here

I'm in GMT+1

Scarab Sages

Would love to refactor my pathfinder ninja for this as the party skill monkey. Background remains the same as on profile. Riddleport is where he would run after the unpleasantness in his homeland. If you take a look at my other aliases you'll see that I'm a very active poster. Hopefully that will help my application. Timezone EDT

Interested. Will submit a PC layer tonight or tomorrow.

I am interested in playing. To echo Cuàn, I was in that game they played in that died before it got off the ground.

I submit Tanna Elenvathar for your perusal. She is an elven oracle lore keeper.

Feedback is always welcome.

My timezone is CST or GMT-6.

I have to revamp this character to meet your guidelines, but the changes will be somewhat minimal (increase from 20 point buy to 25 point buy, change out campaign feat and some gear, tweak back story). He's pretty much a standard elven fighter, likes using the halfling sling staff and a bastard sword, has the Lightbringer alternate racial trait.

As a note, since two people have already submitted characters created for other campaigns, please be sure to abide by my creation rules. Notably, this means you'll have less gold and will not be able to have a stat higher than an 18, even after racial bonuses.

Please let me restate this: you should have no major background knowledge of drow. Second Darkness is a large reveal for drow. While elven society knows about drow, the characters coming into the campaign should know no more than rumors. Of course, you will have plenty of opportunity to join the Lantern Bearer prestige class as the game goes on, but to have that level of knowledge and background starting out damages the story. If you feel like this prevents you from playing the character you want to play, I'm very sorry. However, the limitations of the source material are something that I'd rather work around than work against, and a large way that I handle that as a GM is by trying to provide more guidance at character creation.

In addition, I notice you've taken a trait from Bastards of Golarion. However, the PFSRD doesn't list what ethnicity that trait is tied to, and most ethnicity-tied traits are human-only. Even without the racial restriction, your character has clearly grown up in Elven society and only qualifies for traits linked to the Mierani Forest elven society specifically, not all of Varisia.

Finally, be prepared to update your character to the final rules version of the ACG hits at Gen Con.

Grand Moff Vixen:
I also noticed you took a version of Researching the Blot. Having looked at the trait, I've decided to update to a slightly different version. For this campaign, Researching the Blot will make you specialized in Spellcraft, which makes Spellcraft an in-class skill and grants you a +1 on all Spellcraft checks.

Lunar Sloth wrote:

As a note, since two people have already submitted characters created for other campaigns, please be sure to abide by my creation rules. Notably, this means you'll have less gold and will not be able to have a stat higher than an 18, even after racial bonuses.

** spoiler omitted **

So noted and updated.

I trust everything is in order then?

Scarab Sages

I have plans for a bard, should have something up by tonight or tomorrow,look forward to your consideration.

I'm perfectly fine with changing the background. Would you be ok with me keeping the background more or less the same but make it so that Yuelthea has no knowledge of the role the Drow play in it? To her the Drow would be no more than something parents use to scare their children, classic bogeymen. She would of course piece together the events of her past as she gains more knowledge during the campaign.

The trait isn't linked to any ethnicity, that's why it doesn't show on the pfsrd. It's a basic social trait, not a racial or ethnic trait.
Archives of Nethys, which keeps al the setting information intact, has it listed as a Basic (Social) trait as well: s

As for updating, absolutely

Character crunch is updated to conform to your rules rules.

Scarab Sages

Will update by tomorrow morning hopefully and switch a trait to Looking for work. Hisao can work alright as a face and would like a flank buddy too.

dotting for later. Est time zone.

Alas, the more I think on it, the less likely this character looks for this set of adventures. He's a good "general purpose" fighter, but Drow would have him for munch meat. I'll be submitting a new character some time on Monday or Tuesday. New character will be modeled on this one, but will be a half-orc. I should also note that I live in Spokane, Washington, Pacific time zone. However I have a bizarre work schedule so I could end up posting almost any time.

Dotting for later. For about the next month I'm going to be on Japan time, but will be moving back to the US, pacific time.

Sounds pretty neat. I will try to roll up my character in the next day or so. I'm thinking human cleric of Desna.

The spoiler contains the crunch for Elizabeth Ardoc, wayward daughter of the Ardoc family from Kaer Maga and Cyphermage scribe.


Full Name : Elizabeth Ardoc

Race: Human

Classes/Levels Rogue 1(HP favored)

Gender F

Size M

Age 18

Special Abilities :

Alignment: CG

Deity: Brigh

Location Riddleport

Languages :Common,Dwarf,Elf

Occupation : Scribe/Lab Assistant

Strength 13(+1)
Dexterity 16 (+3)
Constitution 14 (+2)
Intelligence 12 (+1)
Wisdom 14 (+2)
Charisma 14 (+2)
Height: 5'6" Weight: Hair: Blonde Eyes: Blue
Favored Class: Rogue
Hit Points: 14
Spd: 30
Init: +3
AC: 15( +2 armor shield)/Touch 13/FF 12)
BAB: +0
CMB: +1
CMD: 14
Saves: Fort +2 Ref +5 Will +2

Short Sword +3 1d6+1 19-20/x2
Dagger +3 1d4+1 19-20/x2 10 feet

Skills: (10 level)
Acrobatics (1+3+3)7
Perception (1+2+3+1)7(8 to find traps)
Disable Device (1+3+3)7(8 to disable traps)
Know(Local) (1+1+3)5
Stealth (1+3+3)7
Linguistics (1+1+3)5
Climb (1+1+3)5
Diplomacy (1+2+3)6
Escape Artist (1+3+3)7

Feats: Weapon Finese,Toughness(3 HP +1 every level past 3)
Traits: Mathamatical Prodigy(Arcana +1 rank and class skill)Looking for work(+1 Perception)
Special Abilities:Sneak attack(1d6)Trapfinding(+1 to locate and disarm traps)
Short Sword (10)
Leather armor (10)
2 Daggers (4)
Rogue's Kit (50)
belt pouch
chalk (10)
flint and steel
grappling hook
iron pot
mess kit
pitons (10)
soap thieves' tools
torches (10)
trail rations (5 days)

46 GP

Description:Elizabeth is a pale skinned woman who wears her blonde hair in a page-boy cut and has a liking to small blue hats that clash with her bland

scribe outfit that was provided by the cyphermages. When out in town, she wears common shirts and pants.
Personality: Elizabeth is bitter about her effective exile from Kaer Maga and how she was never able to achieve her dream of constructing golems for her family. She does see her time in Riddleport as a chance to perhaps achieve a different sort of sucess. She only needs to figure out what.
History: Elizabeth was born in Kaer Maga as a member of the Ardoc family who are both golem crafters and a crimminal group. Being a woman ment that Elizabeth was not allowed to pursue the family craft of golem making was was furious at being denied this oppurtunity and being associated with a gang of thugs. Elizabeth did manage to learn some scraps of knowledge but without formal training, would never be able to craft golems and so on her 18th birthday, stole some funds and left Kaer Maga forever, eventually ending up in Riddleport.
Relationship to Riddleport: Elizabeth has managed to secure a job as a scribe at the Cyphermage lodge as both a source of funds and a way of being close to her love of arcane knowledge. She is always on the look for new oppurtunities to advance herself and if one presents itself, will jump at the chance.

Edit:Oh, I am on EST

Interest dot! I am on PST time.

This is the character I'd like to submit for recruitment.

Timezone: GMT+3

Character looks pretty solid. The only concern I have is that your character seems like they're slightly more evil-leaning than is my ideal range, but that isn't a deal-breaker.

Otherwise, thanks for submitting! I'm looking forward to seeing the updated crunch.

Thanks for submitting! Now, one concern I have is that your character is currently employed - I know that your background says they're willing to leave the Cyphermages. What exactly would she consider a "good enough" opportunity to do so?

Thank you for letting me know. Just so you know, the first book of the AP doesn't deal really deal with drow, so you will have time to level (several times!) before you meet one.

Karl Sarvo:
Looking at your character crunch, it seems like you have a made a number of choices to make your skills better. Are you looking at being more of a skill-focused character?

Campaign trait updates for Pathfinder:

Researching the Blot: This trait instead specializes you in Spellcraft, which makes Spellcraft an in-class skill and grants you a +1 trait bonus.

All other traits function as written.

Liberator prestige class update for Pathfinder:
Open lock prerequisite becomes Disable Device 5 ranks.

Lockbreaker class feature instead adds to your Escape artist checks and Disable Device checks to open locks.

Greater Sunder adds +2 to your CMB check instead of adding to the opposed roll. This does not stack with the feat of the same name.

Quick Pick allows you to use disable device as a standard action to open locks instead of a full-round action.

Class skills are instead: Climb, Escape Artist, Diplomacy, Disable Device, Intimidate, Knowledge (dungeoneering), Knowledge
(local), Profession, Perception, Sense Motive, Stealth, Survival

Silver Crusade

Interested. I sentcha a PM concerning classes.

Lunar Sloth:
Building him with some focus on skills was for two reasons:

1. Roleplay: As you can tell from the back story and personality of Karl; he's a bounty hunter, who's on the manipulative side, and skills like Diplomacy, Bluff, Sense Motive and Perception compliment that. While Acrobatics and Stealth, hint at his previous life as a criminal.

2. Out of combat utility: When the party isn't engaged in a fight to the death, I want the character to be able to contribute and having made choices to buff up his skills should help in that aspect.

Karl in combat: Karl's main duty in combat is going to be making the life of the opponent as difficult as possible, a lot of his feats will go into strengthening Dirty Trick(Which is buffed significantly by his archeytype), Grapple, a single feat dip in trip(To avoid AoOs), along with classics like Dazing Assault and Bloody Assault. While he won't boast the most damage, he'll easily destroy the action economy of a monster, and his varied arsenal of maneuvers and condition causing attacks means that he won't have to worry about certain immunities to some conditions or maneuvers.

I shifted his point buy to 25, I should also mention that the Cad fighter archetype comes from the Ultimate Combat pathfinder book.

Lantern Lodge

Dotting with plans to submit a wizard (scroll scholar) going cyphermage. Picturing a really smart con artist who could be a great scholar, but has a little too much love of complex scams and trying to outsmart other people.

Lunar Sloth:
Being a scribe doesn't pay well and since she isn't a wizard, she is pretty much in a dead-end job. So a more upwardsly mobile job would be very attractive.

New alias created with crunch and identical fluff (he just ends up in Riddleport rather than Absalom)

Lunar Sloth:
I think his deity (Sun WuKong the monkey king) gives a large clue as to his personality. He just didn't care for the ancient tradition of his village, felt stifled by them really, and stealing the treasures was an impulsive act that had uh, major consequences for his life. Now he's a jumpy sort as he expects to be jumped by the people pursuing him at any time. Adding this to the profile.

Grand Lodge

If the party could use a Cleric, Mazra is running short of Gold to satisfy his desires for games of chance.

in general, are you allowing things like: feats, gear, archtypes, ect from Ultimate Magic or Ultimate combat?

Basically, if it's available through Paizo's PRD rules archive, it's ok? With exception to races which you stated were "core only".

I ask mainly because Monks get a lot of help from these 2 books.

gossamar4 wrote:

in general, are you allowing things like: feats, gear, archtypes, ect from Ultimate Magic or Ultimate combat?

Basically, if it's available through Paizo's PRD rules archive, it's ok? With exception to races which you stated were "core only".

I ask mainly because Monks get a lot of help from these 2 books.

Items from outside books are being allowed on an as-requested basis that way I am familiar with any possible rules interactions.

Envoy's Alliance

@Lunar sloth: I'm submitting a knife archtype rogue, if not I'm okay with adjusting.

Also, I do not own a copy of the core rulebook or the APG, so it will take me longer to find feats and traits that only come from that as I always use the free website rather than paying money for a core rulebook.

He has warrior of old trait, and I used the website to find a campaign trait. He also has the improved init feat. Let me know if anything is not allowed, as I can replace stuff, though I don't see a filter on the PFSRD 20 website that shows only core and APG, though if someone knows a way to do so, it would be helpful.

Also, I have him worshipping Cayden Caliean, this is just for flavor and roleplay since he is an elf, but he doesn't have any ranks in religion, if I need to though, I will.

Rakdon Tripus:
Sounds good! The PRD is the place to go. Thanks for the heads up on the adjustment.

Okay, so I am looking at the Bastards of Golarion book (where the Signature Moves trait is from) right now. That trait is for celebrities only, and is in a section that details celebrities.

Specifically, celebrities are from half-humans only. The examples given include aasimars, half-elves, undines and sylphs. The class suggestions for celebrities includes bards, oracle and paladins. The regions they're most common in are Andoran, Kyonin and Mendev. There's also a lot of fluff about the character facing high expectations and pressures in daily living.

Basically, your character doesn't meet the requirements for being a celebrity, and cannot take the trait.

Actually, it looks like I won't have time to add this game to my schedule. Sorry GM.

Silver Crusade

Would allowing a Saxophone be too anachronistic for you? If yes I can just go with a flute.

Dark Archive

I would like to submit this monk for consideration.

"Greetings strangers! Don't be intimidated by my height. I am a devout monk of Irori released from my monastery to explore my path to enlightenment outside the controlled society behind the temple walls. I do what I can to earn enough coin to get by, which often lends itself to short jobs which utilize my size and physical training. (bodyguard, arena contestant, hired muscle) My path thus far has led me here to Riddleport where all of these "jobs" are abundant, even though they sometimes don't align with a strict morale compass. Should you find a use for my talent, or friendship, please feel free to address me informally."

There are some components from books beyond the CRB and APG, all are noted with source. I would like to ask for possible use of feats from Ultimate Combat, that lend themselves to this monks style as he advances, such as style and trip oriented feats. Thank you for your consideration.

Submitting Samurai, Tamiro, going into Order of the Guard. I have crunch currently done, just working on backstory now.

As noted, I have used a couple extra books (Inner Sea Combat for Order of the Guard most notably, and Ultimate Combat for Samurai).

Updated Yuelthea completely. I added a spoiler under the background that shows where Drow are involved in her background in some way though Yuelthea does not have a clue they are. Basically they are things she'll figure out as the game goes on and as such are potential hooks for character development.

Trait is gone and replaced.

I already used 6+int skill points instead of the 4+int in the playtest document. The recent blog post preview (found here) says that's one of the changes they made for the final version so this makes updating easier and means she doesn't have skill points coming out of nowhere.

Altus, thank you for your consideration! I'm sorry you didn't have time for this game, but I wish you well.

Saturday Daud - I'm thinking on it, and will get back to you soon.

Kavaki Zhen - Which feats specifically are you requesting?

Tamiro - Thanks for submitting!

Cuan - Thanks for the updates.

Silver Crusade

Thankies, have everything else except the Backstory and Connection to Riddleport done so I should be submitting later today.

This is what I currently have:

Warriors (6):
Yuelthea Salindranis (Slayer)
Halonie (Fighter)
Karl Sarvo (Fighter)
Tamiro (Samuri)
Kavaki Zhen (Monk)
Saturday Daud (Barbarian)

Divine (2):
Mazra (Cleric)
Tanna Elventhar (Oracle)

Arcane (1):
Michaelane plans to submit a wizard.

Skilled (3):
Elizabeth Ardoc (Rogue)
Radkon (Rogue)
Hisao (Ninja)

If I may ask, does being included on the list mean that we have satisfied the requirements of your first post and that there is nothing missing from our character sheets?

Dark Archive

The next feat I would want to have access to is:

Vicious Stomp (Combat)

You take advantage of the moment to brutally kick an enemy when he is down.

Prerequisites: Combat Reflexes, Improved Unarmed Strike.

Benefit: Whenever an opponent falls prone adjacent to you, that opponent provokes an attack of opportunity from you. This attack must be an unarmed strike

Ultimate Combat

Much like Cuan and GMV, I have been very interested in playing the SD AP for a while now (as can be evidenced in this thread). Enough to break my personal rule of only participating in one pbp at any given time.

Since many of the classes I enjoy playing have already been submitted, what are you thoughts on summoner, alchemist, or inquisitor? I've played an alchemist very briefly in a pbp on these boards, and have never played a summoner or inquisitor. Your feedback is appreciated. If going summoner, have no fear as the synthesist archetype doesn't interest me.

What are your thoughts on Agile or Keen weapon enchantments Lunar Sloth?

If your name is on the list, it means you're currently on my list. Some of these characters don't have character sheets yet, so it doesn't mean you're completely done. I don't see anything missing from your request, Karl Sarvo.

Kavaki Zhen - That feat is acceptable.

Sixteenbiticon - I'm good with any of those. My only reservation is with the summoner, mainly because adding another character (essentially) to combat is going to continue to slow down already slow games.

Hisao - I'm not sure what you mean by that? They're core +1 enchantments and do as the CRB says. If you want a keen agile weapon, it will have to be a +1 keen agile weapon. Of course, you won't have access to the GP to buy a +3 equivalent weapon until later into the game. Edit: Sorry, didn't realize agile was PFS Field Guide. Yes, I'll allow it.

I'm thinking of a dwarf inquisitor. I'll run up details later today.

Silver Crusade

Rysky here with Saturday!

Character Sheet

Racial Abilities:

Heart of the Wilderness Humans raised in the wild learn the hard way that only the strong survive. They gain a racial bonus equal to half their character level on Survival checks. They also gain a +5 racial bonus on Constitution checks to stabilize when dying and add half their character level to their Constitution score when determining the negative hit point total necessary to kill them. This racial trait replaces skilled.

Focused Study All humans are skillful, but some, rather than being generalists, tend to specialize in a handful of skills. At 1st, 8th, and 16th level, such humans gain Skill Focus in a skill of their choice as a bonus feat. This racial trait replaces the bonus feat trait.

Class Abilities:

Slaughterlord Archetype
Rage is common amongst barbarians, but few have as much uncontrollable anger and hatred as the slaughterlord. These berserkers are completely overcome by their fury and so hell-bent on destruction that usually, when they enter a rage, the only way for it to end is after something has been killed. More so even than other barbarians, slaughterlords live for combat and carnage, and the only time they truly feel alive is when they are murdering someone else. Their uncontrollable bloodlust goes beyond a mere primal or animal rage, and becomes something darker, as these warriors truly live for nothing but the kill.

Murderous Rage (Ex) A slaughterlord’s rage is even stronger than that of the average barbarian, and can be sated only by bloodshed. Instead of deriving strength from recklessness, she instead allows her animal instincts to take over, allowing her to be even more effective in combat, but potentially causing her to lose control of herself in a wild orgy of destruction and death. When using her rage class feature, the slaughterlord gains a +6 morale bonus to her Strength and Constitution scores, instead of the normal amount. Further, she does not suffer the normal -2 penalty to her AC. At the beginning of the slaughterlord’s turn, if she is raging, she must succeed on a Will save (DC 10 + 1/2 the slaughterlord’s barbarian level + the slaughterlord’s Constitution modifier) or be overcome by her rage. A slaughterlord that is overcome by her rage must attack the nearest living creature to the best of her ability (she cannot choose to deal nonlethal damage, make a single attack when she could make a full attack, intentionally miss, or choose to sunder or disarm). If multiple creatures are tied for being the nearest creature, the slaughterlord attacks the one that
is more obviously injured. If there is no clear distinction of injury, roll randomly to determine which one she attacks. In future turns, unless the slaughterlord succeeds on her Will save and gains control of her actions, she continues to attack the chosen creature until it is slain, even if it is no longer the nearest creature, or if she has to move to reach it, etc. If the creature moves to a place where she cannot reach it (such as by teleportation or flying), she must determine a new creature to attack, using the steps above. The slaughterlord may make a new Will save each round to regain control of her actions. Until she does so, she may not voluntarily end her rage, nor can she take actions other than moving to pursue her target and attacking her target (this means that she cannot retreat, drink potions, perform combat maneuvers, etc.). If the slaughterlord successfully kills a creature, she gains a +5 bonus on Will saves made to regain control of her actions for the next round. Even once a slaughterlord regains control of her actions, then unless she ends her rage, she must succeed on a new Will save at the beginning of her next turn, or else she loses control again.
This ability modifies the rage class feature.

Fast Movement (Ex) A barbarian's land speed is faster than the norm for her race by +10 feet. This benefit applies only when he is wearing no armor, light armor, or medium armor, and not carrying a heavy load. Apply this bonus before modifying the barbarian's speed because of any load carried or armor worn. This bonus stacks with any other bonuses to the barbarian's land speed.

Feats & Traits:

Fearless Curiosity (Human) Your desire to see and experience the world overrides healthy caution. Prerequisites: Cha 13, human.
Benefit: You gain a +1 bonus on saving throws against effects with the emotion descriptor. In addition, for any round in which you begin your turn affected by a fear effect, you gain a new save at the beginning of your turn to reduce the severity of the fear effect, from panicked to frightened, frightened to shaken, and shaken to unaffected.

Looking for Work: Although out of work, you aren’t particularly keen on the prospect of gambling away your last remaining coins simply for a chance at riches. That said, if the Gold Goblin’s fortunes reverse after this big gambling tournament, you’re relatively certain its owner, Saul Vancaskerkin, will be needing to hire on some new staff members. You’ve secured payment for the tournament, and intend on attending mostly to check the place out, to decide if it’s a place you’d want to work at (as a bouncer, bartender, croupier, server, entertainer, spotter, or cook), and hopefully get a chance to catch Saul’s eye and make an impression. You’ve long worked at honing your skills, and are quite accomplished and certain that you have something to offer. Pick one of the following skills: Bluff, Craft (any), Diplomacy, Intimidate, Perform (any), Profession (gambler), or Spot. You gain a +1 trait bonus in that skill, and that skill is always considered a class skill for you.

Light Sleeper You always sleep with one eye open.
Benefit(s) You need to sleep only 4 hours to get a full night's rest (restoring 1 hit point per character level). You do not receive extra benefits for sleeping additional hours, and you must still rest for 24 hours to receive the benefits of complete bed rest.


A tall gaunt man wrapped in a tattered dark trench coat with a throne wrapped tower surrounded by stars illustrating the back, the only connection he has left with his former life in the Ustalavic military. Pale and grim as the country he hails from it would not be too farfetched to say that the corruption and darkness that has had the land in a stranglehold has seeped into him. He tries to keep his unkempt gray hair as short as he can but not having much access to barbers he usually chops away at with a knife whenever his bangs attempt to grow past his rusty red eyes plagued by deep dark shadows. At an early age he carved all his teeth to a point, all the more to intimidate and disturb his living opponents. Although covered in scars from countless engagements from soldiers and thugs to the wildlife and unlife of Ustalav the ones that stand out the most are the systematic ones linking up his arms. Ever since coming to know Damerrich he has kept them up to date of all the people he has slain, once as grizzly trophies of his deeds, now simply of grim reminders of all the lives he has ended. The only other constant items of note he carries with him are his greatsword and his Holy Symbols of Damerrich. The sword has been dulled, nicked, and resharpened countless times. End has been squared, giving the blade an overall rectangular look, that along with the overlong handle tends to give those viewing it from away the impression of a shovel, which is not untrue. The much smaller and much more easily missed item, although arguably one of more importance to Saturday than his sword is the iron bangles he wears around his wrists. Attached by chains to the bangles are little icons of Greataxes with a single dove perched atop the haft, a further reminder of his past and further attempt to restrain himself from acting with such bloodlust in the future.


Dour and grim as the country that birthed him he tends to sway from states of listless morose to a calm unnerving serenity while outside of battle. Lethargy seeming to stem from an extreme lack of sleep or interest immediately fades once in combat, although he tries his best not not to grin towards his opponents. While being an adherent of The Weighted Swing he tries everything possible to be a better person than he can the sad truth is that he truly loves and relishes combat and slaughter, no matter how hard he tries to fight his nature his thanatonic urges seem to be hardwired into his very being. In a state of Adrift at the moment, no longer wanting to be the killer he once was while striving to be a person that can make this miserable world a better place he is constantly under duress at what to do, lest he lapse back into his old cold blooded ways. His only reprieve from these moments is when he gets lost in playing his instrument, the only other thing he tends to show a fervor for other than fighting.


Although the fighting between Ardeal and Barstoi officially ended in 4693 with the creations of The Furrows engagements between the supporters of the two countries continues to wage to the day. One such group from Barstoi was the Daud family, noted for producing many soldiers, mercenaries, as well as hunters of monsters both living and not. One such child born seemed to inherent much more of the darkness inherent in the accursed land, Saturday Daud. While life in Barstoi is hopelessly militaristic Saturday made the most of his life on the family lands growing up next to The Furrows by getting into fights with anyone or anything that passed through. It did not take long before this roughhousing evolved into full blown training with weapons and tactics used more by soldiers and hunters than children. One of his favorite pastimes soon grew to be running through the trenches as fast as he could until he ran into another person or creature, much to the latter person's detriment. Playing like this he thought he would never run out of fun, since soon he found himself engaging with the walking corpse of someone he had slain previously. These actions were not completely ineffective against his psyche since every sleep he could ever remember having had been plagued by night terrors, sometimes filled with the revenants of those he had killed, sometimes of fiends awaiting him, and sometimes of horrors ever more indescribable than the darkest thoughts of the darkest writers of man. Until one day one such opponent followed him home.
He had never encountered an incorporeal undead before and truthfully, he had no recollection of ever slaying the girl, though granted he soon forgot all his opponents. She looked to be not much older than him and dressed like a priestess or healer. Effortlessly floating towards him the blank look of undeath on her face soon turned into a calm sad smile before she spoke, word that would haunt Saturday until the day he was in the ground and everafter.
"I forgive you."
And with that simple parting she disappeared, sand with her she took a little bit of the monster that was in Saturday. He couldn't comprehend what had just happened but from that day forth he was not the same. With her forgiveness something had broke within him, or rather, something had been patched up. The darkness and rage that had shaped him soon gave way to empathy and thoughts about those around him, those he hadn't met yet, and those he had killed. Who were they? Did they have families? Did they love someone? Did someone love them? It was from these simple words spoken by a ghost that Saturday realized the truth about the world around him. He hadn't been killing and breaking toys, he had been ending people, people with lives, with families, with furthers. And he had taken it all away from them. Unable to bear what he was becoming and what he used to be he left Ustalav, trading the nightmares he had at night for those he experienced during the day as ever since then every time he closed his eyes and mind for the day his dreams were filled simply of the girl and a song she sing over and over. And this, more than anything else he saw or came about, was more haunting and terrible than anything his previous night terrors could muster against him.

Connection to Riddleport:

Soon after leaving Ustalav, and perhaps due to the subconscious pressing and urging of the girl now filling his dreams he found himself in an abby devoted to Damerrich, The Weighted Swing. A light alit in the darkness of his mind, intrigued by the ways and teaching of the followers he thought he had finally found a way to attempt to atone for his life, in the way he only knew how. By killing people. Namely the bad people, the people making this world worse than it was, the people and monsters that led to the creation of places like Ustalav and The Furrows. For once in his life hen ow had a purpose, setting forth from the abby with a glint of the smallest hope in his mind to do some good for this world before he was gone he made his way around the countryside, perhaps unknowingly still trying to get as far away from The Furrows as possible, he found himself in the hive of scum and villainy known as Riddleport. It was here in a place where many lost their way that he would attempt to be a good man, but a good man must eat, and to eat in a city one must have money. So he soon found himself headed to the Golden Goblin and all the buzzing about the casino had stirred up, not to gamble to feed himself, but to work as a bouncer as places like this tended to draw all kinds. The desperate and the destitute, the unlucky and the clueless. And people who are what Saturday used to be. And more often than not, these people overlapped.

I humbly submit Mithias for consideration. He is an unarmed strike, Thug/Scout debuff rogue. Crunch is in his profile. Please let me know if I've missed anything or if you have any questions.


Physical description:
Mithias is a big, bearded brute of a man, deeply tanned from working the docks during the day. His nose is crooked from being broken and he is missing a front tooth. Though despite his intimidating demeanour, he usually has a ready grin.

Low key and relaxed. Mithias leaned years ago to keep is eyes open and his mouth shut. Just smile and nod, and usually you'll get by. When trouble does rear its ugly head, a stern glare and a shake of a thick knuckled, scarred first is usually enough to ward off trouble.

Mithias, or Meat to his friends, was a brothel house child, born to one of the prostitutes that worked at the dockside establishment. He was somewhat the brothel's mascot and all things considered, it was a happy enough childhood. As he grew up, his size allowed him to find work at the docks, unloading cargo, while he spent his nights being instructed in the seedier elements of society, and not much has changed since. These days, he mostly spends his evenings working as a bouncer for the dockside brothels, or as hired muscle for shadier business deals. Coin is coin, as far as he is concerned, but Mithias prides himself on never having had need to use lethal force.

The Golden Goblin Gaming House's tournament is an opportunity for Mithias to move one up a bit and he plans on attending in the hopes of showcasing his particular blend of talents. Gambling houses need security and Mithias feels that there are few better suited for such a job than he.

Relationship to Riddleport:
Citizen, born and raised.

Silver Crusade

Lol, forgot to put equipment on the Character Sheet. That has since been remedied.

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